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For today's #JennaBirthweekRewatch I'm going to be a heretic and watch what I consider #JennaOrtega's best horror film: The Babysitter: Killer Queen. Not only is she one of the leads, the film also remains character-based whilst running from killers.
A still from the film (from imdb) with Jenna's character looking at the other lead character, her face bloodied, her hair sticking to the blood on her face. It's a rather romantic moment.

Wishing #JennaOrtega much happiness for her 20th birthday as she gives us fans much happiness seeing her talent in her many projects.

A stack of discs in front of a streaming search screen, all Jenna's projects.

This Tuesday #JennaOrtega has her 20th birthday and I'll be celebrating by (re)watching her films all week. To start #JennaBirthweekRewatch, the 4k collector's edition of X. #XMovie
Photo of Jenna in the book of the collector's edition 4k, which is the one with her holding the microphone boom

Jenna Ortega presenting a clip from Wednesday on today's Netflix 'Tudum' event.
#JennaOrtega #Netflix #Wednesday
Jenna proudly smiling

Amy-Leigh Hickman in the season 4 teaser trailer for You, as shown in today's Netflix 'Tudum' event.
#AmyLeighHickman #Netflix #YouNetflix
Amy-Leigh as Nadia, walking towards the camera, brushing away her hair from her eyes

Two important dates coming up:

Tuesday 27 September,
Wednesday 23 November.

#JennaOrtega #Wednesday
Poster for Wednesday on Netflix with the date Nov 23

A small USB dongle next to the 10x20x30 cm box it came in. The box is filled with filler material

Spot the product next to the box it came in.

I also tried an HDR photo yesterday and though it succeeded in getting both the trees and the sky clearly visible in the picture, something feels really off about it to me. Maybe it is just because I know it is a processed photo. And that I was there and know it didn't look like that.

Green trees and a sunny but cloudy sky; because of the HDR mode of the camera both aspects are properly exposed

Spoiled for choice... What to play to celebrate Alizée's birthday?

Happy Birthday, Alizée!

Six albums by Alizée

Jenna Ortega is so amazing in this trailer, the details in the performance are exceptional. I've been singing her praises for a while and I feel so vindicated...
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday

Mayhem, mystery and murder — this isn't your average Wednesday.

From the mind of Tim Burton, comes @wednesdayaddams. Premiering this fall

Jenna Ortega posted this amazing photo on her Instagram of herself in her Wednesday Addams costume. Can't wait to see what they've made!
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday
Jenna as Wednesday lying in the grass, seen upside down, sneakers on someone else's feet also in the frame; everyone wears black

Miranda Cosgrove posted this photo on her Instagram, with the caption:

So excited to announce that we are starting Season 3 of @icarly! Can’t wait to get back to work with my people ❤️ Thanks for watching 💕

So yay, new iCarly! And great photo!

Miranda in a red with white dress standing outside near a brick wall

I'm trying the #Hinge dating app. I'm at setting up my profile and uploaded 6 photos. Now it only gives me this screen, can't go back or forward. I've tapped everywhere. Already tried closing the app and restarting. The purple button is to skip and gives a warning that your profile won't work if you do that.

Now what? Anybody knows how this screen works?

A rather white mobile screenshot with the title 'Write your profile answers' and the instruction that you need three answers. The only button is a Skip button. There's no input box, no keyboard, and importantly, no questions.

X is out on blu-ray in Europe! I saw this film in the cinema and it was amazing.

It's getting to be quite a collection...
#XMovie #JennaOrtega

Stack of disks of Jenna Ortega films, with X on top

The same stack seen from the side, with X, Scream, You S2, Saving Flora (twice) and The Little Rascals Save The Day

Happy 6th wedding anniversary Alizée and Gregoire!

I love how happy she looks.
#Alizée #Wedding
Wedding photo of Alizée and Gregoire, smiling and happy, of course!

People in the UK are in luck, a documentary series presented by her starts on Channel 4 tomorrow. This channel is blocked outside the UK, but apparently us in the rest of the world get this documentary series later this year. It's about the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb and the curse-myth that followed.
#EllaAlShamahi #Tutankhamun
Ella posing in front of an entrance to an Egyptian tomb, hieroglyphs are on the wallElla posing in the entrance to the tomb. There's a wooden walkway.

I think Ella Al-Shamahi is the real-life Indiana Jones. The below photo is not really an illustration of that fact, just an interesting picture of her, though I did think of captioning it "Real-life Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur".

The photo shows Ella in Cambodia with a bird that is more than half her size (and she's not short) playfully biting her finger. The bird is a Great Hornbill.
#EllaAlShamahi #GreatHornbill #RealLifeIndianaJones

Jenna only won at the MTV Movie Awards 'Best Frightened Performance' for Scream! That was an amazing performance indeed, well deserved!
# # # #
Jenna pretend eating the golden popcorn she'd just won

Using the # frontend on Friendica looks reasonably ok. The notification screen even makes more sense, showing only actual notifications (instead of Friendica's 'someone you don't follow replied to another post in the thread than the one you favourited').

