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Turns out the new Doctor Who companion Varada Sethu will not replace the 'current' one but be in addition to her in the 2025 series. And I say 'current' in quotes because that 2024 series also still has to start for real (in May).

They say she played previously in Hard Sun, which I saw six years ago, so now I've got to try to remember what character that was.

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Her showreel is good though. Also helped me remember who she was in Hard Sun. I liked her, I quoted her character back when I was still doing that on Tumblr (now on @randomlinesfromtvandfilm ):

She was also in Doctor Foster in a small role, but I remember liking that one.

Get yourself an actress who can do both...

The new series of Beyond Paradise has a new actress (Melina Sinadinou) that I didn't know before. As you can see in the first photo (from her Instagram) she seems totally my type. Weird is very ok for me... But maybe for others the second photo (her professional headshot from Spotlight by Harry Livingstone) is more conventionally convincing?

They're advertising the series to start on BBC First this Monday 21h00. But it already runs on BBC One and I caught a glimpse. Her character seems interesting and she's worth watching for the acting too.

#MelinaSinadinou #BeyondParadise

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Apologies to people on Mastodon that are using software that doesn't hide images in posts that clearly have a content warning set. I did try.

The Wednesday blu-ray doesn't have the "[barely restrained seething]" subtitle... That's a Netflix-only feature... The disc has the much less inspired "[breath trembling]". It's not all advantages to owning the disc...

I loved how that subtitle captured Jenna's Wednesday.
#Wednesday #JennaOrtega

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I can't wait for season two! But I'll have to...

It's a shame Emma didn't get to use her werewolf training this season, maybe next? Wednesday got knocked unconscious a disconcerting amount of times, it's a good thing she has Goody now, might help with the healing.

It's weird how they seemed to have special events every single day, Harvest Festival, Outreach Day, Poe Cup, Raven Dance, Parents Day, etc. Hardly any actual lessons seemed to be happening. Still, instead of more school, I'm hoping for the next season to be set outside the school. And have more Goody Addams, I like a powerful witch.

Corina Bradley's series Hotel Cocaine will be on MGM+ in just over two months.

Miranda Cosgrove's film Mother of the Bride is on Netflix 9 May.

Katie Douglas's film Lazareth is out 10 May.
#CorinaBradley #MirandaCosgrove #KatieDouglas #HotelCocaine #MotherOfTheBride #Lazareth

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MGM got bought by Amazon (killing the new Stargate series in the process), so maybe it's just a section of Prime video that you pay extra for?
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That is exactly what it is, thank you. I couldn't find it in the list of channels Amazon was trying to sell me, but it turns out that was (surprise surprise) because I'm already subscribed to it! It used to be called differently, StarzPlay I think, and got renamed.

Now if they only had Paramount+ too in my country like they do in most places...

The blu-ray for Wednesday arrived today! On Wednesday. Starting my umpteenth watch-through.

With recently the great experience of watching Miller's Girl on the big screen and now eight episodes of brilliance to see, these are really Jenna days...

#JennaOrtega #Wednesday

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We're getting the full opening credits in episode one. I think on Netflix we only got them on two episodes and not the first one. Or do I misremember?

Edit: I do misremember. Episode two has the shortened opening credits.

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We all know the level of detail Jenna puts in her performances, for Wednesday she got formal fencing and cello training, but on her Instagram posts of that time you can see she also had a mechanical typewriter in her apartment back in Romania. In this opening episode Wednesday is very comfortable typing her novel on the old typewriter, but doesn't really know how to work the keyboard of Enid's laptop.

Just found out that Joséphine Jobert is back in Death in Paradise, in episode 13x07. Apparently she's also in the next episode, I don't know whether she's fully back for coming seasons. IMDb suggests she already appeared at the end of 13x06. I had stopped following the series when she left...
#JoséphineJobert #DeathInParadise

And Dafne Keen...
#DafneKeen #TheAcolyte

Disney+ has announced its newest "Star Wars" series "The Acolyte", set in the final days of the High Republic era, will premiere June 4. The cast includes Amandla Stenberg, Jodie Turner-Smith and Carrie-Anne Moss.
#StarWars #TheAcolyte #DisneyPlus #Lucasfilm #Entertainment #Television #TV #Streaming

I'm at the Roswell episode The End of the World, which is a bit soon since it's only halfway season two.

