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They managed to make geoblocking of films even more irritating: I get a specific mail from Amazon Prime Video, telling me that Finestkind with Jenna Ortega is now available for rent. That's great, because I still want to see it, since Paramount+/SkyShowtime is not carrying that film in my country.

I go to their page, only to be met with the popup that this film is not available in my location.

Then why send me that email?!

Anyway, dear Americans, Finestkind is available for rent in your country!
#Finestkind #JennaOrtega

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Saw Miller's Girl again in the cinema (who knows when I'll see it again) and again of course impressed by Jenna Ortega. Wrote about it with major spoilers in the next post (copied from letterboxd).
#JennaOrtega #MillersGirl
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Content warning: Major spoilers for Miller's Girl (2024). Don't read if you haven't seen it.

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Corina Bradley's series Hotel Cocaine will be on MGM+ in just over two months.

Miranda Cosgrove's film Mother of the Bride is on Netflix 9 May.

Katie Douglas's film Lazareth is out 10 May.
#CorinaBradley #MirandaCosgrove #KatieDouglas #HotelCocaine #MotherOfTheBride #Lazareth

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MGM got bought by Amazon (killing the new Stargate series in the process), so maybe it's just a section of Prime video that you pay extra for?
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That is exactly what it is, thank you. I couldn't find it in the list of channels Amazon was trying to sell me, but it turns out that was (surprise surprise) because I'm already subscribed to it! It used to be called differently, StarzPlay I think, and got renamed.

Now if they only had Paramount+ too in my country like they do in most places...

Just back from Miller's Girl in the cinema, seeing Jenna Ortega on the big screen is such an amazing experience!
#JennaOrtega #MillersGirl
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Jenna Ortega's film Miller's Girl is in Dutch cinemas tomorrow! Here are some of the cinemas it's showing in:
#JennaOrtega #MillersGirl

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Jenna Ortega in the teaser trailer for Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. Don't say the name of this film one and a half times...
#JennaOrtega #BeetlejuiceBeetlejuice #Beetlejuice2 #Beetlejuice

I'm watching Dafne Keen in the film Ana. It's rather difficult to find outside the US, even when you know it is sometimes called The Guardian. But I can confirm that the US blu-ray disc also plays in my European player.

The film is from 2020, so a while ago, and only the second film with Dafne that I get to see. From the trailer it seems interesting. But I would watch films with Dafne anyway...
#DafneKeen #Ana

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I really liked it, it isn't the standard story you're expecting from the trailer. Dafne is of course the powerhouse you'd expect.

I like the scene over the end credits, where Dafne/Ana shows how to record a proper advert for Rafa's used car business, after Rafa at the beginning of the film tries (and fails) the record a great advert to get some much needed attention for his business.
#DafneKeen #Ana

Miranda Cosgrove shared a video of her spotting a billboard of Drugstore June and also posted the trailer of the film, as the film of a friend of hers that she's excited to see getting released. But if you pay attention you see Miranda herself in the trailer, probably in a small role. The IMDb page lists her too.
#MirandaCosgrove #DrugstoreJune

It's that day again, the birthday of Stephanie Leonidas!

I choose Crusade in Jeans from my 'Watch for Stephanie' letterboxd list for the birthday rewatch. A long time ago I only knew her sister Georgina Leonidas and knew she was a very talented actress. I saw that her older sister Stephanie was also an actress and thought that even if she only had a fraction of the talent of her younger sister, she would still be worth watching. So I took a punt buying this dvd. That was a very lucky punt... Stephanie turned out to be one of the best actresses ever and I since try to watch everything with her in it!

#StephanieLeonidas #CrusadeInJeans #BirthdayRewatch

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Later of course she was more obviously brilliant in things like Defiance and Mirrormask... She should be the lead everywhere.
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A boy plays and loses a football match with the national team, then drops in on his mother who's building a time machine. He goes back in time trying to win, but ends up in the middle ages and meets love interest girl (winning after all) Jenne in a children's crusade.

The story acknowledges that the crusades as we know them were wrong. This children's crusade is strictly nonviolent.

Jenna Ortega is going to be in a new film called Klara and the Sun.

Her film Beetlejuice 2 will be in the cinema 6 September 2024.

Both bits of news just shared by Jenna's mother.

#JennaOrtega #Beetlejuice #KlaraAndTheSun

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Though I guess the joke is that it isn't going to be called Beetlejuice 2, but Beetlejuice Beetlejuice...
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Apparently it's Beetlejuice Beetlejuice 2024 A.D. in full, according to this Deadline article. And this is the article about Klara and the Sun. Jenna plays a robot designed to prevent loneliness and when she finds that a little girl has a mystery illness goes on a quest which causes her to learn about human love. This sounds great!
#JennaOrtega #Beetlejuice #BeetlejuiceBeetlejuice2024AD #Beetlejuice2 #KlaraAndTheSun

Stephanie Leonidas is filming a new film called Marching Powder. She just posted photos from the set.

