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Content warning: Extreme close-up of an eye

Get yourself an actress who can do both...

The new series of Beyond Paradise has a new actress (Melina Sinadinou) that I didn't know before. As you can see in the first photo (from her Instagram) she seems totally my type. Weird is very ok for me... But maybe for others the second photo (her professional headshot from Spotlight by Harry Livingstone) is more conventionally convincing?

They're advertising the series to start on BBC First this Monday 21h00. But it already runs on BBC One and I caught a glimpse. Her character seems interesting and she's worth watching for the acting too.

#MelinaSinadinou #BeyondParadise

This is why public transport is not taking off in my country. And these two cities even both have a train station. By car: 26 minutes. By public transport: 1 hour and 41 minutes.

The blu-ray for Wednesday arrived today! On Wednesday. Starting my umpteenth watch-through.

With recently the great experience of watching Miller's Girl on the big screen and now eight episodes of brilliance to see, these are really Jenna days...

#JennaOrtega #Wednesday

Dafne Keen as Jecki Lon in The Acolyte can be seen in these first look photos of the character in Entertainment Weekly, together with an interview where Dafne talks about the character, how she played her, and that the horns made hugging anyone on set a safety hazard.

#DafneKeen #TheAcolyte

@Sean Tilley Almost there with OpenWebAuth:

When I visit a Friendica server that I don't have an account on, e.g. the support forum, it welcomes me because it recognises my identity from my own Friendica server. I don't know what I can do with that, though, since I can't post like that... Maybe it's useful for private forums.

@damon @Sean Tilley

These are two screenshots, one of me following my own Pixelfed account with my Friendica account. On the mirroring settings of the contact I have chosen 'native reshare', which means boost in Mastodon terms. When I post on my Pixelfed, it automatically gets shared to my followers here.

The other screenshot is of a test setup. I created a group account as a side channel of a main account and when I switch to the group account, it follows several rss feeds (actually the same tag in different publications). The mirroring is set to 'as own post', so when anything appears in the feeds, the group creates a post with that message. In this case it collects several feeds together about the same subject but from different sources.

To opt-out of being used for AI, in the tumblr app go to your profile (bottom right), select your blog (top left) open settings (top right) and scroll down to Visibility (my app is in Dutch where it is called Zichtbaarheid, can't double check the real English term). Then you get three toggles. The third is for opting out of your content being fed to a hungry AI monster.

Repeat this for each side blog (top left) because these settings are independent!


I'm loving these pictures of Yusra Mardini by Felix Hoffmann. Visit his site via the link for more of them!


Ciara Bravo, a brilliant but underrated actress, will be in the film short Sis, short clip here on Instagram: .
#CiaraBravo #Sis

I love how you can see on Yusra Mardini's face how much she feels at home at a swimming pool. She stopped competitive swimming a while back, but she's here now in an ambassador role.


It's that day again, the birthday of Stephanie Leonidas!

I choose Crusade in Jeans from my 'Watch for Stephanie' letterboxd list for the birthday rewatch. A long time ago I only knew her sister Georgina Leonidas and knew she was a very talented actress. I saw that her older sister Stephanie was also an actress and thought that even if she only had a fraction of the talent of her younger sister, she would still be worth watching. So I took a punt buying this dvd. That was a very lucky punt... Stephanie turned out to be one of the best actresses ever and I since try to watch everything with her in it!

#StephanieLeonidas #CrusadeInJeans #BirthdayRewatch

Miranda Cosgrove / CBS's Mission Unstoppable for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (no autocomplete, not 'in Scotland') on their Instagram, calling to 'Bridge the gap'. The amount of women in science is nowhere near 50% and that has to change.

(I can't post video here, so the link's it)
#MirandaCosgrove #Science #IDWGS

Jenna Ortega is going to be in a new film called Klara and the Sun.

Her film Beetlejuice 2 will be in the cinema 6 September 2024.

Both bits of news just shared by Jenna's mother.

#JennaOrtega #Beetlejuice #KlaraAndTheSun

Miranda Cosgrove just announced that her film Mother of the Bride will be on Netflix globally on 9 May!

#MirandaCosgrove #MotherOfTheBride

@MsDropbear42 [venera] 🐨♀🌈🐧​🦘 On your post when seen on

And when you click it to get the list of people who've liked it:

Not sure what improvement this new 'night posting' icon is on Mastodon...

I don't think the old term 'unlisted' covered what it does (as it does more than unlist a post), but the current terms and icon aren't much better.

(I'm still thinking 'real unlisted' posts have a purpose)


That's the title of this Roswell episode.

The episode has a theme of temptation and giving in to desire and this opening scene with Shiri Appleby captures it so well in the non-obvious way.

That box is tempting...

