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Just like I mentioned for The 4400, I have not seen the last season of The Dead Zone I have on disc either. Here I have seen season one to four on my discs and watched them many years ago, but forgot to watch my season five disc. I've found out there actually is a sixth season as well.

I watched the series because of Nicole de Boer, but her involvement became smaller and smaller, explaining my lack of interest. In this fifth season she's only in a few episodes. More in the sixth.

Let's see whether I still remember the plot. Some guy, Nicole's character's husband gets into a coma. Many years later he unexpectedly wakes up, finding his wife remarried with his best friend. He also finds that he suddenly has visions of things, and decides his mission is to stop bad events and investigate crimes.

Nicole's character is the standard Hollywood 'wife of', where the writers show they don't know how to write an interesting female character.
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It starts with the Christmas episode that other lists have as the last episode of season four. It's exactly as you would expect a Christmas episode to be on American television. Now for the real season start.