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I should really change my profile picture. It was meant as a ridiculous form of a bathroom mirror selfie (hence the shower curtain), but it comes across as some pretentious photographer. Pretentious, moi? And also not a photographer, not more than everybody is.

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Two titbits from yesterday's Tudum, Netflix's fan event, that I gather from clips posted:

Wednesday season 2 is going to introduce another Addams Family character. Many people have asked for Cousin Itt to appear, but the cast say they don't know yet who it will be. Also, from the fact that the cast announcing this was Jenna, Emma, Joy and Hunter, you can guess their characters are back.

You is going to be the final season, as announced earlier, and there was no news. Just the suggestion that Joe is going to face (an) opponent(s) related to the many loose ends. The clips to illustrate these loose ends included Jenna Ortega as Ellie. My favourite story would be where Ellie and Nadia team up to take Joe down.
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Rewatching the Amy-Leigh Hickman episodes of You season four, which if I remember correctly means that I can skip some of part one, but that in part two it really kicks off.

Episode 4x01 has a nice scene introducing Nadia. Episode 4x02 has several scenes including her doing the explaining thing. Yes, Nadia is very much like Ellie with regard to her place in the story.
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Episode 4x08 changes the story quite a lot in a way that I can't say because of spoilers. But Amy-Leigh Hickman's Nadia is an important part of it. She's no longer an observer.
Episodes 4x09 and 10 are where the Nadia situation gets really intense. If you want a quick rewatch of Amy-Leigh Hickman in You, episodes 8 to 10 of season four are it, the same as for a quick rewatch of Jenna Ortega in You season two, you'd also do episodes 8 to 10. Though I would recommend the whole part 2 (episodes 6 to 10) here.

It's clear to me (or my imagination) that this Nadia storyline in part 2 was intended as an Ellie storyline until Jenna Ortega was not available, stuck in Romania doing Wednesday. Amy-Leigh Hickman is the only actress I'd trust to take over such a big thing and she does so amazingly.
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This is what I like, actress in the writers room. Here Amy-Leigh Hickman visits the writers room for You season 5. She isn't even confirmed yet for that season, but I take this as a very positive sign.
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Amy-Leigh posing with many (11) of the You s5 writers. All smiling. I can't read the notes pinned to the board behind them, I think they are still blank. I have some ideas if they want them.
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Part two of the fourth season of You is now available on Netflix. Also, I have no volleyball to go to this evening. These two events nicely combine.

Amy-Leigh Hickman was already great in part one, I have high expectations for part two...
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Definitely watch part two of You season four for Amy-Leigh Hickman. She's so good in it. This part two is also better than part one, maybe they should have released it together. Can't say anything more about it because of spoilers.
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Content warning: You season five idea/hope based on season four part two

The You Netflix account posting these two Ellie and Nadia videos side by side... I love both actresses, and characters, and had already noticed their similarities in the makeup of the show (the wise young person that fascinates Joe, who he wants to protect, but who is fundamentally a reflection of the real world rather than Joe's strange business). Further parallels: both Jenna and Amy-Leigh became famous from a tv series with a lot of kids living in a house where there were two adults, but the stories were about the kids (Stuck in the Middle and Tracy Beaker Returns/The Dumping Ground).
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You see that Joe is getting older because in season four he needs to take notes to remember it all.

It's such a confusing post by the YouNetflix account on several media, and confusing many people already, I'm not going to share it. Basically they posted a video with a bunch of dates and now people are thinking those are the dates the episodes are going to come. Reasonable thought. But those are the dates for various teaser clips. S4 part 1 will be 10 February, part 2 10 March. Why is this important? Because Amy-leigh Hickman is in that season!
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Four important dates:

  • 21 October: The Peripheral on Amazon Prime with Chloë Grace Moretz
  • 23 November: Wednesday on Netflix with Jenna Ortega
  • 5 December: His Dark Materials season three on HBO Max with Dafne Keen
  • 10 February (& 10 March): You season four on Netflix with Amy-leigh Hickman

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