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Dafne Keen will executive produce and star in a new film called Night Comes. The film's description looks very interesting, being a horror thriller that is both action and character based, set in a world without rules and gender roles. It is further produced by the people behind Get Out.

The two actresses playing sisters trying to survive the horror also rather look like they could be sisters. This explains Dafne's Instagram story of yesterday, where she posted an extreme closeup of her with another young woman, but they looked so alike and it was so closeup, that you couldn't tell who's who. Dafne must have known the announcement was coming today and wanted to skirt around the edges of what the embargo would allow...
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Dafne's Instagram stories the day before and on the day of the announcement of the film where she and Samantha Lorraine will be sisters.

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And Dafne Keen...
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Disney+ has announced its newest "Star Wars" series "The Acolyte", set in the final days of the High Republic era, will premiere June 4. The cast includes Amandla Stenberg, Jodie Turner-Smith and Carrie-Anne Moss.
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I'm watching Dafne Keen in the film Ana. It's rather difficult to find outside the US, even when you know it is sometimes called The Guardian. But I can confirm that the US blu-ray disc also plays in my European player.

The film is from 2020, so a while ago, and only the second film with Dafne that I get to see. From the trailer it seems interesting. But I would watch films with Dafne anyway...
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I really liked it, it isn't the standard story you're expecting from the trailer. Dafne is of course the powerhouse you'd expect.

I like the scene over the end credits, where Dafne/Ana shows how to record a proper advert for Rafa's used car business, after Rafa at the beginning of the film tries (and fails) the record a great advert to get some much needed attention for his business.
#DafneKeen #Ana

I'm doing a rewatch in honour of Dafne Keen's birthday last Thursday. The Acolyte is not out yet and Ana is still not showing anywhere on streaming in my country, so it'll be an episode of His Dark Materials. Episode 1x05 is the one I like to watch. Where Dafne shows that Lyra being brave doesn't mean she isn't scared.

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Dafne Keen is such a good actress. A lead character can be made to look cool by writing cool things for them to do, but that's not the trick here. With Dafne's Lyra it's pure acting. It's interacting with other characters, the emotions, the frustration, the drive. And I'm also noticing that she has chemistry with every character she interacts with, not just Will but also Lee, Ma Costa and the leaders of the Gyptians.

Today's Dafne Keen's birthday. Happy Birthday Dafne!

Normally I celebrate by (re)watching something, but due to family things today and work things tomorrow, that's going to be Saturday.

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Dafne Keen is going to be in a film called Whistle. She just posted a screenshot of what I think is a Deadline article announcing it, but when I look for it I can't find it (and the rss feed didn't show it up either). So no link, no further details, just the title.
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Dafne Keen on letterboxd reviewing a film with her father in it:

My g will Keen, never heard of him before, decent actor.

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(She shared this herself on her Instagram, I'm not revealing anything secret)

Dafne Keen looking back to yesterday when it was her 17th birthday, which I missed because I'm an idiot and thought it was today. Well, I've not really booted up yet this year, so what'd you expect.

Happy Birthday for yesterday and also already for next year! Hope to get His Dark Materials S3 soon.
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Photo source here, by Begona Rivas.