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New reading material arrived!

On paper, because who has ever heard of tools and devices with which one can read html.

Photo of two magazines on my table, both with Jenna Ortega on the cover. One is Elle, 'The Impact Issue', with tag line 'A star in bloom', the other is the UK version of Harper's Bazaar, 'The Awards Issue', with tag line 'Courage and conviction'.
#JennaOrtega #Elle #HarpersBazaar

Finestkind with Jenna Ortega, 15 December is getting close. On Paramount+.

Character poster of Jenna for the new film Finestkind. She's looking into the distance, contemplating something.
#JennaOrtega #Finestkind

Jenna Ortega won the Breakthrough Award at the Women of the Year Awards by Harper's Bazaar! She received the award from Tim Burton. Here she is in that night's portrait studio in a photo by Rachel Louise Brown, published here by the magazine. See the announcement on their Instagram.

Jenna standing, delicately holding a red rose. She's wearing a stylish dress with a long overcoat.
#JennaOrtega #HarpersBazaar

New promo photo of Jenna Ortega for the upcoming film Finestkind, posted by their Instagram account.

Jenna as her character in Finestkind, in blue jeans and a blue pullover. She is sitting, looking away. Large text over the photo shows a quote from CinemaBlend: "A real standout".

Yeah, Jenna is a real standout even when she's sitting...
#JennaOrtega #Finestkind

Content warning: long white screenshot included that could be confusing in your timeline, hence behind a cw

Other great photos by Agata Pospieszynska of Jenna Ortega in the Harper's Bazaar 'Award's issue'. See more in the above link!

Jenna squatting in a black dress holding her head in her hands

Closeup of Jenna's face

Great interview in Harper's Bazaar UK with Jenna Ortega, not about her films due to the strike, but about her career and her life, about the past and future, about her 21st birthday which was the first in a long time she was not working, about never being home, about representation, and about what she wants in the future. I like reading about her thoughts, she's a deep thinker.

Great photoshoot by Agata Pospieszynska as well. She's one of five cover stars for the 'Awards edition'.

Jenna in a white top with an ornate print
#JennaOrtega #HarpersBazaar

Content warning: @dansup, false positive, Pixelfed

I like this frame... There's clearly action in this trailer.
Jenna's character and her male counterpart in a passionate kiss
#JennaOrtega #Finestkind

In honour of Katie Douglas' 25th birthday last Thursday, I'm rewatching Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey. It's moved from Netflix to Disney+, where I've nicely searched for the film via Katie's name so the statistics show why people are watching this (as opposed to any recommendation by algorithm). I've got my tea and popcorn ready.

It's a harrowing story played intensely and touchingly by Katie. The deep misery her character Lisa is in even before she's abducted, then the strength of character Katie portrays to fight her way out of it, make a lasting impression. And it's a true story.

More films of Katie should be released in my country, she's certainly made more.

Photo of my tv showing the film's info card with Katie as Lisa looking unhappy

Yasmin Paige is an actress I wish I'd hear more about. She did some great things. She was in the Doctor Who spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures as Maria and also in Pramface and the film Submarine. She was the reason I watched Ballet Shoes, a film with the very talented trio of Yasmin, Emma Watson (yes, the Hermione) and Lucy Boyton (who I've recently seen is still very good). I saw her first in The Mysti Show (yes, I knew Maria before TSJA).

Now I'm watching this film from that same early time, Tooth. Her name may not be on the cover, but she is as the title character, presumably a young tooth fairy. I like how sparkly this cover is! It changes colour with the light falling on it differently.

The dvd cover of Tooth, reddish and sparkly reflecting the light in my room, showing Yasmin lying on the ground looking at the camera smiling with her head on her hands. The cover lists the name of three actors but not hers...
#YasminPaige #Tooth #NowWatching

Proud of Lindsay Armaou running the half marathon in Manchester today and raising a lot of money for breast cancer research.
Lindsay proudly holding up her rather large and colourful medal

Watching the final episode of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, where Jenna Ortega voices Brooklynn, the brave pink-haired girl.

Brooklynn, with strands of her pink hair loose in front of her face, looking intense as she's likely messing with the evil people's computer systems.
Screenshot (from another episode) from imdb.
#JennaOrtega #JurassicWorldCampCretaceous

Happy Birthday Jenna!

