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I should really change my profile picture. It was meant as a ridiculous form of a bathroom mirror selfie (hence the shower curtain), but it comes across as some pretentious photographer. Pretentious, moi? And also not a photographer, not more than everybody is.

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I have the disc of Underworld: Blood Wars in my to-watch stack and I think I better check where in the series this one fits before I watch it. Because I'm lost. I skipped the non-Kate Beckinsale ones, that I do know.
#KateBeckinsale #UnderworldBloodWars #Underworld
This is the last one in the franchise, it's possible I find out why. (There are some final seasons of tv series where you realise they really had to stop)

It's a bit light on storytelling and on characterisation, but entertaining enough.

Maybe the "Dawn Alert!" over the PA system of the vampire coven was the best bit.

Selene does so much pining for her daughter Eve and others do so much searching for her, that maybe they should rewatch Underworld: Awakening and see India Eisley as Eve. Somehow the memory of that performance is what underpins this film.

Finestkind will have its premiere at TIFF any moment now, but you can already watch a scene courtesy of this Deadline article. It features Jenna Ortega and like everything she does it's immediately captivating and intense. They say it's going to be on Paramount+ in November.
#JennaOrtega #Finestkind
The film poster, showing the ship in focus seen through an out of focus gun. Jenna's name is shown above the title as third. Jenna as her character Mabel in a yellow shirt, looking into the distance.
Jenna as her character Mabel talking to one of the other characters, outside.
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Now rewatching AnnaSophia Robb in the film Bridge to Terabithia.

I really like this film. I keep changing what I would mention as my favourite film (I have a list) but a long time ago the subject of favourite film came up at work and a colleague of mine and me at the same time said Bridge to Terabithia. Which is such an odd thing to happen, as it's not even that that many people have even heard of this film...

I'd say this film isn't that much underrated, as just not rated because it is quite unknown.

Anyway, AnnaSophia Robb is brilliant.

#AnnaSophiaRobb #BridgeToTerabithia #NowWatching

Photo of the blu-ray box, with a young AnnaSophia holding a lantern, behind her the boy, both under a tree, surrounded by a sprinkling of magical creatures like fairies.
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You'd expect Zooey to be credited in the music section of the film, and she is. She plays the music teacher after all. But AnnaSophia is too! The music video on the extras is even her song.

Content warning: Bridge To Terabithia (2007) major spoiler

This may be relevant to the strike as the article points out. I think if Netflix were to create a film by replacing writers and actors with AI, we would be legally allowed to copy it.

“Artificial Intelligence Lawsuit: AI-Generated Art Not Copyrightable – The Hollywood Reporter”

This was exceedingly unlikely to go any other way as US law is pretty settled on this.

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I like the story better than the biopic...

Also interesting how part of the biopic touches upon misusing the name of famous people by publishers, then the film has Maisie Williams in a tiny role so they can use her fame.

Two recent entries in the letterboxd diary: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994) and Mary Shelley (2017)

I'm watching 'Amélie', or Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain in full, a film with Audrey Tautou. I've seen it long ago, but when I later bought it on dvd from a Belgian shop, it was with French subtitles only. Now I have the blu-ray and it has Dutch subtitles, which should help in my understanding of what they're saying.
#AudreyTautou #Amélie #LeFabuleuxDestinDAméliePoulain
Audrey with a Zorro-like mask and hat, looking calmly at the camera
Films are full with the kind of people that answer a phone ringing in a phone box.

It's a fun quirky film, reminded me in some parts of Gregory's Girl though it's of course completely different.

At several moments in the film I caught myself thinking 'why is she like that' but then I realised we're all like that.

Today Emilia Clarke's new film The Pod Generation is available in cinemas, somewhere in the world, I didn't get where. Maybe UK, maybe US. Thursday 24 August it comes out in Dutch cinemas!

#EmiliaClarke #ThePodGeneration

Looks good. I'll have to check it out!

I tried to look for a ticket today in my country, but it turns out to not be released after all. There's no new date other than what seems like a placeholder date of 31 December 2023. I was looking forward to seeing Emilia Clarke on the big screen. Anyway, I have set a notification alert on that film.

