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I should really change my profile picture. It was meant as a ridiculous form of a bathroom mirror selfie (hence the shower curtain), but it comes across as some pretentious photographer. Pretentious, moi? And also not a photographer, not more than everybody is.

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Rewatching Dark Places because I recorded it off tv recently and it has Chloë Grace Moretz in it somewhere. Though you have to wait until 30 minutes into the film for her to show up, but then it instantly feels less dreary.

I can't quite remember the story from the first time I saw it, except maybe that it was indeed 'dark'. Chloë did much dark stuff in her youth (in films I mean).
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HG = Hit Girl

Yes, I'm watching Kick Ass 2 again since Chloë Grace Moretz is so great in it. I think I can tell she does a lot of her own stunts too. This film focuses a lot more on her character and less on Kick Ass himself.
#ChloëGraceMoretz #KickAss2

The film Kick-Ass with Chloë Grace Moretz will be on BBC One tonight, for those who want to catch a recording without subtitles. 23:40 BST, 00:40 CEST.
#ChloëGraceMoretz #KickAss
The Kick-Ass character poster for Hit Girl, with Chloë as Hit Girl, a very 
young girl, in her purple leather superhero outfit with plaid skirt over it, purple hair and black mask and black cape, holding a double bladed fighting stick. She's on top of some roof overlooking the city she's defending from crime. There's big pink text saying Hit Girl. There's a character slogan that I don't like, so I'll ignore it.


Seemingly strike related, Variety reports that The Peripheral season two is not going ahead after all.
#ChloëGraceMoretz #ThePeripheral

Who cancels The Peripheral in the middle of The Jackpot?

I don't know anything about baseball and I don't know whether it really was a strike as someone said, but if a celebrity first throw is at least caught by the catcher, I think it's a good thing. Well done Chloë. If I were to throw it it would go in such a random direction they wouldn't be able to find the ball again.

Instagram stories:
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This Saturday the interesting Chloë Grace Moretz film Greta is on BBC One: 23:40 UK time, 00:40 CEST. Of course I have it on DVD already, but if you don't you can catch it.
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Today is the day that #ChloëGraceMoretz 's #MotherAndroid is on Netflix. Guess what I'm watching now.

I'll be watching Tom & Jerry: The Movie with Chloë Grace Moretz this evening. And I know she's actually in it this time, since she's the lead. Next to Tom and Jerry of course.
#ChloëGraceMoretz #TomAndJerry

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These credits... 'Tom as himself' 😉

It's a fun film. I especially noticed how Chloë is so natural acting opposite these animated characters. I guess that's over a decade worth of film experience and growing up acting to a camera when the other character is not necessarily there.