Black and white and grainy photo of Jenna

Jenna Ortega turns 21 today. I'm going to celebrate by watching some Wednesday and seeing a film of hers (still deciding which). Above photo was posted by her hair stylist Jenny Cho and taken yesterday in Paris.
#JennaOrtega #HappyBirthday #BirthdayRewatch

Jenna Ortega now also posted what is my favourite photo from her Dior campaign.

Jenna wearing the Dior earrings
#JennaOrtega #Dior

Actors and writers strike going strong. The studios should pay them properly and give them adequate protection against AI. Photo: Ivana Baquero picketing, on her insta.

Ivana picketing in front of a studio gate, looking up to her SAG-AFTRA strike sign

My favourite period? This exact moment when King Edward desperately wanted a male heir to succeed him on the English throne, was dying, and nature told them no. Every descendant, even from the lines they didn't want (bastards, Catholics), was female. So on his death bed, he placed a woman in line of the succession for the first time ever: Jane, a 16 year old girl and I think one of the brightest people ever. She did become queen that next day and stayed so for a few more days, deposed by another woman (Mary I) who raised an army.

This is Tudor times and I don't know whether that counts as medieval or modern.

Tudor royal family tree at the time of Edward VI's death, indicating a whole lot of sons to be in line of the succession, but they didn't exist yet nor were these women even pregnant. Jane is the only woman also in line, in a change to the original plan.
#JaneGrey #Tudor #EdwardVI

For people who are interested in "Western" history, what's your favorite period?

(I realize that breaking it down like this is probably going to piss some people off, but there are only 4 poll options and this isn't a fuckin journal)

I was looking for this photo, the absolutely best post Lexa has made on insta of the two of them. Mia not just 'cosplaying' her mother's character Rommie, but wearing the absolute original costume.

Composite with two photos, left Lexa in a publicity shot for Andromeda, right her daughter Mia looking very similar and wearing the real same outfit and doing the same pose. Mia is a bit younger here than in the other photos and can't really keep the straight face her mother can.
#LexaDoig #MiaShanks #Andromeda

Mia is also an actress, e.g. once playing the younger version of her mother's character (in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, which I unfortunately haven't seen). Here's a photo of the two of them in their trailer from Lexa's insta. No, you're not seeing double.

Mother and daughter, not in costume yet for the show, pulling silly faces. It's remarkable how alike they look and that they look more like sisters.
#MiaShanks #LexaDoig

Jenna Ortega's new Dior campaign photos are finally posted by the Dior Instagram account. Some had already seen them in the wild, as it includes a street advertising campaign. They promote the jewelry collection "Rose des Vents".

Jenna with the earrings. In a black, ripped-like, top.

Jenna with the earrings, rings,necklaces, bracelets, everything. In a pink top.

Jenna with the necklaces. Wearing a white, lace-y, top.

Links: photos, reel, story.

Photos by Tyler Mitchell.

#JennaOrtega #Dior #RoseDesVents #TylerMitchell

Finestkind will have its premiere at TIFF any moment now, but you can already watch a scene courtesy of this Deadline article. It features Jenna Ortega and like everything she does it's immediately captivating and intense. They say it's going to be on Paramount+ in November.
#JennaOrtega #Finestkind
The film poster, showing the ship in focus seen through an out of focus gun. Jenna's name is shown above the title as third. Jenna as her character Mabel in a yellow shirt, looking into the distance.
Jenna as her character Mabel talking to one of the other characters, outside.

Stephanie Leonidas posted some photos of an upcoming film of hers on Twitter and Instagram. The posts don't say which film, but she captioned it "Donna", which according to imdb is her character in 5lbs of Pressure.
#StephanieLeonidas #5lbsOfPressure
Stephanie leaning against a door frame, looking outside through a metal gate in front of the door opening. She's wearing blue jeans, a blue shirt, black sleeves of a sweater and turquoise fluffy slippers. The house looks old, there's a doorbell with eight buttons suggesting many people live at that address.

I'm about the rectify an omission: I haven't seen Dollhouse yet, even though it stars Eliza Dushku. I'm going to watch it now. And yes, I'm going to put the disc in the player, I'm not just watching the pictures on the cover as on the photo.
#ElizaDushku #Dollhouse
Photo of the covers of this boxset side by side: the carton of the box set for the two seasons, the dvd box for season and for season two. All three have a different cover image, all three featuring Eliza Dushku. She's always in black, twice holding a weapon.

Now rewatching AnnaSophia Robb in the film Bridge to Terabithia.