Why do film companies always do this? They complain that they can't make enough money from people going to see the films, then when people do want to see the films they make it impossible to see them. I can't pay for a ticket if they don't sell them.
#ThePodGeneration #EmiliaClarke #FilmIndustryGripe

Finestkind, a new film with Jenna Ortega, will premiere in Toronto at TIFF 2023, according to the film's Instagram post and this Deadline article. As does this The Hollywood Reporter article, which also mentions the festival runs 7-17 September.
#JennaOrtega #Finestkind
Four of the characters of the film posing in front of what is probably the ship. It includes Jenna and three older men. Nobody looks happy, in fact this could be a band album photo.
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An interesting aspect of the US actors strike is that if an independent film accepts the union's proposal, work is allowed there. The same goes for small studios that are not part of the producers organisation with the abbreviation that I can never get right. The idea is that this proves that the union proposal is not unreasonable as the producers claim.

The studio A24 has done just that. Not recently, already a while ago, but this means A24 films are going full steam ahead. Providing income and proving the point. And the coming years may very well be A24's years, since the majority of films out will be theirs. Quite a good consequence of all this.
#A24 #SAGAftra #SAGAftraStrike

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Now, again, watching the brilliance that is Jenna Ortega in The Fallout. I hope she makes many more films like this. I don't care whether they are super famous film franchises or relatively unknown indies like this, I'll watch it anyway. I'm watching it from my dvd (only a US region coded dvd is available, no blu-ray, no European disc).
#JennaOrtega #TheFallout #NowWatching
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Now watching Scream VI in 4k from my disc. I saw it in the cinema when it came out and watching Jenna Ortega in this film was such an experience, she's so good. But when has she ever not been at the top of her game? Never. What also stood out to me about this film is that it's a horror with properly fleshed out characters, with everybody doing a good job.
#JennaOrtega #ScreamVI #Scream6 #Scream #NowWatching
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#NowWatching The Gathering with Christina Ricci. I liked this film and Christina's performance when I saw it a long time ago, but I don't remember much about it. It's difficult to find as it's not on any of the streaming services, but I found a dvd.
#ChristinaRicci #TheGathering

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Interesting concept, I had forgotten about that. Dark, even for a horror film.

Just watched Jodie Foster in Hotel Artemis. She deserves a better script. I have no idea why she chose to do this.

Usually I try to find something positive to say, but I get no further than she's indeed in it.

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Emilia Clarke posted the trailer for her new film The Pod Generation, which looks very interesting. Out 11 August in theaters. Maybe only in the UK.
#EmiliaClarke #ThePodGeneration
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Edited to include the YouTube link as well.

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be like this blob -> :blobcatpirate:

But of course what's already in the can will still be released, but without promotion. E.g. Zoey102, the film sequel with the people from the Zoey101 series, comes out 27 July on Paramount+. The important one for me in that cast is and always has been Erin Sanders as the legendary Quinn.
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Of course it's Aimee Carrero who has the best words, as always. Actors are on strike and of course they deserve to be paid properly for their work, even if it's on streaming, and deserve guarantees against misuse of AI, like the writers do.


For the first time in over 40 years, union film
and television actors are on strike.

I'm reflecting on the importance of unions.

Though *never* above reproach or
improvement, unions harness the power of
the collective.

Together, we can alleviate the crushing
weight of unfettered capitalism.

Together, we can slow the terminal spread of
endless consumption and growth-at-all-cost.

At their best, unions represent the hope that
the worker is not a pawn, that The Man is not
invincible, and that the fight for human
dignity cannot and will not be deterred.

Unions are the ever-rare reminder that
power is really in the hands of the people.

See you on the picket line.


Colourful text post from Aimee on Instagram, with the text I quoted
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Watching Clinical on Netflix because the promotion for this film features India Eisley rather prominently (even though she's only seventh on the cast list). Seems an intense character from her.
#Clinical #IndiaEisley
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India is third on the credits instead and this fits more with how important her role is. Both hers and the main therapist characters are great, but the other characters don't always feel right nor does the film script. Still an interesting watch. I wish I could see India Eisley as the lead somewhere.

Finally watching Prey on Disney+, I am really slow at going through my watchlist. Pre-opening title we already have the twist that this tale which follows these 18th century indigenous people in the Americas also seems to involve spaceships and monsters. We'll see what it turns out to be.

The main character, a girl who wants to become a hunter, is played by Amber Midthunder and is super cool.
#Prey #AmberMidthunder

Amber Midthunder as Naru, a native American young woman, resting or hiding behind a tree.
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@feld Yeah, I really liked it. It's a bit more random than intended when you're not aware of the predator franchise...

