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I should really change my profile picture. It was meant as a ridiculous form of a bathroom mirror selfie (hence the shower curtain), but it comes across as some pretentious photographer. Pretentious, moi? And also not a photographer, not more than everybody is.

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Happy Birthday, Jodie Foster! She turns 61 today. To celebrate I'm watching Nyad, a new film with her which is available on Netflix.
#JodieFoster #Nyad #NowWatching

Also this... 😉

Watched Nyad. It should be illegal for Jody Foster to be that fit.

It's based on true events, which isn't a film genre I like, but it's worth a watch anyway I think.

It's really great that BBC 2 are repeating Red Dwarf. They're doing series 2, or Red Dwarf II in official parlance, and yesterday we had the episode Queeg.

I still have my boxset of series I to VIII to watch. Instead of starting at the beginning, I'll start with where Red Dwarf started for me: the sixth series. That's the one with them flying the "Starbug".
#RedDwarf #NowWatching

I've reached the episode of Red Dwarf series VII where Chloë Annett enters the show as the new Kochanski. I loved seeing her so much and apparently I still do. Also the new angle on the character is great. And no, I have no problem liking both actresses who played the same role.

I also loved her in Crime Traveller, I may have watched that because of her...
#RedDwarf #ChloëAnnett

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Whoa, another actress I admire also plays Kochanski! Holly Earl, though here unrecognisably young, about 5, as part of a joke where Kochanski for a few seconds is turned to child form. I had no idea it was her, only spotted it in the credits...
#HollyEarl #RedDwarf

Yasmin Paige is an actress I wish I'd hear more about. She did some great things. She was in the Doctor Who spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures as Maria and also in Pramface and the film Submarine. She was the reason I watched Ballet Shoes, a film with the very talented trio of Yasmin, Emma Watson (yes, the Hermione) and Lucy Boyton (who I've recently seen is still very good). I saw her first in The Mysti Show (yes, I knew Maria before TSJA).

Now I'm watching this film from that same early time, Tooth. Her name may not be on the cover, but she is as the title character, presumably a young tooth fairy. I like how sparkly this cover is! It changes colour with the light falling on it differently.

The dvd cover of Tooth, reddish and sparkly reflecting the light in my room, showing Yasmin lying on the ground looking at the camera smiling with her head on her hands. The cover lists the name of three actors but not hers...
#YasminPaige #Tooth #NowWatching

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Yasmin is instantly great as the rather un-fairy toothfairy Tooth, as is Sally as the mother of the family that could use some more money in these days before Christmas than the pennies provided for her kids' teeth. Or the half eaten sandwich found under the pillow, since Tooth is careless like that.
#Tooth #YasminPaige #SallyPhillips
"Dental Reimbursement Operative 565" 😆

As a lifelong Helena Bonham Carter fan I've of course seen Wings of the Dove already (in the cinema even I think). It's long ago and this is the first time watching it from my own blu-ray.
#HelenaBonhamCarter #WingsOfTheDove #NowWatching

I feel for Susan the chaperone, such characters can never have their own holidays doing their own thing.
Helena's character in this film is more complex and less innocent than you'd expect from the beginning of the film or the type of film. That I really liked. The nude scene is totally gratuitous and not fitting with the style of the film. That I'm more ambivalent about. But overall it's a good, rich, film.
#HelenaBonhamCarter #TheWingsOfTheDove

Now watching Death Note, the 2006 Japanese film. I understand this story has rather a high status here on fedi, but that's likely because of the manga this film is based on. I don't know much about the story though, going in fresh, except that I'm surprised there isn't a fediverse account posting posts each with just a single name of one of the world's bad persons on it.

Though this is probably one of those things where you shouldn't mix fantasy and reality.

No particular actress I'm watching this for this time, just that way back this dvd was 3 for €25 at the shop.
#DeathNote #NowWatching

Almost all female characters have no personality whatsoever if they exist at all, I dislike that in a film. The subject matter could have done with more depth of the emotional consequences of the actions, it's now all so lightweight.

The ending being unsatisfactory is being explained away by there being a sequel, but I'm not sure I want to see it.

Read some reviews that were essentially like: 'much better than the Netflix one, 2 1/2 stars'. Actually the reviews were quite mixed, some people who already knew the characters from the original really liked this film, and didn't seem to notice that the characters barely existed here.

