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The blu-ray for Wednesday arrived today! On Wednesday. Starting my umpteenth watch-through.

With recently the great experience of watching Miller's Girl on the big screen and now eight episodes of brilliance to see, these are really Jenna days...

#JennaOrtega #Wednesday

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What is so great are all these extra layers she puts under just the Wednesday.
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We're getting the full opening credits in episode one. I think on Netflix we only got them on two episodes and not the first one. Or do I misremember?

Edit: I do misremember. Episode two has the shortened opening credits.

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We all know the level of detail Jenna puts in her performances, for Wednesday she got formal fencing and cello training, but on her Instagram posts of that time you can see she also had a mechanical typewriter in her apartment back in Romania. In this opening episode Wednesday is very comfortable typing her novel on the old typewriter, but doesn't really know how to work the keyboard of Enid's laptop.