I really like this film. I keep changing what I would mention as my favourite film (I have a list) but a long time ago the subject of favourite film came up at work and a colleague of mine and me at the same time said Bridge to Terabithia. Which is such an odd thing to happen, as it's not even that that many people have even heard of this film...

I'd say this film isn't that much underrated, as just not rated because it is quite unknown.

Anyway, AnnaSophia Robb is brilliant.

#AnnaSophiaRobb #BridgeToTerabithia #NowWatching

Photo of the blu-ray box, with a young AnnaSophia holding a lantern, behind her the boy, both under a tree, surrounded by a sprinkling of magical creatures like fairies.

The film Kick-Ass with Chloë Grace Moretz will be on BBC One tonight, for those who want to catch a recording without subtitles. 23:40 BST, 00:40 CEST.
#ChloëGraceMoretz #KickAss
The Kick-Ass character poster for Hit Girl, with Chloë as Hit Girl, a very 
young girl, in her purple leather superhero outfit with plaid skirt over it, purple hair and black mask and black cape, holding a double bladed fighting stick. She's on top of some roof overlooking the city she's defending from crime. There's big pink text saying Hit Girl. There's a character slogan that I don't like, so I'll ignore it.

I like the story better than the biopic...

Also interesting how part of the biopic touches upon misusing the name of famous people by publishers, then the film has Maisie Williams in a tiny role so they can use her fame.

Two recent entries in the letterboxd diary: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994) and Mary Shelley (2017)

I'm watching 'Amélie', or Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain in full, a film with Audrey Tautou. I've seen it long ago, but when I later bought it on dvd from a Belgian shop, it was with French subtitles only. Now I have the blu-ray and it has Dutch subtitles, which should help in my understanding of what they're saying.
#AudreyTautou #Amélie #LeFabuleuxDestinDAméliePoulain
Audrey with a Zorro-like mask and hat, looking calmly at the camera

Miranda Cosgrove has made car-selfies a very regular feature and in this latest one she's wearing what given the car seats colour is almost a camouflage dress. I mean, is she even in the picture? 😉
Miranda inside a car taking a selfie from the side, smiling, the car seats are black, her dress is black, her hair is black (with some blonde streaks though). For some reason she's holding some of her hair in her other hand. Dress and makeup are formal, like she's going to an event.

This photo she posted may or may not be from the same thing, but this is also about her wrapping on a film project. I don't know which one.

IMDb lists an upcoming project called A Very Venice Romance and that could be this. They say it releases next month already, 30 September.

Stephanie and a film crew in a boat within a city, quite Venicean

Finestkind, a new film with Jenna Ortega, will premiere in Toronto at TIFF 2023, according to the film's Instagram post and this Deadline article. As does this The Hollywood Reporter article, which also mentions the festival runs 7-17 September.
#JennaOrtega #Finestkind
Four of the characters of the film posing in front of what is probably the ship. It includes Jenna and three older men. Nobody looks happy, in fact this could be a band album photo.

Miranda Cosgrove, as the host of Mission Unstoppable, the show to promote women in STEM, telling the story of Marie Curie in this tiktok and Instagram reel.

Miranda smiling at the camera, in a colourful dress, hand above her head
#MirandaCosgrove #MissionUnstoppable #MarieCurie

Jenna Ortega in this Instagram reel for Adidas Sportswear, acting out the emotions watching the world cup football.
(I still can't do video in these posts...)

Jenna in the white Adidas Sportswear outfit, sitting on the table to be closer to the tv, facing us as our point of view is the television she's watching, looking tense, head between her hands. The couch behind her is out of focus and blue. There's a notepad with a yellow pen besides her on the table.

#JennaOrtega #Adidas #AdidasSportswear

In this preview image Jane Horrocks is second from the left, wearing 'the shirt'. Claire Skinner, second from the right playing the other daughter, is a great actress as well.
A scene from Life Is Sweet. The mother and the twin daughters sit outside in the sun together with a family friend, all look miserable in a British way. Jane as Nicola stands wearing a shirt that reads 'Bollocks to the Poll Tax'.

Jenna Ortega shows her football skills in this clip for Adidas Sportswear and the World Cup. As far as I can tell it's not an edited video. But even if it is, it's fun.

Some photos of her for the same campaign:

Jenna Ortega in an all white Adidas Sportswear outfit, standing, holding a football in one hand, with a photostudio background

Jenna Ortega in an all white Adidas Sportswear outfit, standing, her foot on a football, hands in her pockets, the surroundings are also white, likely a frame from the videoclip

#JennaOrtega #Adidas #AdidasSportswear