I have so many alerts set with JustWatch, to notify me when something I want to watch is finally available in my country, but mostly they remain silent. Just now, however, I got the notification that Women Talking is on Amazon. A film with Jessie Buckley and Claire Foy, how can you not want to see it. Watching it now.
#ClaireFoy #JessieBuckley #WomenTalking #NowWatching

It's a really impressive film. The women of a religious colony discuss their options after generations of abuse by the men. These discussions go deep into matters of morality, religion and personality. I like that the film has as narrator/pov a young girl who isn't just the observer but who the writer allows to be more involved and occasionally inject into the discussions things like 'why are you making it so complicated!'. The character played by Claire Foy has some really fiery dialogue and it's not often that a film throws you against the back of your seat by the sheer fire of the lines and their performance, and the truth of them.

Regarding content warning you need to know that, even though the abuse is never shown on screen, the aftermath is (sometimes rather graphically) and the level of abuse discussed is of an extreme sexual nature, targeting women and very young children.

Content warning: Spoilers for Women Talking

Just like I mentioned for The 4400, I have not seen the last season of The Dead Zone I have on disc either. Here I have seen season one to four on my discs and watched them many years ago, but forgot to watch my season five disc. I've found out there actually is a sixth season as well.

I watched the series because of Nicole de Boer, but her involvement became smaller and smaller, explaining my lack of interest. In this fifth season she's only in a few episodes. More in the sixth.

Let's see whether I still remember the plot. Some guy, Nicole's character's husband gets into a coma. Many years later he unexpectedly wakes up, finding his wife remarried with his best friend. He also finds that he suddenly has visions of things, and decides his mission is to stop bad events and investigate crimes.

Nicole's character is the standard Hollywood 'wife of', where the writers show they don't know how to write an interesting female character.
#NicoleDeBoer #TheDeadZone #NowWatching

It starts with the Christmas episode that other lists have as the last episode of season four. It's exactly as you would expect a Christmas episode to be on American television. Now for the real season start.

A long time ago I watched The 4400, a series with Jacqueline McKenzie. I have all four seasons on disc, but somehow never got around to watching the final fourth season. Let's start it now, I hope I remember enough of the previous seasons.

It's a somewhat scifi series, with 4400 people suddenly returning to earth after presumably having been abducted by aliens. Jacqueline is not one of those, but a police person investigating things around it. As strange things happen: they start to show special abilities, they form a cult like organisation, and what really happened to them while they were missing is still unknown.

#JacquelineMcKenzie #The4400 #NowWatching

And Summer Glau pops up too. Always great to see her!
#SummerGlau #The4400

Now rewatching AnnaSophia Robb in the film Bridge to Terabithia.

I really like this film. I keep changing what I would mention as my favourite film (I have a list) but a long time ago the subject of favourite film came up at work and a colleague of mine and me at the same time said Bridge to Terabithia. Which is such an odd thing to happen, as it's not even that that many people have even heard of this film...

I'd say this film isn't that much underrated, as just not rated because it is quite unknown.

Anyway, AnnaSophia Robb is brilliant.

#AnnaSophiaRobb #BridgeToTerabithia #NowWatching

Photo of the blu-ray box, with a young AnnaSophia holding a lantern, behind her the boy, both under a tree, surrounded by a sprinkling of magical creatures like fairies.
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You'd expect Zooey to be credited in the music section of the film, and she is. She plays the music teacher after all. But AnnaSophia is too! The music video on the extras is even her song.

Content warning: Bridge To Terabithia (2007) major spoiler

More Helena Bonham Carter, from blu-ray, in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. As I remember, she's the bride.
#HelenaBonhamCarter #Frankenstein #MaryShelleysFrankenstein #NowWatching

Somehow we have to believe that Kenneth Branagh is the son of Cherie Lunghi (eight years difference), and grew up as children together with Helena Bonham Carter (six years difference).
Her character is more forceful than you'd expect a female character to be in this kind of role, maybe helped by having a female author. It seems to be Helena's thing: choose a role that isn't lead by events but who drives the narrative, then in her acting drive it even more.
#HelenaBonhamCarter #MaryShelleysFrankenstein

Another miniseries, two parts this time, with Helena Bonham Carter this time: Merlin. I like these different retellings of the Arthur/Merlin legends. And I like seeing Helena. In this she plays the witch Morgan, and they've tried with special makeup effects to make her look ugly, which is of course impossible.

I've seen this before on tv, now from my dvd.

Merlin (1998)
#HelenaBonhamCarter #Merlin #NowWatching

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"We thought we'd come in the traditional way: through the door."

