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Finally watching Prey on Disney+, I am really slow at going through my watchlist. Pre-opening title we already have the twist that this tale which follows these 18th century indigenous people in the Americas also seems to involve spaceships and monsters. We'll see what it turns out to be.

The main character, a girl who wants to become a hunter, is played by Amber Midthunder and is super cool.
#Prey #AmberMidthunder

Amber Midthunder as Naru, a native American young woman, resting or hiding behind a tree.

Today, 1 June, iCarly S3 is out on Paramount+. This is one of the photos Miranda posted on her Instagram about it.

I checked a bit early, over here they clearly don't think it's today yet. While it's 20 minutes past midnight already! (And why is my service saying it will actually disappear in 18 days?)
#MirandaCosgrove #iCarly

Miranda as Carly ready to start a scene, a clapper board in front of her reading iCarly S3. She's on the floor, in a kitchen, on the phone, in a red dress. Her, not the phone.

Happy birthday to Miranda Cosgrove!

Here's one of the pics she posted on her Instagram, I'm leaving the photos of the birthday cake, her mom (because of mother's day) and of baby Miranda for you to find over there.

Miranda sitting cross legged holding a plate with a large green coconut-like fruit with a piece of cutlery in it, wide-eyed and sticking out her tongue

I remember the time when these birds were so scared of humans, it was rare to see one and then it was from far away. Within my lifetime they evolved to not mind human beings at all.
A heron or heron-like bird in the grass next to a path and a metal fence, stretching its wings.

This is what I like, actress in the writers room. Here Amy-Leigh Hickman visits the writers room for You season 5. She isn't even confirmed yet for that season, but I take this as a very positive sign.
#AmyLeighHickman #YouNetflix #You
Amy-Leigh posing with many (11) of the You s5 writers. All smiling. I can't read the notes pinned to the board behind them, I think they are still blank. I have some ideas if they want them.

Hard to choose a favourite, they're all funny and different. I like how Jenna goes all out with the acting. I love 'Zena Neutreno'.
#JennaOrtega #SNL #SaturdayNightLive
Jenna as an X-Men-like character (hair like Storm) called Zena Neutreno in a School-vs-School quiz-show sketch. A bold Professor Zavier sits next to her. She wears a brown leather jacket over a yellow lycra suit

Some clips of Jenna Ortega's hosting of Saturday Night Live are now available on the NBC site. (Geoblocked)
#JennaOrtega #SNL #SaturdayNightLive
Jenna with a peacock's head in front of one of her eyes, presumably a play on NBC's logo.

Felicity's Ethel proving that a witch's hat can be worn in a snooty manner. (Drusilla's quite something too)
#FelicityJones #TheWorstWitch
Photo of the tv with the characters Drusilla, Ethel and Mildred. All in witches school uniform. Ethel's pointy hat is at such a fashionable angle it's almost horizontal.

The German DVD for The Worst Witch series 1, with the main character flying on a broom stick. Neither Felicity nor Jessica are pictured on the cover. The German title is 'Eine lausige Hexe'.

While I'm watching Nicole Muñoz, now for something completely different: Center Stage: On Pointe.
#NicoleMuñoz #CenterStageOnPointe
The blu-ray cover showing various dancers, with Nicole's name listed first

It's daytime and still light outside, so I'll dare to watch this horror film. I don't know anything about it, except it has Nicole Muñoz in it. She's a Canadian actress I know from the tv series Defiance. And that the film is called Pyewacket.
#NicoleMuñoz #Pyewacket #NowWatching
The blu-ray cover, showing a closeup of someone's bloodied hand and a read thread, in the woods, something dead lying on the ground. Yeah, I don't know either, seems very random.

'We need groups on the fediverse', they say. 'When do we finally get groups'.

See screenshot. I am now on four different implementations of groups. Please stop thinking there are no groups on the fediverse.
Screenshot of the forums panel on my Friendica account, listing several Friendica forums (i.e. groups), a Streams group, a group and a group

There's some really bad wallpaper in one of the rooms, so I decided to pull at a small corner to see how easily it came off before applying water, steam or whatever. Quite easily.
A mountain of torn off wallpaper

There's an interesting thing about this moment in the film that I hope I remember correctly. The director revealed that this isn't an official take, but is Stephanie preparing for another scene which he secretly filmed from around the corner because he liked how it looked when he saw her standing like that and thought it would fit great in the film. And it does.

