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Just some things today on my computer...

Friendica 'News' message just came in from a year ago
Battery percentage at absolute zero

It has been 0% for hours now, I'm ignoring it.

Now one of my all time favourite films, though I suspect quite unknown, Angel Baby with Jacqueline McKenzie. It's an Australian film from 1995 and is about mental health, love, self-determination, and is extremely well acted. I mean, goosebumps.
# #
dvd cover, she rests her head on his shoulder

Now playing a CD virtually nobody has, not even Tidal or Spotify have it: Alex Parks with "Honesty", from 2005. I have no idea why everybody has forgotten about her, she's so good.

This is her second album. Her first did reasonably well, she was also known from tv in the UK, but this second slipped everyone by.

CD cover of Alex Parks, "Honesty", with her face

Of course I moved on to Belly's "star", an album I really totally love. From 1993.
Back of the CD with song titles and booklet unfolded showing a photo of the band

I have imported 'The Thread'.

Screenshot of collapsed thread saying '353 comments - Show more'. I'm afraid to click it.

Linking it here because my server is still recovering from the shock and fails to bookmark it.

Melissa Joan Hart (Clarissa in Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina in Sabrina The Teenage Witch) posted this photo of Miranda Cosgrove (Carly in iCarly) on her Instagram and I have questions. I also don't have access to the iCarly reboot, so that's probably why.
# # #

Miranda on the iCarly set showing a tattoo under her foot of a person's face. I'm guessing it's not real and part of this week's story.

I really like this photo that Rachael Leigh Cook just posted of herself on Instagram. Such a gorgeous smile. Most people will know her from She's All That, Josie and The Pussycats and the tv series Perception. Reading through her imdb just now I came across more titles I have seen and am thinking how I can rewatch those.

Rachael takes a selfie outdoors, lifting her sunglasses and smiling brightly.

Example of doing that. The original photo loads as 681x383 pixels. When you edit the url by clicking the pencil icon, you see the parameters ?w=681&h=383&crop=1. Remove that. Click to load that address instead. You'll see that the non-downscaled photo is also on the site and is much larger: 4541x2564 pixels.
The browser indicates 681x383 pixels
Editing the url, showing the parameters after and including the '?' selected
Still editing the url, but the parameters have been removed and it ends with '.jpg'
The browser now indicates 4541x2564 pixels

Select all squares with a pipe


Before I was going to make this joke picture myself, I realised it must have been done before. h/t

A meme with the "select all squares with" challenge, but the picture is the "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" painting by René Magritte

As a Jessica Alba fan I have of course seen The Eye, a thriller from a while back (2008). But iMDB alerted me to a small role that Chloë Grace Moretz also plays in this film. This means that without knowing it, I had already seen Chloë even before Kick Ass, which I thought was where I saw her first. Checking it out now, with this extra information.

This "you won't believe her eyes" tagline... very funny. I'll be remembering that along with the "fuller" line out of Dark Angel... no further comment.dvd cover with Jessica Alba, her eyes white (her character is blind)

The world premiere of X will be 13 March 2022 on SXSW. Last year Jenna's film already won this festival, maybe again?
#X #JennaOrtega

!Fav Forum
Another test post for the test forum.

Dafne Keen had her birthday yesterday.
(Photo by Begona Rivas, from Dafne's Instagram
Dafne in a glossy magazine photo, in black, arms raised

Dafne Keen looking back to yesterday when it was her 17th birthday, which I missed because I'm an idiot and thought it was today. Well, I've not really booted up yet this year, so what'd you expect.

Happy Birthday for yesterday and also already for next year! Hope to get His Dark Materials S3 soon.
#DafneKeen #HisDarkMaterials
Dafne looking to the left in a glossy magazine portrait
Photo source here, by Begona Rivas.

!Fav Forum
First test forum test post.

Jenna over on instagram. Also, The Fallout is out 27 Jan on HBO Max.

Jenna looking up in a selfie. Her caption said 'Squirm'.

Trying to read the cookie policy to dismiss the cookie wall, but the cookie wall doesn't allow it...
A cookie wall pops up blocking almost the entire screen, <br>saying to read the cookie policy for methods to dismiss it, but it's the cookie policy I was actually trying to read

The Fallout will be available on HBO Max from 27 January. I'm so excited to see Jenna Ortega in this film!
#JennaOrtega #TheFallout

Since Anna Hopkins is also in season 6 of The Expanse, I'm watching it now on amazon prime.
#AnnaHopkins #TheExpanse

I assume these ten:
Fedidb screenshot, listing Mastodon, PeerTube, Pixelfed, Pleroma, WriteFreely, Lemmy, Juick, Plume, Friendica, GNU Social

judging by . Though I don't know how useful these numbers are. E.g. Juick I hadn't heard of before, claims to have 18k users in total on just one server, but only 1k of those have done anything the last six months. There are more functional Activitypub implementations on that page though.

I suspect that one of these 110 Misskey servers reports 1234567890 users and the other 109 have 377 in total, or this is a very high, very coincidental number.

