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It's really great that BBC 2 are repeating Red Dwarf. They're doing series 2, or Red Dwarf II in official parlance, and yesterday we had the episode Queeg.

I still have my boxset of series I to VIII to watch. Instead of starting at the beginning, I'll start with where Red Dwarf started for me: the sixth series. That's the one with them flying the "Starbug".
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In the original 4:3, luckily no rescan. It may look weird on modern tv's, but at least we get it all.
I had forgotten that Clare Grogan (the singer of Altered Images besides being a great actress) was also in the opening episode of series 6 (as well as in the pilot and selected other episodes).

I've reached the episode of Red Dwarf series VII where Chloë Annett enters the show as the new Kochanski. I loved seeing her so much and apparently I still do. Also the new angle on the character is great. And no, I have no problem liking both actresses who played the same role.

I also loved her in Crime Traveller, I may have watched that because of her...
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Whoa, another actress I admire also plays Kochanski! Holly Earl, though here unrecognisably young, about 5, as part of a joke where Kochanski for a few seconds is turned to child form. I had no idea it was her, only spotted it in the credits...
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