There are some quick cuts back and forth between the previous scene and the scene she's preparing for here, with these clips mixed in, that's why it works.
#StephanieLeonidas #Luna
Stephanie as Freya standing alone in the dining room, deep in thought

The film is from a while ago, around 2014, but it also took many years after filming before it was released. The effect is that we're getting a much younger Stephanie.
#StephanieLeonidas #Luna
Photo of my tv on a close up of Stephanie in the film, smiling
Photo of my tv on a close up of Stephanie in the film, looking pensive

Watching Luna to celebrate the birthday of Stephanie Leonidas. This film is made by some of the same people that made Mirrormask, which is another great candidate for the birthday rewatch. I chose this one because I can now finally watch my US disc in a player that accepts the region coding. If I remember a theme was a couple mourning after the death of a child, but the events are fantastical and may be based on wishful thinking.
#StephanieLeonidas #Luna #BirthdayRewatch
Photo of the dvd cover which is somewhat monochrome, showing Dervla Kirwan in a forest surrounded my fantastical imagery

Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

I may have some films and shows with Stephanie Leonidas... I think I already know which one I'm going to rewatch tonight.
A rather large stack of discs with various films and tv shows that feature Stephanie. Including Luna, Mirrormask and the three seasons of Defiance.

American Carnage is a film that Jenna Ortega recorded in Spain several years ago. Nothing much was heard about it for a long time, but when Jenna became more famous with The Fallout and Scream, the film was suddenly released with her prominently in all marketing. I'm not sure yet how big her role really is.

It is not available on European blu-ray or on any of my local digital services. So this is the us blu-ray.
#JennaOrtega #AmericanCarnage #NowWatching
Photo of the blu-ray, all characters wear yellow prison-like outfits, Jenna and another character are shown larger than the others.

Iconic scene from the beginning of the film, with Christina Ricci as Rae walking, blocking the road for a massive agricultural machine, while she looks very tiny and fragile. The tractor is honking, she responds with the middle finger.

I can't decide which frame captures it better though, the closeup, or the full frame with the middle finger.
#ChristinaRicci #BlackSnakeMoan
Photo of the tv showing the scene's closeup, showing the middle part of Christina's body in a crop top and the tractor massively looming behind her
Photo of the tv showing the full frame of the big tractor whose road is blocked by this walking small young woman, who lifts her arm to show the driver behind her her middle finger. She's smaller than the tractor's tires

Tatiana Maslany's performance is exceptional. Everybody keeps saying that you keep forgetting she plays all those different characters, because it is true, you forget. All clone characters are so different, but also such completely formed individuals, that each could be the central character of their own tv show. Anyway, on to series four.
#TatianaMaslany #OrphanBlack
Photo of the series four blu-ray showing the faces of four of the clones

I have of course seen all of Orphan Black already when it came out on Netflix, but I am still behind on seeing Tatiana Maslany's on my own discs. Season three now.
#TatianaMaslany #OrphanBlack #NowWatching
Photo of the blu-ray disc, showing the many characters Tatiana plays as if in shards of glass. The tagline is "I am not your property".

#NowWatching Felicity Jones in A Monster Calls. It looks like the film is mainly about a little boy and the monster, with Felicity playing a supporting role of the boy's mother. So often, for actresses, once they no longer play the teenager in an coming-of-age story they become the mother and somehow that's hardly ever the main role in a film; for male actors this rule doesn't seem to apply.
#FelicityJones #AMonsterCalls
Photo of the blu-ray of the film with a small boy looking up at a big tree-like monster

A common theme in most Asian cinema that I have seen is that it has Zhang Ziyi in it. House of Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Memoirs of a Geisha, 2046, Hero, The Warrior, The Banquet. Doesn't really say much about Asian cinema, more about me, or her. But now I'm watching Jasmine Women which I haven't seen yet. It is also known as Jasmine Flower.
#ZhangZiyi #JasmineWomen #JasmineFlower #NowWatching
Photo of the dvd cover showing Chinese text and in English the title Jasmine Women. Three characters are shown, most prominently Zhang Ziyi.