"It's customary to open it first."

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Content warning: Life is Sweet (1990)

Played this from my own dvd since it's so not available for streaming, rental or buying digitally that it doesn't even have a JustWatch entry (in my country). Most other films I look up there just say 'not available', suggesting they are available in other countries or were available at some point in the past.

Owning dvd's may seem old fashioned, but is still the only way.

Now, again, watching the brilliance that is Jenna Ortega in The Fallout. I hope she makes many more films like this. I don't care whether they are super famous film franchises or relatively unknown indies like this, I'll watch it anyway. I'm watching it from my dvd (only a US region coded dvd is available, no blu-ray, no European disc).
#JennaOrtega #TheFallout #NowWatching
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Now watching Scream VI in 4k from my disc. I saw it in the cinema when it came out and watching Jenna Ortega in this film was such an experience, she's so good. But when has she ever not been at the top of her game? Never. What also stood out to me about this film is that it's a horror with properly fleshed out characters, with everybody doing a good job.
#JennaOrtega #ScreamVI #Scream6 #Scream #NowWatching
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#NowWatching The Gathering with Christina Ricci. I liked this film and Christina's performance when I saw it a long time ago, but I don't remember much about it. It's difficult to find as it's not on any of the streaming services, but I found a dvd.
#ChristinaRicci #TheGathering

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Interesting concept, I had forgotten about that. Dark, even for a horror film.

Most people will probably watch this for Anya Taylor-Joy, and I get that, but I'm really seeing this for Thomasin McKenzie: Last Night in Soho.
#LastNightInSoho #ThomasinMcKenzie #NowWatching
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18+, even in the Netherlands, and it starts with a full house of content warnings.
That is beautifully filmed.
That's still the comment I can make about it without spoilers: it's so beautifully filmed. A different film that's really worth a watch. Thomasin McKenzie is amazing.
#LastNightInSoho #ThomasinMcKenzie
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Content warning: Last Night In Soho (spoiler)

And now I'm watching a film where Anya Taylor-Joy, plays a character called Thomasin, for optimal intertwinedness. (The Witch)

The German DVD for The Worst Witch series 1, with the main character flying on a broom stick. Neither Felicity nor Jessica are pictured on the cover. The German title is 'Eine lausige Hexe'.
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Episode 6 Jessica Fox comes in as Enid Nightshade. Instantly quite a character.

It has been my theory (without knowing the books) that originally the idea was to have Mildred go up against Ethel as the standard good vs evil battle. But because Mildred is 'the worst witch', and Ethel some sort of perfect witch with lots of talent, these stories were not going to work very well if magic was to be used in the battles. In comes Enid, also without morals, also very good at spells, but she takes an instant dislike to Ethel so she joins Mildred just to upset her.
Teaching the kids puffication without also teaching them repuffication is quite irresponsible.

It's daytime and still light outside, so I'll dare to watch this horror film. I don't know anything about it, except it has Nicole Muñoz in it. She's a Canadian actress I know from the tv series Defiance. And that the film is called Pyewacket.
#NicoleMuñoz #Pyewacket #NowWatching
The blu-ray cover, showing a closeup of someone's bloodied hand and a read thread, in the woods, something dead lying on the ground. Yeah, I don't know either, seems very random.
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Content warning: Pyewacket

Content warning: Pyewacket

American Carnage is a film that Jenna Ortega recorded in Spain several years ago. Nothing much was heard about it for a long time, but when Jenna became more famous with The Fallout and Scream, the film was suddenly released with her prominently in all marketing. I'm not sure yet how big her role really is.

It is not available on European blu-ray or on any of my local digital services. So this is the us blu-ray.
#JennaOrtega #AmericanCarnage #NowWatching
Photo of the blu-ray, all characters wear yellow prison-like outfits, Jenna and another character are shown larger than the others.

Content warning: American Carnage (2022) spoilerish

As expected, only the JP character is a main character, others including Jenna's Camila are supporting characters. It's a fun or should I say interesting watch. Interesting concept, but if it wasn't for Jenna my interest would be somewhat less.

I have of course seen all of Orphan Black already when it came out on Netflix, but I am still behind on seeing Tatiana Maslany's on my own discs. Season three now.
#TatianaMaslany #OrphanBlack #NowWatching
Photo of the blu-ray disc, showing the many characters Tatiana plays as if in shards of glass. The tagline is "I am not your property".
It is the season with Ksenia Solo!
My favourite clone: Cosima.
New clonephones, they are blue this season.
Helena's "Where are these mangoes?" is such a classic line and so Helena. She follows it up in the same scene with telling an identical clone: "I met your brother. He's ugly.".

