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Now watching Scream VI in 4k from my disc. I saw it in the cinema when it came out and watching Jenna Ortega in this film was such an experience, she's so good. But when has she ever not been at the top of her game? Never. What also stood out to me about this film is that it's a horror with properly fleshed out characters, with everybody doing a good job.
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Just back from Scream VI:


This is by far, by far, the best film of the franchise. Jenna Ortega is amazing. The whole cast play their characters amazingly. The script includes proper characters unlike some horror films. Even if you're not into horror or slashers, this is still a big recommendation from me.
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I'm looking forward to seeing it, but unfortunately it's not released Chinese mainland, but I'll keep following it on the internet
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@Monoavi I'm sorry you can't see it yet, hopefully you'll get to see it soon. I was surprised we in the Netherlands got it before the US, usually we are months later.

Doing the final one Wednesday per Wednesday, episode 8 of my fourth run-through. Getting ready for the pre-premiere of Scream VI later this evening. It's a Jenna Ortega day...

Scream VI is released in Dutch cinemas tomorrow, Thursday 9 March. In the US it is released Friday.
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So interesting how she has this 'does not compute' reaction when she turns out to be wrong about something. And she is wrong about things surprisingly often for someone coming across as so confident.
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She also passes out / is knocked out disturbingly often.

I've been watching the Scream films to get ready for the release of Scream VI this week. Now I'm rewatching the fifth film, Scream, the one with Jenna Ortega, from my 4k disc. Last year I saw this film in the cinema and it was my first experience seeing Jenna on the big screen, which is even more impressive.

Of course I'm going to see Scream VI in the cinema too! The US release is this Friday, the Dutch release is one day earlier but our prerelease is this Wednesday already.
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Jenna Ortega proves that a horror slasher can also have spot on acting, not just in the attack scenes but also in some heartfelt dialogue.

Jenna Ortega never loses her cool while eating increasingly hot spicy wings and while being interviewed. She talks about Wednesday, Tim Burton, Scream, horror in general, writing essays, teen stereotypes in scripts, etc.
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New Scream VI trailer! With cast quotes.

The film comes out 9 March in my country (10 March in the US), but in many cities here there's a prerelease showing on Wednesday 8 March. Check your listings!

Scream VI is the follow up to last year's Scream, which was actually number 5, and Jenna Ortega plays one of the main characters, Tara Carpenter.
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My main question I'm looking for this film to answer when I see it next week, but which I won't be able to talk about, is whether I will need to look out for the seventh installment next year, i.e. does Tara survive?

The Scream VI trailer is out! It looks great. Nice detail is that unlike the previous one where they suggested Tara (Jenna Ortega's character) was the opening kill, here we see her in multiple outfits, so she is in the film for a while. Not so nice is that there is a clip of Tara in trouble that she maybe doesn't survive...

In cinemas in March!
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Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega are so believable as sisters.

The film Scream VI (with Jenna Ortega) is listed for 9 March in Dutch cinemas (one day ahead of the US release), but these things tend to change once the date comes nearer.
#JennaOrtega #ScreamVI

Jenna Ortega on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show last night, talking about Scream and Wednesday and the dance.
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Scream VI, I guess that will be the name, will come out 10 March 2023. Here is the teaser trailer released today. Some glimpses of Jenna. I'm hoping for a significant opportunity for her to flesh out her character, Tara.
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