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Doing the final one Wednesday per Wednesday, episode 8 of my fourth run-through. Getting ready for the pre-premiere of Scream VI later this evening. It's a Jenna Ortega day...

Scream VI is released in Dutch cinemas tomorrow, Thursday 9 March. In the US it is released Friday.
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Only one of two episodes that have the opening credits. I think they didn't want to cut out too much material so most episodes just skip the full credits. Still I understand much was cut, e.g. there was supposed to be a cello scene in most episodes, tying in to Wednesday's emotional state and most of these were filmed. But instead we just get the first one, and the outreach-day performance.
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So interesting how she has this 'does not compute' reaction when she turns out to be wrong about something. And she is wrong about things surprisingly often for someone coming across as so confident.
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She also passes out / is knocked out disturbingly often.