Federation statistics showing Misskey (110/1234568267)

An interesting parody thread over on twitter:

Is watching the 1984 Ghostbusters movie killing people?

Recent data show death rate of 10-59yr olds who have watched the 1984 Ghostbuster Movie is 2x higher than those who have watched the 2021 Ghostbuster movie

I don't know how to explain this other than movie-caused mortality


Look what I came across: Rachael Leigh Cook and Tamara Mello in a photo that was a throwback even in 2016. Love them both! Neither of them age by the way, they still look like that. Drank some potion I guess.
#RachaelLeighCook #TamaraMello

Rachael wearing sunglasses and Tamara a hat, both on their heads

I may have listened to Dove Cameron an 'evil' amount of times this year...

Spotify wrapped top 5 songs. 1 Evil - Dove Cameron, 2 LazyBaby - Dove Cameron, 3 Waste - Dove Cameron, 4 Bloodshot - Dove Cameron, 5 Space Between - Dove Cameron (and Sofia Carson)

I feel Dove Cameron is cheating here, appearing 4 times in my top 5 list of 7 artists.

Spotify 2021 wrapped top 5 artists. 1 Dove Cameron, 2 Vanessa Paradis, 3 Cast of Liv and Maddie (2x Dove on the cover), 4 Sofia Carson, 5 The Girl and the Dreamcatcher (Dove's band at the time)

The blu-ray for Volition has arrived! This is a film with Magda Apanowicz and has only just been released (not counting geo-blocked streaming services). Watching now.
#Volition #MagdaApanowicz

Miranda Cosgrove casually posting pictures in her/a kitchen and casually being the shiny personification of the positive radiance that she is. #MirandaCosgrove
Miranda posing in her/a kitchen, which is very cleanMiranda feigning surprise
Miranda leaning forward like she's going to tell you a secretMiranda making the v sign

Some more Jodie Foster history, here in gangster musical comedy Bugsy Malone. Watching it now. (I'm also interested in finding her more current films of course) #JodieFoster #BugsyMalone

Two whole galleries have arrived! They are 'gallery in a box' by Lora Zombie, chock-full of beautiful mini prints by this great artist. Ideal for people like me who can't choose what print to buy.
Two boxes with cards, one opened with some watercolour prints spread out

Something is different here...

The cast of iCarly and Mia Serafino all wearing mustaches

Ah, I see. Mia Serafino on the set of iCarly. She was with Miranda Cosgrove in Crowded, not iCarly(*). And they remained great friends ever since, which is why it is completely familiar to see those two together. (*I have no idea what happened in the reboot, since it doesn't broadcast here)

From Miranda's Instagram. #MirandaCosgrove #MiaSerafino #iCarly

Now more pop with Louise and her CD Heavy Love. Well, my CD since I bought it. And I got some nice signed photo cards with it since I preordered it. I was (am) a big fan of her back in the day and I gladly supported her releasing a new CD after all that time. Then covid got in the way a bit of the comeback, but it'll be alright.

The CD and two signed photos

The time when she started her solo career, after leaving Eternal, was the time when you had to order video clips to be played on tv by phoning a premium phone number entering a code you could look up on teletext. At the time I knew the code for Let's Go Round Again from the top of my head...
#Louise #LouiseNurding #LouiseRedknapp

Playing my Miranda Cosgrove CD High Maintenance.

Photo of the CD cover, <br>with Miranda sitting on a couch

Continuing with the French language songs, playing Vanessa Paradis's second CD Variations sur le meme t'aime.

Photo of the back of the CD, showing Vanessa sleeping in a chair holding a cat which is escaping

Followed of course by Axelle Red.

Photo of the CD A Tatons with Axelle Red on the cover, in a black dress with her hand leaning against a wall out of frame

Playing actual CDs today. It's all Alizée so far.

Alizée's 5th album, called 5, with her on the cover in black and white

Continuing the Katie Douglas Birthweek Rewatch: Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey. This film is based on real events.
#KatieDouglas #BirthweekRewatch

Today Katie Douglas turns 23! Happy Birthday!

Katie is an extremely talented actress. If you don't know her, she's the lead in Level 16, a great film with a great performance, or see her make a supporting role memorable in the tv series Defiance, Mary Kills People and Ginny & Georgia.

I found some photos of her in various roles and publicity shots.

Katie Douglas

Katie in Level 16



#KatieDouglas #Level16

Everything* has arrived, no need for any more books. I now know everything.

*That is Hannah Fry and Adam Rutherford's book Complete Guide to Absolutely Everything*, *Abridged.

Photo of the book cover, with of course the title, but the word 'everything' shown very prominently

Drop a blue cap help Ellie stay hidden 🧢 #YOULiveTweet


Quick, she needs the baseball cap of invisibility! 🧢

Today's arrivals:

DVD of Ackley Bridge and blu-ray of Tom & Jerry The Movie

Some more Chloë Grace Moretz and a new season of Amy-leigh Hickman. One more to come.

#ChloëGraceMoretz #TomAndJerry #AmyLeighHickman #AckleyBridge