I don't quite know what it means yet, but Adidas says they haven't done a new label in 50 years, but they are going to and Jenna Ortega is going to be the brand ambassador of it. That's all I know. More to be revealed. This was from an official Adidas press release.
#JennaOrtega #Adidas

(Photo copyright Adidas)
Jenna Ortega sitting in a purple Adidas outfit

Just started watching South of Hell, which I know nothing about except it's a tv series with Mena Suvari hunting demons.
#MenaSuvari #SouthOfHell
Photo of the blu-ray with Mena on the cover

In saying who's a good actress and in buying their films I really do not care how famous they are (either way, some people are snobs and ignore those who are famous). It's just that for some people there are way more projects to talk about.

I'm now going to watch my blu-ray of Nina Forever, with Abigail Hardingham. It's a horror film, but it's the middle of the day so hopefully I don't get too scared.

I had known she was a good actress, but when I saw her in a double episode of Silent Witness I was stunned how good that performance was. I mentioned this on Twitter, years ago, and was shocked to get a thank you. Some people don't get praise all the time, even though they should.

On the cover, Abigail is the one on the right, not the eponymous ghost character.
#AbigailHardingham #NinaForever #NowWatching
Photo of the blu-ray cover of the film, with the three main characters: in the middle the ghost Nina (white face, with blood), a woman on the right kissing her on the cheek and a man on the left looking on. Nina has her arms around both pulling them close.

#NowWatching something good, with several great actresses in it like Helena Bonham Carter and Carey Mulligan: Suffragette.
#HelenaBonhamCarter #CareyMulligan #Suffragette
The blu-ray cover of the film with the three main actresses including Carey Mulligan (center) and Helena Bonham Carter (left)

#NowWatching Bad Neighbours 2 because it has Chloë Grace Moretz in it. This is a film of before she realigned her project choices and I'm only watching it for completeness. Or maybe it'll be fun. Anyway, I'm sure Chloë will be good as always.
#ChloëGraceMoretz #BadNeighbours2
blu-ray cover of the film, Chloë center front in front of a wooden fence, other actors behind the fence.

#NowWatching Christina Ricci in The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, the tv series that came after the film. I'd seen the film a while ago. Of course I have to see everything with Christina in it, still quite some to go...
#ChristinaRicci #TheLizzieBordenChronicles #LizzieBordenTookAnAxe
Photo of the dvd box, showing Christina holding an axe with blood dripping from it

Yes, room 4.07 of the Schmicago Hotel.
Text on image: Welcome to Schmicago. 4.07. Schmigadoon! Season 2. Season 2 of "Schmigadoon!" finds Josh (Keegan-Michael Key) and Melissa (Cecily Strong) in the darker, sexier, jazzier city of Schmicago!

Trailer tomorrow! How's that for great synchronicity? They posted a short clip just now.
#JennaOrtega #ScreamVI
Jenna Ortega as Tara Carpenter in the trailer of Scream VI, crawling over the floor of a supermarket hiding from Ghostface.

In this The Guardian interview the band B*Witched talk about 1998, just before they became famous, and what happened since. They recreate a publicity photo they did then.

I was a huge fan. Mainly of Lindsay Armaou. Still am. I had seen them about a year before their first single came out in something I happened to catch on video tape. I was struck.

The four girls crowded on a chair in their double denim, back in 1998, ages 20 to 26.
B*Witched in 1998, photographer unknown.

The same four girls (we should already have said women back in 1998), in the exact same position, in 2022.
B*Witched in 2022, by Simon Webb.

#Bewitched #B*Witched #LindsayArmaou

It has not even been three weeks. I like their Instagram caption:

Thing issued this statement: 👊👍🤘

#JennaOrtega #WednesdayNetflix #Wednesday
Closeup of Jenna Ortega as Wednesday giving side-eye with the text, apart from the titles 'Wednesday' and 'Netflix', "Over 1 billion hours watched", with a really big "1"

It's Wednesday and I'm on my way to take my place at Nevermore Academy.
#Wednesday #WednesdayNetflix #NevermoreAcademy
Me, wearing the Nevermore Academy clothing, in front of a tv waiting to start the tv series Wednesday