I love shows that are so character-based, especially when writers and actresses get it exactly right.
Tatiana Maslany's performance is exceptional. Everybody keeps saying that you keep forgetting she plays all those different characters, because it is true, you forget. All clone characters are so different, but also such completely formed individuals, that each could be the central character of their own tv show. Anyway, on to series four.
#TatianaMaslany #OrphanBlack
Photo of the series four blu-ray showing the faces of four of the clones
Tatiana as [a clone] as [another clone]. It never ceases to amaze. It isn't just mixing some mannerisms. It is doing exactly how this one character would have pretended to be that other character, within their ability. E.g. Sarah is much better at it than Alison (and Helena doesn't even try).
#TatianaMaslany #OrphanBlack
Found myself doing it again: I'm watching a making of extra and there's Tatiana Maslany explaining how horrible it was handling some gory, rotten, head, and I'm thinking 'that wasn't Sarah cutting up that head, that was Cosima'.
#TatianaMaslany #OrphanBlack
But then, Cosima is real, so...
A very interesting thing they mentioned in the behind the scenes interviews is that MK's scars on her face are only shown once and hidden in all other scenes behind hair, shadows, etc. But Tatiana Maslany insisted on having the makeup put on for every MK scene anyway, because she just wanted to have the feel of it being there.
#TatianaMaslany #OrphanBlack
Of course, one can to some extent and should especially at the beginning, describe each character's personality in depth and distinctive, however, in this case, at some point it has to have been Tatiana Maslany who made small decisions on how to portray a character as another character. And that instinct is just so on point
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@feld It is. I was really due for a rewatch and am fully enjoying it.

#NowWatching Felicity Jones in A Monster Calls. It looks like the film is mainly about a little boy and the monster, with Felicity playing a supporting role of the boy's mother. So often, for actresses, once they no longer play the teenager in an coming-of-age story they become the mother and somehow that's hardly ever the main role in a film; for male actors this rule doesn't seem to apply.
#FelicityJones #AMonsterCalls
Photo of the blu-ray of the film with a small boy looking up at a big tree-like monster
A young boy has to deal with a bully at school, his mother being ill, a strict grandmother and the annoyance of a monster telling allegories, all the while learning some life lessons.

I didn't really feel this film, maybe because the monster was not very convincing as either a monster or a storyteller. Felicity was as feared not in it enough for my liking.

A common theme in most Asian cinema that I have seen is that it has Zhang Ziyi in it. House of Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Memoirs of a Geisha, 2046, Hero, The Warrior, The Banquet. Doesn't really say much about Asian cinema, more about me, or her. But now I'm watching Jasmine Women which I haven't seen yet. It is also known as Jasmine Flower.
#ZhangZiyi #JasmineWomen #JasmineFlower #NowWatching
Photo of the dvd cover showing Chinese text and in English the title Jasmine Women. Three characters are shown, most prominently Zhang Ziyi.
I was wondering which of the three women Ziyi would play and it turns out all of them.
The film is at first difficult to get into since the young woman in the first generation is a very naive character, but each generation the woman is smarter, stronger and more independent. The film turns out to be much much darker than you'd suspect once you realise what the things are that are not spoken about and hardly shown, but which have a fundamental influence on someone's life. I really enjoyed this film. Ziyi is really great playing three different and growing personalities. And it has probably the most memorable giving birth scenes of all films ever...
#ZhangZiyi #JasmineWomen #JasmineFlower

In saying who's a good actress and in buying their films I really do not care how famous they are (either way, some people are snobs and ignore those who are famous). It's just that for some people there are way more projects to talk about.

I'm now going to watch my blu-ray of Nina Forever, with Abigail Hardingham. It's a horror film, but it's the middle of the day so hopefully I don't get too scared.

I had known she was a good actress, but when I saw her in a double episode of Silent Witness I was stunned how good that performance was. I mentioned this on Twitter, years ago, and was shocked to get a thank you. Some people don't get praise all the time, even though they should.