I'd wish they didn't put all these 'rumoured' films in imdb, or all these appearances 'as self' on tv talk shows.
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This Saturday the interesting Chloë Grace Moretz film Greta is on BBC One: 23:40 UK time, 00:40 CEST. Of course I have it on DVD already, but if you don't you can catch it.
#ChloëGraceMoretz #Greta
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Saw Midsommar on Netflix. It's not quite a traditional horror film despite some gruesome scenes, but it relies more on what people do and why rather than on shocks. It doesn't really convince me because that 'why' aspect is not clear enough and because some of the themes I had already seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes. It didn't help that Netflix didn't have English subtitles, including on the Swedish dialogue, and that the beginning of the film was filmed so dark that I still don't know what happened.

Some reviews I read afterwards mention some more troubling aspects of the story and they could be right. Some also mention the film being way too brightly lit and that's totally not the film I saw.

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Rewatched Last Christmas for Easter, it's such a nice film to watch more than other Christmas films. Emilia Clarke plays screw-ups with such warmth, it shows her talent that this is the same actress who did Daenerys in Game of Thrones.
#EmiliaClarke #LastChristmas
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Most people will probably watch this for Anya Taylor-Joy, and I get that, but I'm really seeing this for Thomasin McKenzie: Last Night in Soho.
#LastNightInSoho #ThomasinMcKenzie #NowWatching
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18+, even in the Netherlands, and it starts with a full house of content warnings.
That is beautifully filmed.
That's still the comment I can make about it without spoilers: it's so beautifully filmed. A different film that's really worth a watch. Thomasin McKenzie is amazing.
#LastNightInSoho #ThomasinMcKenzie
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Content warning: Last Night In Soho (spoiler)

And now I'm watching a film where Anya Taylor-Joy, plays a character called Thomasin, for optimal intertwinedness. (The Witch)

Just rewatched Léon and it's an amazing experience to see Natalie Portman put in such a great performance at 12 years old.
#NataliePortman #Léon
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It's weird but a lot of great actresses had really great films around that age already:

  • As mentioned Natalie Portman was 12 during filming Léon
  • Jodie Foster was 12 in Taxi Driver and got an Oscar nomination; the lesser known but maybe even better performance in The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane was in the same year
  • Chloë Grace Moretz was also 12 in Let Me In where she did a very complicated character very touchingly
  • Ivana Baquero carried Pan's Labyrinth at 11
  • Dafne Keen was 11 when she drove everybody in Logan to up their game
  • Alexa Nisenson was 11 when she put in a multilayered performance in Fear The Walking Dead. That's a tv series, but her performance is on a par with the above

Obviously they've done (or will do) great stuff later too and some like Chloë and Jodie did even earlier, but these are all goosebump performances.
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oh yes, V for Vendetta for example.
Omg how can I forget Dakota Fanning. Maybe because it's actually too obvious. By that age she already had a whole film catalogue with very worthy performances and a SAG award nomination (at 8). As standout example I choose Uptown Girls, where she's the equal to top talent Brittany Murphy and she played a kid who acted like she's a grown up. She was 9. They had probably the best chemistry ever in film. I love that film.

I have this memory, maybe an incorrect memory, that for at least two Natalie Portman films after Léon, her character was still carrying around that plant until they finally ceremoniously planted it in a garden.
#NataliePortman #Léon
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Just watched The Limehouse Golem because it has Olivia Cooke in it. The film takes a little to get going, after which it delves more into the background of the actress that Olivia plays in this film. I liked it. There's some commentary about the plight of women and how they are often ignored, as well as a Victorian depiction of how as a celebrity actress she isn't treated as other people.
#OliviaCooke #TheLimehouseGolem
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Watching Jessie Buckley in Men. I don't see many films in the cinema, most only when they come out on streaming, but by that time the buzz and the marketing has gone and you're not reminded of it. So that's why I only see this one from last year now.

I've seen Jessie earlier in the tv (mini) series Taboo, War and Peace, The Woman in White and The Last Post, where she always impresses. Especially maybe Taboo.

An A24 film, available on Amazon Prime.
#JessieBuckley #Men

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Content warning: Men (2022)

Content warning: Men (2022)

Just back from Scream VI:


This is by far, by far, the best film of the franchise. Jenna Ortega is amazing. The whole cast play their characters amazingly. The script includes proper characters unlike some horror films. Even if you're not into horror or slashers, this is still a big recommendation from me.
#JennaOrtega #ScreamVI #ScreamMovie #Scream
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I'm looking forward to seeing it, but unfortunately it's not released Chinese mainland, but I'll keep following it on the internet
@Monoavi I'm sorry you can't see it yet, hopefully you'll get to see it soon. I was surprised we in the Netherlands got it before the US, usually we are months later.

