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I'm doing a rewatch in honour of Dafne Keen's birthday last Thursday. The Acolyte is not out yet and Ana is still not showing anywhere on streaming in my country, so it'll be an episode of His Dark Materials. Episode 1x05 is the one I like to watch. Where Dafne shows that Lyra being brave doesn't mean she isn't scared.

#DafneKeen #BirthdayRewatch #HisDarkMaterials

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- It's trying to warn me of something.
- I suspect it's trying to warn you of everything. We're walking into a bloodbath here.
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Dafne Keen is such a good actress. A lead character can be made to look cool by writing cool things for them to do, but that's not the trick here. With Dafne's Lyra it's pure acting. It's interacting with other characters, the emotions, the frustration, the drive. And I'm also noticing that she has chemistry with every character she interacts with, not just Will but also Lee, Ma Costa and the leaders of the Gyptians.