On the cover, Abigail is the one on the right, not the eponymous ghost character.
#AbigailHardingham #NinaForever #NowWatching
Photo of the blu-ray cover of the film, with the three main characters: in the middle the ghost Nina (white face, with blood), a woman on the right kissing her on the cheek and a man on the left looking on. Nina has her arms around both pulling them close.
The dead ex-girlfriend really objects to being called "ex". Her argument: we never broke up. Where's the lie, though.
A very original treatment of baggage in a relationship, in the form of a horror film. A ghost story, but told from the perspective of the living, showing what it means for them. As such, Abigail Hardingham plays the main role, even though she isn't the Nina of the title. Great performance and a very worthy film.
#AbigailHardingham #NinaForever

#NowWatching something good, with several great actresses in it like Helena Bonham Carter and Carey Mulligan: Suffragette.
#HelenaBonhamCarter #CareyMulligan #Suffragette
The blu-ray cover of the film with the three main actresses including Carey Mulligan (center) and Helena Bonham Carter (left)
So far the parallels with the Belgian film Daens (1992) are remarkable (that one is about a moment of social change in Belgium involving a priest called Daens). A smart young woman (Maud/Nette) observes hardships while working in a factory, including the brutality, including sexually, by the male supervisor. There's a government committee that will hopefully bring about change, but their hopes are dashed, resulting in an act of great police brutality. Even down to the committee members being ushered away and the policemen being on horseback. Though I must say that Daens did all this much better and I urge people to see that film. Antje de Boeck is truly amazing as Nette.

Anyway, I'm now wondering who will go to Rome for an audience with the Pope... For surely from here on the stories must diverge.
Of course Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter are very good in this. But the film seems a bit lightweight. The suffragette movement is depicted as a choice, rather than born out of desperation, especially for the rich ladies. The comparison with Daens is that there Nette was forced out of desperation to fight for social change. Here Maud almost accidentally joins the movement.

#NowWatching Bad Neighbours 2 because it has Chloë Grace Moretz in it. This is a film of before she realigned her project choices and I'm only watching it for completeness. Or maybe it'll be fun. Anyway, I'm sure Chloë will be good as always.
#ChloëGraceMoretz #BadNeighbours2
blu-ray cover of the film, Chloë center front in front of a wooden fence, other actors behind the fence.
When you see a very unrealistic representation of university life, it's not clear whether it's because of it being a comedy or that we are supposed to think (American) university life is like that.

Also, a group of girls asserting their independence as a sorority by doing exactly what a guy tells them to do? I hope this becomes a plot point later on...

So far, every single character is not being true to themselves, but not really in a comedic way.
A bit difficult to find something positive in this film. It seems to try to be a comedy with a feminist slant to it, but is at risk of only making fun of feminism. Maybe the resolution at the end is the only good thing, and of course that Chloë was indeed in it.

#NowWatching Christina Ricci in The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, the tv series that came after the film. I'd seen the film a while ago. Of course I have to see everything with Christina in it, still quite some to go...
#ChristinaRicci #TheLizzieBordenChronicles #LizzieBordenTookAnAxe
Photo of the dvd box, showing Christina holding an axe with blood dripping from it
Conversion still ongoing, I have a slow computer, but I can already play episode 1. Of course next to Christina Ricci there's also Clea DuVall, that's great! Starts off with lots of axe-work and chasing a load of kids away with a single raised eyebrow. This is going to be good.
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I'm an idiot, mixed up Clea DuVall's name with someone else (also great). Edited the post.

#NowWatching more Amy-leigh Hickman, in series three of Ackley Bridge. Soon, very soon, we can see her in season four of You: 9 February!
#AmyLeighHickman #AckleyBridge #YouNetflix
I'm only at episode two of Ackley Bridge series three, but this is an acting masterclass by Amy-leigh Hickman.
#AmyLeighHickman #AckleyBridge

Here we go with Shadow in the Cloud. It's one of two recent films with Chloë Grace Moretz as lead that I haven't seen yet and I'm rectifying it now.
#ChloëGraceMoretz #ShadowInTheCloud #NowWatching

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Wow... Chloë takes being the lead in a film to a whole new level. So much about this film that I can't say because of spoilers. Gender preconceptions are a main theme I guess, both misogyny in institutions like the military, but gender stereotypes in films as well. That ending is probably the most powerful thing ever in a film, never seen before, but we can't mention it...
#ChloëGraceMoretz #ShadowInTheCloud

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Fun to find out they were thinking of crediting Chloë for all departments, like lighting, hair, makeup, wardrobe, grip. For over two weeks they shot scenes with her in a cramped space where they couldn't do these things, so Chloë had to do it herself.

Less fun if you realise she's claustrophobic...
#ChloëGraceMoretz #ShadowInTheCloud

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