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I should really change my profile picture. It was meant as a ridiculous form of a bathroom mirror selfie (hence the shower curtain), but it comes across as some pretentious photographer. Pretentious, moi? And also not a photographer, not more than everybody is.

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The way American tv series are made, causes them to often feel like a book of which the last chapter is missing. The hope is that you've lost interest in the book by the time you get to that chapter. Sometimes you get a quick summary of how the author meant to wrap things up in that chapter.
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A long time ago I watched The 4400, a series with Jacqueline McKenzie. I have all four seasons on disc, but somehow never got around to watching the final fourth season. Let's start it now, I hope I remember enough of the previous seasons.

It's a somewhat scifi series, with 4400 people suddenly returning to earth after presumably having been abducted by aliens. Jacqueline is not one of those, but a police person investigating things around it. As strange things happen: they start to show special abilities, they form a cult like organisation, and what really happened to them while they were missing is still unknown.

#JacquelineMcKenzie #The4400 #NowWatching

And Summer Glau pops up too. Always great to see her!
#SummerGlau #The4400

I'm about the rectify an omission: I haven't seen Dollhouse yet, even though it stars Eliza Dushku. I'm going to watch it now. And yes, I'm going to put the disc in the player, I'm not just watching the pictures on the cover as on the photo.
#ElizaDushku #Dollhouse
Photo of the covers of this boxset side by side: the carton of the box set for the two seasons, the dvd box for season and for season two. All three have a different cover image, all three featuring Eliza Dushku. She's always in black, twice holding a weapon.
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I absolutely loved that show, but I have a certain lack of comfort with the entire premise years later, especially knowing what I know now about Whedon. Even so, the cast is utterly phenomenal, and I wish the series had gotten the attention it deserved, flaws and all, at the time.
I like that Eliza Dushku is one of the producers of this show. It should be the norm for the lead actress to have more power on a show.

This may be relevant to the strike as the article points out. I think if Netflix were to create a film by replacing writers and actors with AI, we would be legally allowed to copy it.

“Artificial Intelligence Lawsuit: AI-Generated Art Not Copyrightable – The Hollywood Reporter”

This was exceedingly unlikely to go any other way as US law is pretty settled on this.

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Seemingly strike related, Variety reports that The Peripheral season two is not going ahead after all.
#ChloëGraceMoretz #ThePeripheral

Who cancels The Peripheral in the middle of The Jackpot?

Now watching series four of The Worst Witch, aka series one (and only) of Weirdsister College, aka the one where Felicity Jones is back. They're now at college, Mildred and Ethel have to room together and go head to head. I remember this series to be more intense and deeper than the previous ones. I'm playing this from my own (German) discs.
#FelicityJones #TheWorstWitch #WeirdsisterCollege
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One of the episodes on this dvd has the wrong audio track, of another episode. So I had to watch it with the German dub instead.

Watching the last episode of Yellowjackets since it came out today in my country. I'm fully ready for a Lost-like experience and still get no answers.
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Content warning: Yellowjackets 2x09 season finale

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be like this blob -> :blobcatpirate:

Of course it's Aimee Carrero who has the best words, as always. Actors are on strike and of course they deserve to be paid properly for their work, even if it's on streaming, and deserve guarantees against misuse of AI, like the writers do.


For the first time in over 40 years, union film
and television actors are on strike.

I'm reflecting on the importance of unions.

Though *never* above reproach or
improvement, unions harness the power of
the collective.

Together, we can alleviate the crushing
weight of unfettered capitalism.

Together, we can slow the terminal spread of
endless consumption and growth-at-all-cost.

At their best, unions represent the hope that
the worker is not a pawn, that The Man is not
invincible, and that the fight for human
dignity cannot and will not be deterred.

Unions are the ever-rare reminder that
power is really in the hands of the people.

See you on the picket line.


Colourful text post from Aimee on Instagram, with the text I quoted
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Rewatching We Hunt Together one episode per week, now they are finally showing it on the BBC (One) after I had previously seen it on the BBC (First) and caught up with the repeat on the BBC (Entertainment).

Hermione Corfield and Eve Myles, double the reason to watch.

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Jenna Ortega has been nominated for an Emmy, as has her show Wednesday!
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday
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Apparently it has been 13 years since another Latina actress was nominated for an Emmy as lead.
12 nominations for the series, of course I hope Jenna wins!
Jenna as Wednesday with the braids and a tie looking at you, unsmiling. Text says: 12 Emmy(R) Award nominations including Outstanding Comedy Series, Lead Actress In A Comedy Series Jenna Ortega, Directing for a Comedy Series Tim Burton. And also the series name Wednesday and the Netflix logo.