It starts with a scene in the very futuristic year 2014 AD. Yes, this series is that old.

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Great acting by Shiri Appleby in this episode. In all episodes of course, but lately the series started to revolve around other characters than Liz more. But this is as of old fully carried by Shiri's very deep sensitive performance of Liz.
#ShiriAppleby #Roswell

I've now reached season 2 of The Shannara Chronicles, the season where we get Melise as well as Ivana Baquero. Melise was at the time still using her stage name of Malese Jow. Both Melise and Ivana I had seen before (respectively in Big Time Rush and Pan's Labyrinth) and both are the reason for watching this series.

I love how someone like Melise can introduce a character into an existing world, with such impact and which you are interested in immediately.
#Melise #TheShannaraChronicles #MaleseJow

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I'm still watching my series from the boxsets, I'm now at the Roswell episode (1x17 Crazy) where Emilie de Ravin as Tess is introduced. I thought I had to wait for the second season for that, happy to already see her now.
#Roswell #EmilieDeRavin
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Roswell is where I saw her first, later of course as well in Lost and Once upon a Time. She may even have been the reason I started watching Lost.

A long time ago I saw the tv series Roswell and loved it. I started watching it for Shiri Appleby, who I knew from Xena, but would probably have watched it anyway. Shiri is nowadays besides a great actress also a great director. She was amazing in Unreal and the episodes she directed were the best.

Starting a rewatch of Roswell now from my boxset.
#ShiriAppleby #Roswell #NowWatching

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I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. After that, things got really weird.

Love story openings like that.

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It's nice to see what a really great lead actress brings to a series. She not only plays her role very well, but she also captures the audience and sets the tone. I think she makes Roswell the warm and interesting show it is.

That her role would be the lead wasn't that obvious. The series is about aliens hiding in Roswell and she is just a human. But I think it works out well, to have human Liz as point of view.
#ShiriAppleby #Roswell

I've read news that despite being on streaming, Wednesday is going to be released on disc as well. Season one will apparently come out on 26 March.
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday
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@feld Also that, yeah.

The Silent Witness episodes (Flight part 1 and 2, 19x03 and 19x04) where Abigail Hardingham guest starred were on tv again recently and I'm watching them now. I am again reminded what a brilliant actress she is despite being hardly known. Unlike other guest roles in this series, hers is really a leading role and she's taking us through all the twists and turns of the story.

May I also recommend her in Nina Forever, a horror film with a difference.
#AbigailHardingham #SilentWitness

I'm doing a rewatch in honour of Dafne Keen's birthday last Thursday. The Acolyte is not out yet and Ana is still not showing anywhere on streaming in my country, so it'll be an episode of His Dark Materials. Episode 1x05 is the one I like to watch. Where Dafne shows that Lyra being brave doesn't mean she isn't scared.

#DafneKeen #BirthdayRewatch #HisDarkMaterials

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Dafne Keen is such a good actress. A lead character can be made to look cool by writing cool things for them to do, but that's not the trick here. With Dafne's Lyra it's pure acting. It's interacting with other characters, the emotions, the frustration, the drive. And I'm also noticing that she has chemistry with every character she interacts with, not just Will but also Lee, Ma Costa and the leaders of the Gyptians.

Corina Bradley will be in a new tv series called Hotel Cocaine. She plays the character Valeria. It will be released this summer.
#CorinaBradley #HotelCocaine

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First use of the #CorinaBradley hashtag, by me but maybe by anybody on this platform. Will not be the last time I suspect...

