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Get yourself an actress who can do both...

The new series of Beyond Paradise has a new actress (Melina Sinadinou) that I didn't know before. As you can see in the first photo (from her Instagram) she seems totally my type. Weird is very ok for me... But maybe for others the second photo (her professional headshot from Spotlight by Harry Livingstone) is more conventionally convincing?

They're advertising the series to start on BBC First this Monday 21h00. But it already runs on BBC One and I caught a glimpse. Her character seems interesting and she's worth watching for the acting too.

#MelinaSinadinou #BeyondParadise

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Content warning: Extreme close-up of an eye

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Apologies to people on Mastodon that are using software that doesn't hide images in posts that clearly have a content warning set. I did try.