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Watching India Eisley and Mira Sorvino in Look Away. I'm looking straight at my tv, not in a mirror.
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From the set of discs I recently bought because I'm getting more and more frustrated with the non-availability of titles on the streaming services. None of the films or series in the photo are available on demand and most can't even be bought or rented on digital. Yet, hardly any discs are released nowadays, so when I find a disc for a low price that I want to have, I'm not waiting anymore for it to appear on streaming later.

Pictured: Hotel New Hampshire, The Accused, Carny, American Carnage, Roswell, Kite, Look Away.

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India is acting this so well. And we get two performances, one the teenage girl Maria with confidence problems, and also her mirror image 'Airam', who is sometimes subtly different, sometimes more so.

I don't know why India Eisley is not better known. She is one of the great actresses today, able to play with much intensity and authenticity.

I'd ask similarly why Mira Sorvino didn't get the roles she (and we) deserved. But I know the answer: she got blacklisted by Weinstein for refusing his advances. This has been confirmed by others. The entertainment industry isn't a fair place.

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Absolutely great acting and a really interesting film too. So many things to think about...
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Such mixed reactions to this film when I check afterwards what people write about it. Really a love it or hate it thing. The difference seems to be that if you expect this teenage horror to be a teenage horror, you'll be disappointed since it's a psychological film with great cinematography instead.