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I should really change my profile picture. It was meant as a ridiculous form of a bathroom mirror selfie (hence the shower curtain), but it comes across as some pretentious photographer. Pretentious, moi? And also not a photographer, not more than everybody is.

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Everytime an organisation posts something on Mastodon, there's someone in the replies saying 'you should also make a Peertube account' (or Pixelfed, etc). It's so tiring. Can we stop driving people away?

Everytime a software developer posts about a new feature or product they're making, someone replies with all the other technologies that should have been used instead. Can we stop it? Can we start accepting that other people may do things that don't fit in your own world view?

Like "I bought a roomba!" -> "no, no, no, you should have strapped your vacuum cleaner to your cat".

I dislike how groups of people try to control how individuals think and experience things and come down en masse to make people feel bad about themselves. Whether about tech opinions or sexuality. Because I witnessed both, today.
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Honestly, that's horrible.

What people like to do in replies, in decreasing order: writing their reply, reading the post they're replying to, following links to the information they're writing about. Don't let receipts get in the way of an opinion.
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More Artificial Confidence than Artificial Intelligence.
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I worry how it's getting normalised that Russia is targeting civilians and residential buildings in its war in Ukraine.
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These wave attacks are similar to World War One tactics,

It's horrible that these things are happening again.

(This is regarding the Russian war in Ukraine)
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From this BBC News article, but it's not its main point:

BBC News - Ukraine war: Bakhmut defender remembered by comrades

What I do like about the BBC though, is that you can go to the BBC news site and get a fair overview of the incredible mess the BBC is in at the moment and how they are mishandling things.

I think the problems started a few years ago, when the policy was introduced that BBC employees were not allowed to voice their own opinions on their own social media. Some incidents have happened since that didn't get the attention it gets now. But I guess the major presenter of a major show (and a white man) being fired for running foul of the policy finally has everybody up in arms. I'm glad to see other presenters pulling out of their respective shows in solidarity.

The opinion in this case was as I understand that the government's asylum policy is cruel. Which it is.
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Apparently many BBC programmes were dropped today, because many presenters and guests refused to participate. Instead they broadcast prerecorded programmes, classical concerts, etc. It's like a strike without it being a strike.
Similarly I'm reading NOS News about what's wrong within NOS Sports (cases of inappropriate behaviour) (NOS can be said to be the Dutch BBC). It's good to see that journalists can keep their impartiality.