I've been watching the Scream films to get ready for the release of Scream VI this week. Now I'm rewatching the fifth film, Scream, the one with Jenna Ortega, from my 4k disc. Last year I saw this film in the cinema and it was my first experience seeing Jenna on the big screen, which is even more impressive.

Of course I'm going to see Scream VI in the cinema too! The US release is this Friday, the Dutch release is one day earlier but our prerelease is this Wednesday already.
#JennaOrtega #Scream #ScreamVI #ScreamMovie
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Jenna Ortega proves that a horror slasher can also have spot on acting, not just in the attack scenes but also in some heartfelt dialogue.

Just back from watching Bed Rest in the cinema. Maybe I shouldn't have seen this at midnight, it's seriously scary. Melissa Barrera is really good as the lead, a pregnant woman who has to stay in bed and finds it a mental challenge. Melissa also produces the film.

A comparison with Rosemary's Baby is unavoidable with such a synopsis, but I like the psychology of the woman better in this one. She's highly capable, strong, independent, and reasons for her state of mind go further than being pregnant. It's just the character of the man I didn't like.

That first scene, where she quickly sorted out the renovation her husband was stressing about, immediately set the tone. His non-acknowledgment of that, too.

Next week, it's Melissa again, but together with Jenna Ortega, as Sam and Tara respectively in Scream VI.
#MelissaBarrera #BedRest
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There will be a Thundermans film, it has just been announced. Kira Kosarin is executive producing and it will be on Paramount+.
#KiraKosarin #TheThundermans
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New Scream VI trailer! With cast quotes.

The film comes out 9 March in my country (10 March in the US), but in many cities here there's a prerelease showing on Wednesday 8 March. Check your listings!

Scream VI is the follow up to last year's Scream, which was actually number 5, and Jenna Ortega plays one of the main characters, Tara Carpenter.
#JennaOrtega #ScreamVI #ScreamMovie

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My main question I'm looking for this film to answer when I see it next week, but which I won't be able to talk about, is whether I will need to look out for the seventh installment next year, i.e. does Tara survive?

Miranda Cosgrove will be in a new film! It will be on Netflix and is called Mother of the Bride. I'm assuming she'll be the bride rather than the mother.
#MirandaCosgrove #MotherOfTheBride
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Jenna Ortega is going to be in a new film! Its title is not announced yet, nor what it is about or even what kind of film it is. Yeah, all the news here...
#JennaOrtega #AFilm
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While I'm watching Nicole Muñoz, now for something completely different: Center Stage: On Pointe.
#NicoleMuñoz #CenterStageOnPointe
The blu-ray cover showing various dancers, with Nicole's name listed first
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I think that for most dances and dance moves we can see that it's really her and that she's really properly dancing. I had no idea she could do that. A stunt double is credited, so I guess that one is doing some of the lifts and falls.

Content warning: Center Stage: On Pointe

It's daytime and still light outside, so I'll dare to watch this horror film. I don't know anything about it, except it has Nicole Muñoz in it. She's a Canadian actress I know from the tv series Defiance. And that the film is called Pyewacket.
#NicoleMuñoz #Pyewacket #NowWatching
The blu-ray cover, showing a closeup of someone's bloodied hand and a read thread, in the woods, something dead lying on the ground. Yeah, I don't know either, seems very random.
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Content warning: Pyewacket

Content warning: Pyewacket

Watching Luna to celebrate the birthday of Stephanie Leonidas. This film is made by some of the same people that made Mirrormask, which is another great candidate for the birthday rewatch. I chose this one because I can now finally watch my US disc in a player that accepts the region coding. If I remember a theme was a couple mourning after the death of a child, but the events are fantastical and may be based on wishful thinking.
#StephanieLeonidas #Luna #BirthdayRewatch
Photo of the dvd cover which is somewhat monochrome, showing Dervla Kirwan in a forest surrounded my fantastical imagery
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I think the overall word for this film is beautiful. Stephanie is superb.
Seven years it took between filming this film (2007) and it's eventual release (2014). And us in the rest of the world are still waiting (it's only out in the US and UK I think).