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Most people will probably watch this for Anya Taylor-Joy, and I get that, but I'm really seeing this for Thomasin McKenzie: Last Night in Soho.
#LastNightInSoho #ThomasinMcKenzie #NowWatching
18+, even in the Netherlands, and it starts with a full house of content warnings.
That is beautifully filmed.
That's still the comment I can make about it without spoilers: it's so beautifully filmed. A different film that's really worth a watch. Thomasin McKenzie is amazing.
#LastNightInSoho #ThomasinMcKenzie

Content warning: Last Night In Soho (spoiler)

And now I'm watching a film where Anya Taylor-Joy, plays a character called Thomasin, for optimal intertwinedness. (The Witch)