IMDb says her film A Very Venice Romance was released last year (it doesn't list as available for me) and 5lbs of Pressure is still to come.
#StephanieLeonidas #MarchingPowder

Miranda Cosgrove just announced that her film Mother of the Bride will be on Netflix globally on 9 May!

#MirandaCosgrove #MotherOfTheBride

US people: reminder that Miller's Girl, a film with Jenna Ortega in the lead role, is in your theaters tomorrow. I think it's going to be a good one!

For people in NL like me, we wait until 14 March.
#JennaOrtega #MillersGirl

Just watched Jodie Foster, Nastassja Kinski and Amanda Plummer in Hotel New Hampshire; so great having these three talented actresses in the same film!
#JodieFoster #NastassjaKinski #AmandaPlummer #HotelNewHampshire

Going to see Emilia Clarke. Not in person, she will be on a big screen. The Pod Generation is finally arrived in my country (NL). Release this Thursday, but prereleases all over the country this week.

Looked great in the trailer and it's always great to see Emilia.
#EmiliaClarke #ThePodGeneration

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So many people in reviews annoyed that the film raises questions but doesn't provide answers and I'm annoyed at those reviews. Firstly, films don't have to provide answers, you can think for yourself, after the film explored the concepts. Secondly, I think this film does provide the answers, just not in an obviously hammered home way where the plot literally gives the answer, but the conclusions the film makers draw are clear from how it affects the characters. I didn't know film watchers had gotten so lazy.

Also there's a mid-credits scene about the big tech aspect, so don't go running to the toilet just yet.

More India Eisley, now in Kite. I know nothing of the anime it's supposedly based on...
#IndiaEisley #Kite #NowWatching
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Based on the kind of story you'd expect this film to be cheesier than it is. Instead, India Eisley acts her character Sawa so realistically, it's as if a real-life young assassin with amnesia has stumbled upon the film set and is trying to make sense of the clues she finds, hell-bent on exacting revenge on things in her past she can't quite remember. Some other bits of the film may live up more to the original expectation.

I disagree with the blu-ray cover image's suggestion that she doesn't play the lead character. But big names and all that.
#IndiaEisley #Kite

Last weekend Jenna Ortega's film Miller's Girl had its festival premiere and 26 January it will have its theatrical release. Good news is that we in the Netherlands don't need to wait too long this time: Thursday 14 March it will be in our cinemas!
#JennaOrtega #MillersGirl

Watching India Eisley and Mira Sorvino in Look Away. I'm looking straight at my tv, not in a mirror.
#IndiaEisley #LookAway #NowWatching
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Absolutely great acting and a really interesting film too. So many things to think about...
#IndiaEisley #LookAway
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Such mixed reactions to this film when I check afterwards what people write about it. Really a love it or hate it thing. The difference seems to be that if you expect this teenage horror to be a teenage horror, you'll be disappointed since it's a psychological film with great cinematography instead.

Doing the thing that I do: watching a film I know nothing about with an actress I hardly know anything about. Sasha Lane was with Chloë Grace Moretz in the film The Miseducation of Cameron Post and she seemed interesting enough to watch American Honey in which she is the lead, or at least front and center on the poster.
#SashaLane #AmericanHoney

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It's more of an atmospheric film than a story and I like that. It's just not clear from the beginning that it's going to be like that, so for a while I was waiting for something to start happening. Many independent things happen, but none are really what the film is about.

The atmosphere is not unlike Mouth by Mouth, but that one is a bit more extreme.

I really liked the performance by Sasha Lane. She plays someone who never really fits in, but who also doesn't know where she would fit in. Someone who had she been born in a different family, would have led a totally different life.

I didn't realise before how much I dislike the brainwashing lyrics of sexually explicit rap music.
#AmericanHoney #SashaLane

All great inventions start with a lack of cheese.

This first Wallace & Gromit is so old it's in 4x3. They run out of cheese and naturally plan a trip to the Moon on A Grand Day Out.

I'm excited for this film: Jenna Ortega's Miller's Girl will be in theatres 26 January, after being in a film festival earlier that month. Sounds like a difficult story that can fully use (and showcase) her acting talents.

#JennaOrtega #MillersGirl

I just watched Nimona on Netflix with the voice of Chloë Grace Moretz. Firstly Chloë is really good at putting character in the performance using only her voice. Secondly: it's a really good story!
#ChloëGraceMoretz #Nimona

No point watching, or even making, Scream 7, now that Jenna Ortega will not be in it due to scheduling conflicts.