I'm getting into Sanditon a few series late, but episode one of series three did a good job of getting everyone up to speed including late joiners. Now I'm starting episode two and it's as if I missed another year.
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The lead role of Charlotte in Sanditon is played by Rose Williams. I may not like how the scenes are edited and filmed, but she is certainly the good thing about this series. I'll keep watching it.

Here some photos of her from Imdb.

Rose Williams standing as Charlotte in Jane Austen-like dress/coat, complete with bonnet
Black and white photo of Rose Williams, head resting on her hands

Still not over the fact that the Yellowjackets' jackets are blue.
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Also don't know how there are so many guys in this girls soccer team.

Two titbits from yesterday's Tudum, Netflix's fan event, that I gather from clips posted:

Wednesday season 2 is going to introduce another Addams Family character. Many people have asked for Cousin Itt to appear, but the cast say they don't know yet who it will be. Also, from the fact that the cast announcing this was Jenna, Emma, Joy and Hunter, you can guess their characters are back.

You is going to be the final season, as announced earlier, and there was no news. Just the suggestion that Joe is going to face (an) opponent(s) related to the many loose ends. The clips to illustrate these loose ends included Jenna Ortega as Ellie. My favourite story would be where Ellie and Nadia team up to take Joe down.
#Wednesday #You #Netflix #JennaOrtega

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This streaming service in my country that shows Paramount+ content and owns Paramount+ content because they are Paramount+ (plus Showtime so Paramount++ really) now says that they hope this Paramount+ show will also come to this country. What do they mean hope? Surely they know? Since it's their content. It's not like they need to license it from anyone.
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Interesting how the Netflix video to announce this year's Tudum event (17 June) says there's also going to be an announcement about Wednesday. Weird because season 2 was already announced and it hasn't even been written yet.

Also they suggest an announcement for Queen Charlotte, which I thought was a one season spin-off of Bridgerton.
#Netflix #Wednesday #QueenCharlotte

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I started watching Yellowjackets, since there are at least three actresses in that show that I think are really good: Christina Ricci, Ella Purnell and Juliette Lewis. So far, after one episode, I'm not really feeling it. I think they're trying to introduce too many characters covering both the teenage girl soccer team and their adult versions many years later. Especially the adult lives are for the moment just not interesting. And the soccer team doesn't even seem to have eleven players!
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Today, 1 June, iCarly S3 is out on Paramount+. This is one of the photos Miranda posted on her Instagram about it.

I checked a bit early, over here they clearly don't think it's today yet. While it's 20 minutes past midnight already! (And why is my service saying it will actually disappear in 18 days?)
#MirandaCosgrove #iCarly

Miranda as Carly ready to start a scene, a clapper board in front of her reading iCarly S3. She's on the floor, in a kitchen, on the phone, in a red dress. Her, not the phone.
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This series has characters named 'Raven' and 'Octavia of the Sky People', so you'd think it would really be my thing. But I'm into season 3 of The 100 now (it will leave Netflix at the end of the week, so I'm not going to make it through all seven seasons) and it's so-so. The Good: it has Alycia Debnam-Carey in it and some strong female characters. And a properly created language. The Bad: it's all very militaristic and the very talented Genevieve Buechner is completely underused. But what gets me the most is the way main characters can commit massacres and that the story steps over this rather easily.
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The new season of iCarly will come out on 1 June on Paramount+. Miranda just posted the trailer! And it also features Mia Serafino, so that's extra good.
#MirandaCosgrove #iCarly #MiaSerafino
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Watching Queen Charlotte since it's a Bridgerton story after all. But after being disappointed with series two and already knowing none of my favourite characters are going to be in it, it's going to be difficult to get into it.
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At least Eloise was mentioned, that is something.

So far I think the character of young Queen Charlotte is very interesting, but I dislike that she doesn't match at all, writing-wise, with the older Queen Charlotte we already knew. At least young and older Lady Danbury match very well, allowing the actresses to really sync their performances. A lot of it is Lady Danbury's story, and King George's as well.