Watching Killjoys season one because of course I ordered this missing blu-ray. Why only have S2-5? I'm starting to notice that they are not afraid to show really bright sunbeams and large lens flares. Sometimes most of a scene is almost completely washed out by bright sunlight. This really helps in creating the impression of being on another world. So many sci-fi shows are just dark.

Rewatching Killjoys but starting at season 2, because that is the disc I have and streaming fails yet again. (How can there be so many streaming services and yet when you want to see something none of them have it?)

Anyway, great to see Hannah John-Kamen, even though I don't get to see her introduce her character. And of course Stephanie Leonidas because she's the reason I have this disc.
#Killjoys #HannahJohnKamen #StephanieLeonidas

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Content warning: Killjoys 2x01

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Content warning: Killjoys 2x01

I'm going to do some mixed-up rewatch to see the combined talents of Jenna Ortega and Amy-Leigh Hickman by jumping between the second and fourth seasons of You. Double the brilliance. I'll be doing episodes 2x08, 4x08, 2x09, 4x09, 2x10 and 4x10.
#JennaOrtega #AmyLeighHickman #You #YouNetflix
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Content warning: You 2x09 Ellie report (spoilers)

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Content warning: You 4x09 Nadia report (spoilers)

Bridgerton season three (part one) will be on Netflix 16 May, with part two the next month on 13 June. Looks like Claudia Jessie is back.
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Episode 2x04 of London Kills has a guest role for Klariza Clayton. It's so great to see acting that's a cut above, and to see her of course. It's still a 'girlfriend of/wife of' type of role, but done well.
#KlarizaClayton #LondonKills

Can confirm that there's no hint of returning to before the time jump in the House of the Dragon season 2 trailer. Watched it for you.

Season 2 of Wednesday may start filming in April, according to Deadline. Jenna first has Beetlejuice 2 to finish; Death of a Unicorn has already finished.
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday
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It's really great that BBC 2 are repeating Red Dwarf. They're doing series 2, or Red Dwarf II in official parlance, and yesterday we had the episode Queeg.

I still have my boxset of series I to VIII to watch. Instead of starting at the beginning, I'll start with where Red Dwarf started for me: the sixth series. That's the one with them flying the "Starbug".
#RedDwarf #NowWatching

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I've reached the episode of Red Dwarf series VII where Chloë Annett enters the show as the new Kochanski. I loved seeing her so much and apparently I still do. Also the new angle on the character is great. And no, I have no problem liking both actresses who played the same role.

I also loved her in Crime Traveller, I may have watched that because of her...
#RedDwarf #ChloëAnnett

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Whoa, another actress I admire also plays Kochanski! Holly Earl, though here unrecognisably young, about 5, as part of a joke where Kochanski for a few seconds is turned to child form. I had no idea it was her, only spotted it in the credits...
#HollyEarl #RedDwarf

Apparently the actors union SAG-AFTRA and the studios have reached a tentative deal, which means the strike is over. No details yet, but hopefully it properly rewards and protects those who we see and admire on screen even when we're streaming.

What's with the suggestion that the new Doctor Who will not be on broadcast television but only streaming? The official account makes it sound that way, mentioning only iPlayer and Disney+. Will this be the end of my collection?
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They've edited all their posts now to include BBC1, phew.

I liked iCarly (the new one) season three. Shame no season four is coming... 😢

Watching Wednesday for only the fifth time ever. Jenna Ortega is so good!
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday
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It's the episode with the second of two cello scenes by Jenna in the series. It's my understanding many more were filmed in the series, but they had to be cut because the episodes ran too long. I so hope we get to see them some day.
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday
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It's also the episode of the extreme camera angles in front of the fireplace.

I'm watching season three of the iCarly reboot, because of Miranda Cosgrove, and I can take my own slow time going through the season, because of the studio bosses not ordering a season four.
#MirandaCosgrove #iCarly
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So great Mia Serafino is in it too! The first two episodes that is, can't have everything.