Wednesday season one took eight months to film, she's doing season two soon, so there's just no time fitting in a seventh Scream. Apparently this was already being discussed before the strike began.
#JennaOrtega #Scream #Wednesday

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Finestkind with Jenna Ortega, 15 December is getting close. On Paramount+.

#JennaOrtega #Finestkind

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Happy Birthday, Jodie Foster! She turns 61 today. To celebrate I'm watching Nyad, a new film with her which is available on Netflix.
#JodieFoster #Nyad #NowWatching
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It's based on true events, which isn't a film genre I like, but it's worth a watch anyway I think.

Apparently the actors union SAG-AFTRA and the studios have reached a tentative deal, which means the strike is over. No details yet, but hopefully it properly rewards and protects those who we see and admire on screen even when we're streaming.

New promo photo of Jenna Ortega for the upcoming film Finestkind, posted by their Instagram account.

Yeah, Jenna is a real standout even when she's sitting...
#JennaOrtega #Finestkind

Watching Child's Play (1988), a.k.a. that Chucky film, since other than part of the recent tv series I haven't seen any of the films yet and they're around seven films into the franchise already.

Rewatching Dark Places because I recorded it off tv recently and it has Chloë Grace Moretz in it somewhere. Though you have to wait until 30 minutes into the film for her to show up, but then it instantly feels less dreary.

I can't quite remember the story from the first time I saw it, except maybe that it was indeed 'dark'. Chloë did much dark stuff in her youth (in films I mean).
#ChloëGraceMoretz #DarkPlaces

More news about A24's Death of a Unicorn that stars Jenna Ortega: . It has wrapped and Jenna is executive producer.
#JennaOrtega #DeathOfAUnicorn

Now watching Karen Gillan twice in Dual. I haven't seen this before but from what I gather the premise of this film is that in some sci-fi future, before someone dies, they can have their whole being copied into a new body. Karen's character is in that situation and does that, but then she doesn't die but her copy also doesn't want to go away. Karen plays both the original and the copy.

Karen Gillan is of course known as one of the great companions from Doctor Who: Amy. (There have been many... Clara, Rose, Martha, Yaz, Ace...)
#KarenGillan #Dual

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This film is different in a good way. You have preconceptions about what it will be like, then it isn't that. You watch it and think how it's going to develop, then it doesn't go there. Then you think surely it's going to end this way, then again it doesn't.

Just saw a film with Klariza Clayton called Fox Trap or Don't Blink depending on where you live. It's an ok horror slasher and I enjoyed it. It could have used more Klariza though. I seem to remember her once posting something like 'don't blink or you'll miss me' even before it was renamed to Don't Blink, but I may remember that wrong.
#KlarizaClayton #FoxTrap #DontBlink

Trailer for Finestkind is on YouTube. The film will be on Paramount+ from 15 December. The great thing: Jenna Ortega is in it!
#JennaOrtega #Finestkind

Just saw Pearl, the prequel to X, and it's quite a good film. It's not a prequel in the traditional sense, but something they made on the back of filming X while they were at that location anyway. Basically it seems like after the actress playing Pearl and the director had worked out the backstory, they figured why not film it.

There's an amazing monologue in that film, as well as other great things.

Interesting that they basically put the whole cast and crew of X in the thanks session in the credits here, acknowledging how connected making these films were. (So yeah, technically Jenna is in the Pearl credits)

Yasmin Paige is an actress I wish I'd hear more about. She did some great things. She was in the Doctor Who spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures as Maria and also in Pramface and the film Submarine. She was the reason I watched Ballet Shoes, a film with the very talented trio of Yasmin, Emma Watson (yes, the Hermione) and Lucy Boyton (who I've recently seen is still very good). I saw her first in The Mysti Show (yes, I knew Maria before TSJA).

Now I'm watching this film from that same early time, Tooth. Her name may not be on the cover, but she is as the title character, presumably a young tooth fairy. I like how sparkly this cover is! It changes colour with the light falling on it differently.

#YasminPaige #Tooth #NowWatching

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Yasmin is instantly great as the rather un-fairy toothfairy Tooth, as is Sally as the mother of the family that could use some more money in these days before Christmas than the pennies provided for her kids' teeth. Or the half eaten sandwich found under the pillow, since Tooth is careless like that.
#Tooth #YasminPaige #SallyPhillips

Dafne Keen is going to be in a film called Whistle. She just posted a screenshot of what I think is a Deadline article announcing it, but when I look for it I can't find it (and the rss feed didn't show it up either). So no link, no further details, just the title.
#DafneKeen #Whistle