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I should really change my profile picture. It was meant as a ridiculous form of a bathroom mirror selfie (hence the shower curtain), but it comes across as some pretentious photographer. Pretentious, moi? And also not a photographer, not more than everybody is.

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Proud of Lindsay Armaou running the half marathon in Manchester today and raising a lot of money for breast cancer research.
Lindsay proudly holding up her rather large and colourful medal

Great interview with Lindsay Armaou of B*Witched, talking an hour long about fame, becoming a pop band, image, the hectic schedules, breaking America, being dropped by the label and then starting up again and now decades later still going on. I have been and still am such a huge fan of hers, since before their first single was even scheduled for a release and I was afraid after that first time I saw them I would never hear from them again. Then their first four singles each entered the charts at number one and they became a record smashing (not literally) band.
#LindsayArmaou #B*Witched

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A thing she says in this interview that I didn't know is that they had already written the third album and were waiting for a call from the label to inform them about the release date of the first single. But when the label did call, it was to drop them.
#LindsayArmaou #B*Witched

In this The Guardian interview the band B*Witched talk about 1998, just before they became famous, and what happened since. They recreate a publicity photo they did then.

I was a huge fan. Mainly of Lindsay Armaou. Still am. I had seen them about a year before their first single came out in something I happened to catch on video tape. I was struck.

The four girls crowded on a chair in their double denim, back in 1998, ages 20 to 26.
B*Witched in 1998, photographer unknown.

The same four girls (we should already have said women back in 1998), in the exact same position, in 2022.
B*Witched in 2022, by Simon Webb.

#Bewitched #B*Witched #LindsayArmaou

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Even though B*Witched was one of the most real girl- (or boy-) bands at the time (actually talented performers, down to earth people), there's still some manufacturing going on as you can sense in that article. I dislike that aspect of pop music with a passion. Sinead was made 'the blonde one', Keavy had her personality and hairstyle assigned that she didn't feel happy with. But they were really young women, trusted the record company and went with it. I think other bands are manufactured to even much higher degrees.

The article doesn't mention it specifically, but when Lindsay talks about being 20 (and the youngest) when they started, we early fans know that is not what was in all the biographies... There she was 18, fresh out of high school was her origin story. I think ages 18-24 could be marketed better to high school kids than 20-26...

Stay Close, a series on Netflix that features Lindsay Armaou, will be available from 31 December!
#LindsayArmaou #StayClose

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