I'd wish they didn't put all these 'rumoured' films in imdb, or all these appearances 'as self' on tv talk shows.
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I feel long running sci-fi series, whether it's Star Trek or Doctor Who, are harmed when their stories start to cater to nostalgia. Just create new stuff, like you used too.
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I've started watching Star Trek: Picard. I understand it gets better in season three. I'm making my way now through season one and I guess I have to endure that to get to the good bits. It seems such a waste of a high budget and really skilled people making those sets, effects and filming and acting it, which is all good, while the story is just not there; I'm getting final season of Game of Thrones vibes.
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Rewatching the Amy-Leigh Hickman episodes of You season four, which if I remember correctly means that I can skip some of part one, but that in part two it really kicks off.

Episode 4x01 has a nice scene introducing Nadia. Episode 4x02 has several scenes including her doing the explaining thing. Yes, Nadia is very much like Ellie with regard to her place in the story.
#AmyLeighHickman #YouNetflix #You
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Episode 4x08 changes the story quite a lot in a way that I can't say because of spoilers. But Amy-Leigh Hickman's Nadia is an important part of it. She's no longer an observer.
Episodes 4x09 and 10 are where the Nadia situation gets really intense. If you want a quick rewatch of Amy-Leigh Hickman in You, episodes 8 to 10 of season four are it, the same as for a quick rewatch of Jenna Ortega in You season two, you'd also do episodes 8 to 10. Though I would recommend the whole part 2 (episodes 6 to 10) here.

It's clear to me (or my imagination) that this Nadia storyline in part 2 was intended as an Ellie storyline until Jenna Ortega was not available, stuck in Romania doing Wednesday. Amy-Leigh Hickman is the only actress I'd trust to take over such a big thing and she does so amazingly.
#AmyLeighHickman #YouNetflix #You #JennaOrtega

This whodunit makes the interesting point that vegetarians are unlikely to be the correct suspect.
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This is what I like, actress in the writers room. Here Amy-Leigh Hickman visits the writers room for You season 5. She isn't even confirmed yet for that season, but I take this as a very positive sign.
#AmyLeighHickman #YouNetflix #You
Amy-Leigh posing with many (11) of the You s5 writers. All smiling. I can't read the notes pinned to the board behind them, I think they are still blank. I have some ideas if they want them.
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It's Schmigadoon! (S2) day! More Dove Cameron!
#Schmigadoon #DoveCameron
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I so love the sound of her voice, her singing comes out so much better in musicals.
More Dove Cameron, not just as in new episodes with Dove Cameron in it, but also more Dove Cameron per episode.

Watching yet another British whodunit series and wondering whether these police inspectors ever get to drink the tea that invariably gets made for them.
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ever wonder if there's an episode where neighborhood sweet granny poisons the tea of an unexpecting police inspector?
@Matti Järvinen There must be, but I can't remember one...

There's an episode where the person investigating pretended to get poisoned to out the killer, but that wasn't tea.

Another random KY-TV line from the archives of my memory: they did a pretend bit of a commercial tv station where the 'still to come' bit was its own thing, resulting in the announcer saying 'Still to come, still to come. But first, still to come.'

Decades later I'm still laughing about that one.

It was a fictitious new commercial tv station, owned by Sir Kenneth Yellowhammer. They said they tried to call the station SKY-TV, but that turned out to be already taken.
#KYTV tv
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Jenna Ortega's Saturday Night Live episode is now available unlocked (but still geoblocked) on the NBC website. The sketches are so good.
#JennaOrtega #SaturdayNightLive #SNL
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All the sketches are online on their YouTube channel, the full episode has only the outro as extra bit and two or three times that she announces the music guest. These are just one line but surprisingly she has a different outfit for each. I don't know whether that's common on SNL, or whether it's a Jenna thing.
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You can see that I've never watched an SNL episode. I don't know how the format works. I don't know which of the sketches are live and which are recorded. To do even some of them live seems a herculean task.

Some clips of Jenna Ortega's hosting of Saturday Night Live are now available on the NBC site. (Geoblocked)
#JennaOrtega #SNL #SaturdayNightLive
Jenna with a peacock's head in front of one of her eyes, presumably a play on NBC's logo.
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Hard to choose a favourite, they're all funny and different. I like how Jenna goes all out with the acting. I love 'Zena Neutreno'.
#JennaOrtega #SNL #SaturdayNightLive
Jenna as an X-Men-like character (hair like Storm) called Zena Neutreno in a School-vs-School quiz-show sketch. A bold Professor Zavier sits next to her. She wears a brown leather jacket over a yellow lycra suit

US people: Jenna Ortega is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight!

