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More Helena Bonham Carter, from blu-ray, in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. As I remember, she's the bride.
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Somehow we have to believe that Kenneth Branagh is the son of Cherie Lunghi (eight years difference), and grew up as children together with Helena Bonham Carter (six years difference).
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Her character is more forceful than you'd expect a female character to be in this kind of role, maybe helped by having a female author. It seems to be Helena's thing: choose a role that isn't lead by events but who drives the narrative, then in her acting drive it even more.
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Another miniseries, two parts this time, with Helena Bonham Carter this time: Merlin. I like these different retellings of the Arthur/Merlin legends. And I like seeing Helena. In this she plays the witch Morgan, and they've tried with special makeup effects to make her look ugly, which is of course impossible.

I've seen this before on tv, now from my dvd.

Merlin (1998)
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"We thought we'd come in the traditional way: through the door."

"It's customary to open it first."

Since it's such dreary weather outside, I'm watching A Room with a View so at least someone has something nice to look at outside. It's a film with Helena Bonham Carter of a long time ago. I've seen it before, but I have it on blu-ray now. It's one of her costume dramas.

Just looking through her massive list of films, I think I've seen a significant part of them. Including some of the unknown ones, some so long ago that I can't remember the plot...

A Room with a View (1986)
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Helena plays this costume drama heroine so refreshingly. She's immediately a strong opinionated young woman who is not afraid of her chaperone.
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This Lucy Honeychurch is really a different kind of woman than you'd expect in a costume drama, the opposite of demure. I love how Helena Bonham Carter plays her, as a true independent spirit.