The way American tv series are made, causes them to often feel like a book of which the last chapter is missing. The hope is that you've lost interest in the book by the time you get to that chapter. Sometimes you get a quick summary of how the author meant to wrap things up in that chapter.
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A long time ago I watched The 4400, a series with Jacqueline McKenzie. I have all four seasons on disc, but somehow never got around to watching the final fourth season. Let's start it now, I hope I remember enough of the previous seasons.

It's a somewhat scifi series, with 4400 people suddenly returning to earth after presumably having been abducted by aliens. Jacqueline is not one of those, but a police person investigating things around it. As strange things happen: they start to show special abilities, they form a cult like organisation, and what really happened to them while they were missing is still unknown.

#JacquelineMcKenzie #The4400 #NowWatching

I'm about the rectify an omission: I haven't seen Dollhouse yet, even though it stars Eliza Dushku. I'm going to watch it now. And yes, I'm going to put the disc in the player, I'm not just watching the pictures on the cover as on the photo.
#ElizaDushku #Dollhouse
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I absolutely loved that show, but I have a certain lack of comfort with the entire premise years later, especially knowing what I know now about Whedon. Even so, the cast is utterly phenomenal, and I wish the series had gotten the attention it deserved, flaws and all, at the time.
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I like that Eliza Dushku is one of the producers of this show. It should be the norm for the lead actress to have more power on a show.

This may be relevant to the strike as the article points out. I think if Netflix were to create a film by replacing writers and actors with AI, we would be legally allowed to copy it.

“Artificial Intelligence Lawsuit: AI-Generated Art Not Copyrightable – The Hollywood Reporter”

This was exceedingly unlikely to go any other way as US law is pretty settled on this.

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Seemingly strike related, Variety reports that The Peripheral season two is not going ahead after all.
#ChloëGraceMoretz #ThePeripheral

Who cancels The Peripheral in the middle of The Jackpot?

Now watching series four of The Worst Witch, aka series one (and only) of Weirdsister College, aka the one where Felicity Jones is back. They're now at college, Mildred and Ethel have to room together and go head to head. I remember this series to be more intense and deeper than the previous ones. I'm playing this from my own (German) discs.
#FelicityJones #TheWorstWitch #WeirdsisterCollege
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One of the episodes on this dvd has the wrong audio track, of another episode. So I had to watch it with the German dub instead.

Watching the last episode of Yellowjackets since it came out today in my country. I'm fully ready for a Lost-like experience and still get no answers.
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Content warning: Yellowjackets 2x09 season finale

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Of course it's Aimee Carrero who has the best words, as always. Actors are on strike and of course they deserve to be paid properly for their work, even if it's on streaming, and deserve guarantees against misuse of AI, like the writers do.


For the first time in over 40 years, union film
and television actors are on strike.

I'm reflecting on the importance of unions.

Though *never* above reproach or
improvement, unions harness the power of
the collective.

Together, we can alleviate the crushing
weight of unfettered capitalism.

Together, we can slow the terminal spread of
endless consumption and growth-at-all-cost.

At their best, unions represent the hope that
the worker is not a pawn, that The Man is not
invincible, and that the fight for human
dignity cannot and will not be deterred.

Unions are the ever-rare reminder that
power is really in the hands of the people.

See you on the picket line.


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Rewatching We Hunt Together one episode per week, now they are finally showing it on the BBC (One) after I had previously seen it on the BBC (First) and caught up with the repeat on the BBC (Entertainment).

Hermione Corfield and Eve Myles, double the reason to watch.

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Jenna Ortega has been nominated for an Emmy, as has her show Wednesday!
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday
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Apparently it has been 13 years since another Latina actress was nominated for an Emmy as lead.

I'm getting into Sanditon a few series late, but episode one of series three did a good job of getting everyone up to speed including late joiners. Now I'm starting episode two and it's as if I missed another year.
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The lead role of Charlotte in Sanditon is played by Rose Williams. I may not like how the scenes are edited and filmed, but she is certainly the good thing about this series. I'll keep watching it.

Here some photos of her from Imdb.