In trying to find out whether I could see it in Europe (answer: no), I found that Jenna's appearance on Fallon (The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon) is repeated today and tomorrow on CNBC Europe (one of her two visits). So set your recorders! (Yes, I'm old. Yes, I have a recorder and have set it.)

I also found that old seasons of SNL eventually end up on HBO Max, so I've already set my alert on Jenna's episode.
#JennaOrtega #SNL #JimmyFallon
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Saw a still of a Disney princess and now I have to see the series she's from.
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I really liked this series, also how the episodes are different enough to keep you surprised. Ruby Cruz as Princess Kit is worth watching, the relationship between Kit and Jade is great, as is how other connections develop.
#Willow #RubyCruz
The half real, half fake, behind-the-scenes is also quite funny.

What I do like about the BBC though, is that you can go to the BBC news site and get a fair overview of the incredible mess the BBC is in at the moment and how they are mishandling things.

I think the problems started a few years ago, when the policy was introduced that BBC employees were not allowed to voice their own opinions on their own social media. Some incidents have happened since that didn't get the attention it gets now. But I guess the major presenter of a major show (and a white man) being fired for running foul of the policy finally has everybody up in arms. I'm glad to see other presenters pulling out of their respective shows in solidarity.

The opinion in this case was as I understand that the government's asylum policy is cruel. Which it is.
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Apparently many BBC programmes were dropped today, because many presenters and guests refused to participate. Instead they broadcast prerecorded programmes, classical concerts, etc. It's like a strike without it being a strike.
Similarly I'm reading NOS News about what's wrong within NOS Sports (cases of inappropriate behaviour) (NOS can be said to be the Dutch BBC). It's good to see that journalists can keep their impartiality.

Part two of the fourth season of You is now available on Netflix. Also, I have no volleyball to go to this evening. These two events nicely combine.

Amy-Leigh Hickman was already great in part one, I have high expectations for part two...
#AmyLeighHickman #YouNetflix #You
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Definitely watch part two of You season four for Amy-Leigh Hickman. She's so good in it. This part two is also better than part one, maybe they should have released it together. Can't say anything more about it because of spoilers.
#YouNetflix #AmyLeighHickman #You

Content warning: You season five idea/hope based on season four part two

Doing the final one Wednesday per Wednesday, episode 8 of my fourth run-through. Getting ready for the pre-premiere of Scream VI later this evening. It's a Jenna Ortega day...

Scream VI is released in Dutch cinemas tomorrow, Thursday 9 March. In the US it is released Friday.
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday #WednesdayNetflix #ScreamVI #ScreamMovie
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So interesting how she has this 'does not compute' reaction when she turns out to be wrong about something. And she is wrong about things surprisingly often for someone coming across as so confident.
#WednesdayNetflix #Wednesday
She also passes out / is knocked out disturbingly often.

Still don't understand why the noncommercial public tv channels in the Netherlands have advertisements, quite a lot of them, with the commercial channels just having even more of those.
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The You Netflix account posting these two Ellie and Nadia videos side by side... I love both actresses, and characters, and had already noticed their similarities in the makeup of the show (the wise young person that fascinates Joe, who he wants to protect, but who is fundamentally a reflection of the real world rather than Joe's strange business). Further parallels: both Jenna and Amy-Leigh became famous from a tv series with a lot of kids living in a house where there were two adults, but the stories were about the kids (Stuck in the Middle and Tracy Beaker Returns/The Dumping Ground).
#You #YouNetflix #JennaOrtega #AmyLeighHickman
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You see that Joe is getting older because in season four he needs to take notes to remember it all.

I'm giving the miniseries Keep Breathing on Netflix a chance, since it has Melissa Barrera in it as lead and I quite liked her yesterday on the cinema screen in Bed Rest.
#MelissaBarrera #KeepBreathing
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I really liked Keep Breathing. Melissa Barrera is really good as basically the only character this series follows. She is Liv, a woman who survives a plane crash in the middle of nowhere, then has to keep surviving.

I like that each episode is a bit different. I also like that Liv is not portrayed as some sort of survival expert or that the risks and problems are played down. Liv is just a resourceful, determined woman but like any city person she doesn't know what she's doing out there.

What makes the series different from just that idea of survival, is that they keep tying it back to life before the accident and to her youth.
#MelissaBarrera #KeepBreathing

Content warning: Keep Breathing (miniseries) spoilers