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The Wednesday blu-ray doesn't have the "[barely restrained seething]" subtitle... That's a Netflix-only feature... The disc has the much less inspired "[breath trembling]". It's not all advantages to owning the disc...

I loved how that subtitle captured Jenna's Wednesday.
#Wednesday #JennaOrtega

in reply to Gidi Kroon

I can't wait for season two! But I'll have to...

It's a shame Emma didn't get to use her werewolf training this season, maybe next? Wednesday got knocked unconscious a disconcerting amount of times, it's a good thing she has Goody now, might help with the healing.

It's weird how they seemed to have special events every single day, Harvest Festival, Outreach Day, Poe Cup, Raven Dance, Parents Day, etc. Hardly any actual lessons seemed to be happening. Still, instead of more school, I'm hoping for the next season to be set outside the school. And have more Goody Addams, I like a powerful witch.