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Rewatching the Amy-Leigh Hickman episodes of You season four, which if I remember correctly means that I can skip some of part one, but that in part two it really kicks off.

Episode 4x01 has a nice scene introducing Nadia. Episode 4x02 has several scenes including her doing the explaining thing. Yes, Nadia is very much like Ellie with regard to her place in the story.
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You 4x03 has great scenes with Amy-Leigh Hickman where her character becomes more involved in the story. Episodes 4x04 and 5 I'm going to skip in the rewatch, since Nadia is not in those. It's part 2 of the fourth season that I really need to see on my Amy-Leigh Hickman rewatch...
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Just finished You 4x06 in the Amy-Leigh Hickman rewatch. In this episode there are quite some good Nadia scenes, including where she gets uncomfortably close to the action. Like Ellie she represents the outside world, us as viewers, and she observes and suspects.
In 4x07 there are some important Nadia scenes, where partially the story starts being told from her POV rather than Joe's.
Episode 4x08 changes the story quite a lot in a way that I can't say because of spoilers. But Amy-Leigh Hickman's Nadia is an important part of it. She's no longer an observer.
Episodes 4x09 and 10 are where the Nadia situation gets really intense. If you want a quick rewatch of Amy-Leigh Hickman in You, episodes 8 to 10 of season four are it, the same as for a quick rewatch of Jenna Ortega in You season two, you'd also do episodes 8 to 10. Though I would recommend the whole part 2 (episodes 6 to 10) here.

It's clear to me (or my imagination) that this Nadia storyline in part 2 was intended as an Ellie storyline until Jenna Ortega was not available, stuck in Romania doing Wednesday. Amy-Leigh Hickman is the only actress I'd trust to take over such a big thing and she does so amazingly.
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