But why resist?
#ShiriAppleby #Roswell

Two girls see themselves on screen, except it's not themselves, but the other girl who is completely identical. They didn't know they were twins. It uncovers a long running scandal in Georgia. Story by BBC News.

Georgia's stolen children: Twins sold at birth reunited by TikTok video -

Last weekend Jenna Ortega's film Miller's Girl had its festival premiere and 26 January it will have its theatrical release. Good news is that we in the Netherlands don't need to wait too long this time: Thursday 14 March it will be in our cinemas!
#JennaOrtega #MillersGirl

From the set of discs I recently bought because I'm getting more and more frustrated with the non-availability of titles on the streaming services. None of the films or series in the photo are available on demand and most can't even be bought or rented on digital. Yet, hardly any discs are released nowadays, so when I find a disc for a low price that I want to have, I'm not waiting anymore for it to appear on streaming later.

Pictured: Hotel New Hampshire, The Accused, Carny, American Carnage, Roswell, Kite, Look Away.

Watching India Eisley and Mira Sorvino in Look Away. I'm looking straight at my tv, not in a mirror.
#IndiaEisley #LookAway #NowWatching

I'm doing a rewatch in honour of Dafne Keen's birthday last Thursday. The Acolyte is not out yet and Ana is still not showing anywhere on streaming in my country, so it'll be an episode of His Dark Materials. Episode 1x05 is the one I like to watch. Where Dafne shows that Lyra being brave doesn't mean she isn't scared.

#DafneKeen #BirthdayRewatch #HisDarkMaterials

Omg I'm 95.8% normal! I.e. boring...

I'm excited for this film: Jenna Ortega's Miller's Girl will be in theatres 26 January, after being in a film festival earlier that month. Sounds like a difficult story that can fully use (and showcase) her acting talents.

#JennaOrtega #MillersGirl

Tomorrow on BBC Two is going to be the repeat of last week's episode of Hannah Fry's The Secret Genius of Modern Life, that I missed. In this series she explores the amazing components and inventions that make up mundane everyday objects. I've just watched the episode about the microwave. Not only is there obvious science in generating the waves, but also using a turntable needed to be invented. Tomorrow will be about headphones. The new episode this week, Thursday, is about lifts.

#HannahFry #TheSecretGeniusOfModernLife

Tonight's repeat of Liz Bonnin's Wild Caribbean on BBC Two is I think the one with guest Trinidadian biologist Laura Baboolal in the segment where the T&T Field Naturalists' Club treks through the jungle looking for monkeys. I may have spent some time before I found the correct spelling of her name, while I could just have switched on the subtitles... She seemed like an interesting person, passionate about nature, as you can also see on her twitter feed (from which I've copied this photo). Anyway, sometimes I notice these random people on tv from the other side of the world, that I likely never will see again. If she ever gets famous Jane Goodall style, I have posted proof I noticed her before...

I liked that this nature trek and the scientists leading it were almost all women without any explanation given, just like we've seen so many science things with only men also without any explanation.

All episodes of this series are interesting though!

The oppression of women in Iran needs to end and I'm glad this has been recognised by awarding the Nobel Peace prize to Narges Mohammadi. And I like the gesture of the prize being received by her children (since she is in Iranian jail) and that there was a symbolic empty chair between them.

#NobelPeacePrize #NargesMohammadi

New reading material arrived!

On paper, because who has ever heard of tools and devices with which one can read html.

#JennaOrtega #Elle #HarpersBazaar

Finestkind with Jenna Ortega, 15 December is getting close. On Paramount+.

#JennaOrtega #Finestkind

Jenna Ortega won the Breakthrough Award at the Women of the Year Awards by Harper's Bazaar! She received the award from Tim Burton. Here she is in that night's portrait studio in a photo by Rachel Louise Brown, published here by the magazine. See the announcement on their Instagram.

#JennaOrtega #HarpersBazaar

New promo photo of Jenna Ortega for the upcoming film Finestkind, posted by their Instagram account.

Yeah, Jenna is a real standout even when she's sitting...
#JennaOrtega #Finestkind

Content warning: long white screenshot included that could be confusing in your timeline, hence behind a cw

Other great photos by Agata Pospieszynska of Jenna Ortega in the Harper's Bazaar 'Award's issue'. See more in the above link!


Great interview in Harper's Bazaar UK with Jenna Ortega, not about her films due to the strike, but about her career and her life, about the past and future, about her 21st birthday which was the first in a long time she was not working, about never being home, about representation, and about what she wants in the future. I like reading about her thoughts, she's a deep thinker.

Great photoshoot by Agata Pospieszynska as well. She's one of five cover stars for the 'Awards edition'.

#JennaOrtega #HarpersBazaar

Content warning: @dansup, false positive, Pixelfed

I like this frame... There's clearly action in this trailer.

#JennaOrtega #Finestkind