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Watched Nyad. It should be illegal for Jody Foster to be that fit.
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Uh, during the credits of the movie they're showing clips of the real Diana Nyad except I'm sure one of them is Kate McKinnon on SNL
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This is what happens when you let chatgpt source your footage for you
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@WelshPixie, Unseelie Fae Thank you for the reminder! Finally a Jodie Foster film that I can see as it is apparently on Netflix. It seems that at the same time it is also in the cinema, but only on the other side of the country, so Netflix it is.
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I already had a pretty big crush. How queer is this film? Given who's involved I'm thinking "lots". But is it really good? #Nyad
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@ellie Not very queer actually? It's touched on briefly at the beginning that the MC and her bestie are lesbians and used to date briefly, and they stay with a lesbian family at one point but otherwise it's not really brought up. It's a good film though, like casual Sunday viewing