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Dafne Keen will executive produce and star in a new film called Night Comes. The film's description looks very interesting, being a horror thriller that is both action and character based, set in a world without rules and gender roles. It is further produced by the people behind Get Out.

The two actresses playing sisters trying to survive the horror also rather look like they could be sisters. This explains Dafne's Instagram story of yesterday, where she posted an extreme closeup of her with another young woman, but they looked so alike and it was so closeup, that you couldn't tell who's who. Dafne must have known the announcement was coming today and wanted to skirt around the edges of what the embargo would allow...
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in reply to Gidi Kroon

Dafne's Instagram stories the day before and on the day of the announcement of the film where she and Samantha Lorraine will be sisters.

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