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It has been a few months ago, but the database process got killed again today due to out-of-memory. If it's going to be another few months before it happens again, I think it's ok. (I predict the next event is going to be out-of-disk-space instead...)

It was nice of a fellow inhabitant of my apartment building to give me a package he had found that had my address on it. It was apparently put in the elevator by 'non-delivery service' DPD. I never take the elevator, how should I have known?

It had already been opened by other people and is likely no longer complete. Since it was not a package I was expecting or ordered (a surprise), I don't know whether any contents are missing.

So in addition to not using DHL as I mentioned earlier, we shouldn't be using DPD either.

Buffering... this post will load shortly.

Today in the #JennaBirthweekRewatch I finished watching The Babysitter: Killer Queen (it was late yesterday) and I'm now doing another episode of You season 2. #JennaOrtega steals that show.

Yesterday I also rewatched an episode of Richie Rich. She's so funny in it! And so tiny, this show was when she was very young...

For today's #JennaBirthweekRewatch I'm going to be a heretic and watch what I consider #JennaOrtega's best horror film: The Babysitter: Killer Queen. Not only is she one of the leads, the film also remains character-based whilst running from killers.
A still from the film (from imdb) with Jenna's character looking at the other lead character, her face bloodied, her hair sticking to the blood on her face. It's a rather romantic moment.

Wishing #JennaOrtega much happiness for her 20th birthday as she gives us fans much happiness seeing her talent in her many projects.

A stack of discs in front of a streaming search screen, all Jenna's projects.

Today in the #JennaBirthweekRewatch : The Fallout on HBO Max. This is still the best film where Jenna as the lead shows how great a character actress she is. #JennaOrtega should be the lead in all films.
That is a seriously good film, really my kind of film, the best. I wish all films were like that, good story, good characters, talented performance, with a heart, meaning. This is why I follow Jenna, because this is what she can do.
Of course for #JennaBirthweekRewatch I'll watch an episode of You season 2 as well. #JennaOrtega 's performance as Ellie was such a masterclass, grounded it and made it the best season.

This Tuesday #JennaOrtega has her 20th birthday and I'll be celebrating by (re)watching her films all week. To start #JennaBirthweekRewatch, the 4k collector's edition of X. #XMovie
Photo of Jenna in the book of the collector's edition 4k, which is the one with her holding the microphone boom

Watched Hermione Corfield and Eve Myles in the first season of We Hunt Together, since the second season has its run on tv here. Quite interesting! Hermione's character Freddy Lane is something special.

Content warning: We Hunt Together season one

One of the security risks in the future for enterprises will I think be when adults follow the kids in being on BeReal, or the current kids become adults, and the BeReal forced selfies are taken in the workplace. Paranoid me thinks this may even be their business case.

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Why are you whooping? This isn't a time for whooping!
-- Baba

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Jenna Ortega presenting a clip from Wednesday on today's Netflix 'Tudum' event.
#JennaOrtega #Netflix #Wednesday
Jenna proudly smiling

Amy-Leigh Hickman in the season 4 teaser trailer for You, as shown in today's Netflix 'Tudum' event.
#AmyLeighHickman #Netflix #YouNetflix
Amy-Leigh as Nadia, walking towards the camera, brushing away her hair from her eyes

Rice with raisins and some sugar is also one of these quick things to make if it's too late to make full dinner, or even to heat up the oven for pizza. It's 23:30 and I forgot to eat earlier.

Anyway, Morgan Saylor's new film Spoonful of Sugar will be on 'Shudder' in 2023 for those that can access it. Hopefully it will also be elsewhere.

It should be illegal for streaming services that no one can watch to acquire the rights to a film. What even is 'Shudder'.

Claudia Jessie in this teaser for Bridgerton season three, where her colleague is trying to paint her, says he's accidentally put on too much paint and she correctly guesses 'am I drooping?'. Her comment: 'well, I can't play a teenager forever'. So funny, he was however talking about using too much paint for her eyes...

She did convincingly play the 17 year old teenager Eloise at 31 in season one; I don't think she has anything to worry about.

Also in this clip, Nicola reading Lady Whistledown's opening lines of season three.
#Bridgerton #ClaudiaJessie
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You season four, with Amy-leigh Hickman, has a teaser trailer out now. Part one will be released 10 February, part two 10 March.
#AmyLeighHickman #YouNetflix

Two important dates coming up:

Tuesday 27 September,
Wednesday 23 November.

#JennaOrtega #Wednesday
Poster for Wednesday on Netflix with the date Nov 23

A small USB dongle next to the 10x20x30 cm box it came in. The box is filled with filler material

Spot the product next to the box it came in.

Regular fit? But I'm not regular and not fit.

24 hours later and we moved from 99.7% to 99.8%. Progress!
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Average of 1s response time to HEAD requests. Hmm, doesn't sound good. Should do something about that I guess.
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You get responses from HEAD requests? So lucky!

Another film is announced with Jenna Ortega: Miller's Girl. They're currently shooting the film.

Other upcoming projects for Jenna: Wednesday, Finestkind, Scream 6.
#JennaOrtega #MillersGirl
In my excitement I forgot to add my excitement. It's so amazing that Jenna's films keep coming and coming!
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I never really understand when people talk about dating like it's a choice ('starting to date again', etc) while to me it seems more like a privilege. One that not everybody has.

I'm still thinking that because in The Avengers they had the spy master's code name as 'Mother' and when one episode there was a female boss, the code name changed to 'Father', that in James Bond when 'M' was a woman they should have called her 'F'.

Third day in a row of easy food (pizza, fries, now pasta) but it's good since at least I'm not forgetting to eat dinner until midnight, or skip it all together. Though last time I boiled water for pasta it set off the fire alarm, so maybe it's not that easy.

I've been a bit more negative here recently because I've been irked by running into the walls of alternative realities of big corporations. There was the nationally railway that again didn't have trains running (can happen) but kept proclaiming that there were replacement buses. But I was there, there were no buses. But yet they insisted they were there.

And today DHL that just insists that I wasn't home while I was. And they insist they have a contact option on their site (live chat), which doesn't work, yet any contact with them they keep insisting should go through the live chat.

It's how they make you feel helpless that gets to me.

Searching the web for "how not to receive a package via DHL" but Google misunderstands, linking to the DHL site instead. Maybe they're not wrong... But I wanted to know if I can tell webshops to use someone else. I'm done with them.
I'm not blaming the delivery drivers. If they are put under enormous time constraints, they may be forced to take some shortcuts and not actually deliver your package but just register the attempt.

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So much to do

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Just realised that with travelling time added, my workday is actually over twelve and a half hours. No wonder I have so little time left for other things. Other things being making dinner, which I'm starting now at 21:38.

I'm watching the most unconvincing green screen scenes ever, though for a 1980 tv show I'm surprised they even attempted it. The guy's legs occasionally completely disappear...

As 'm' means milli, your $1 gets you 1000 $1m.

@Gidi (@twitter) I didn't even notice it at first, but she doesn't blink at all in this clip, which is very eerie... As it should be. (Thanks for Jenna's stylist on Instagram for pointing this out) (all these other details are so amazing as well!)
#Wednesday #JennaOrtega #WednesdayNetflix

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My attempt to work in the office yet again foiled by the national railway service. And they weren't even on strike today.

I had waited for the mythical replacement busses for over an hour, but they didn't show up. I had to give up.

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Shot by Lee Chinyama (

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