However, they don't seem to know all notification types, so when an rss post comes in you get this notification:
Notification saying "Something magical happened".

Just some things today on my computer...

Friendica 'News' message just came in from a year ago
Battery percentage at absolute zero

It has been 0% for hours now, I'm ignoring it.

Now one of my all time favourite films, though I suspect quite unknown, Angel Baby with Jacqueline McKenzie. It's an Australian film from 1995 and is about mental health, love, self-determination, and is extremely well acted. I mean, goosebumps.
# #
dvd cover, she rests her head on his shoulder

Now playing a CD virtually nobody has, not even Tidal or Spotify have it: Alex Parks with "Honesty", from 2005. I have no idea why everybody has forgotten about her, she's so good.

This is her second album. Her first did reasonably well, she was also known from tv in the UK, but this second slipped everyone by.

CD cover of Alex Parks, "Honesty", with her face

Of course I moved on to Belly's "star", an album I really totally love. From 1993.
Back of the CD with song titles and booklet unfolded showing a photo of the band

I have imported 'The Thread'.

Screenshot of collapsed thread saying '353 comments - Show more'. I'm afraid to click it.

Linking it here because my server is still recovering from the shock and fails to bookmark it.

Melissa Joan Hart (Clarissa in Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina in Sabrina The Teenage Witch) posted this photo of Miranda Cosgrove (Carly in iCarly) on her Instagram and I have questions. I also don't have access to the iCarly reboot, so that's probably why.
# # #

Miranda on the iCarly set showing a tattoo under her foot of a person's face. I'm guessing it's not real and part of this week's story.

I really like this photo that Rachael Leigh Cook just posted of herself on Instagram. Such a gorgeous smile. Most people will know her from She's All That, Josie and The Pussycats and the tv series Perception. Reading through her imdb just now I came across more titles I have seen and am thinking how I can rewatch those.

Rachael takes a selfie outdoors, lifting her sunglasses and smiling brightly.

Example of doing that. The original photo loads as 681x383 pixels. When you edit the url by clicking the pencil icon, you see the parameters ?w=681&h=383&crop=1. Remove that. Click to load that address instead. You'll see that the non-downscaled photo is also on the site and is much larger: 4541x2564 pixels.
The browser indicates 681x383 pixels
Editing the url, showing the parameters after and including the '?' selected
Still editing the url, but the parameters have been removed and it ends with '.jpg'
The browser now indicates 4541x2564 pixels

Select all squares with a pipe


Before I was going to make this joke picture myself, I realised it must have been done before. h/t

A meme with the "select all squares with" challenge, but the picture is the "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" painting by René Magritte

As a Jessica Alba fan I have of course seen The Eye, a thriller from a while back (2008). But iMDB alerted me to a small role that Chloë Grace Moretz also plays in this film. This means that without knowing it, I had already seen Chloë even before Kick Ass, which I thought was where I saw her first. Checking it out now, with this extra information.

This "you won't believe her eyes" tagline... very funny. I'll be remembering that along with the "fuller" line out of Dark Angel... no further comment.dvd cover with Jessica Alba, her eyes white (her character is blind)

The world premiere of X will be 13 March 2022 on SXSW. Last year Jenna's film already won this festival, maybe again?
#X #JennaOrtega

!Fav Forum
Another test post for the test forum.

Dafne Keen had her birthday yesterday.
(Photo by Begona Rivas, from Dafne's Instagram
Dafne in a glossy magazine photo, in black, arms raised

Dafne Keen looking back to yesterday when it was her 17th birthday, which I missed because I'm an idiot and thought it was today. Well, I've not really booted up yet this year, so what'd you expect.

Happy Birthday for yesterday and also already for next year! Hope to get His Dark Materials S3 soon.
#DafneKeen #HisDarkMaterials
Dafne looking to the left in a glossy magazine portrait
Photo source here, by Begona Rivas.

!Fav Forum
First test forum test post.

Jenna over on instagram. Also, The Fallout is out 27 Jan on HBO Max.

Jenna looking up in a selfie. Her caption said 'Squirm'.

Trying to read the cookie policy to dismiss the cookie wall, but the cookie wall doesn't allow it...
A cookie wall pops up blocking almost the entire screen, <br>saying to read the cookie policy for methods to dismiss it, but it's the cookie policy I was actually trying to read

The Fallout will be available on HBO Max from 27 January. I'm so excited to see Jenna Ortega in this film!
#JennaOrtega #TheFallout

Since Anna Hopkins is also in season 6 of The Expanse, I'm watching it now on amazon prime.
#AnnaHopkins #TheExpanse

I assume these ten:
Fedidb screenshot, listing Mastodon, PeerTube, Pixelfed, Pleroma, WriteFreely, Lemmy, Juick, Plume, Friendica, GNU Social

judging by . Though I don't know how useful these numbers are. E.g. Juick I hadn't heard of before, claims to have 18k users in total on just one server, but only 1k of those have done anything the last six months. There are more functional Activitypub implementations on that page though.