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I should really change my profile picture. It was meant as a ridiculous form of a bathroom mirror selfie (hence the shower curtain), but it comes across as some pretentious photographer. Pretentious, moi? And also not a photographer, not more than everybody is.

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No point watching, or even making, Scream 7, now that Jenna Ortega will not be in it due to scheduling conflicts.

Wednesday season one took eight months to film, she's doing season two soon, so there's just no time fitting in a seventh Scream. Apparently this was already being discussed before the strike began.
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It has been confirmed that Scream 7 will happen, but it is not known yet whether Jenna Ortega, or in fact anyone else, returns. These negotiations will probably wait until after the strike.
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Now watching Scream VI in 4k from my disc. I saw it in the cinema when it came out and watching Jenna Ortega in this film was such an experience, she's so good. But when has she ever not been at the top of her game? Never. What also stood out to me about this film is that it's a horror with properly fleshed out characters, with everybody doing a good job.
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Just back from Scream VI:


This is by far, by far, the best film of the franchise. Jenna Ortega is amazing. The whole cast play their characters amazingly. The script includes proper characters unlike some horror films. Even if you're not into horror or slashers, this is still a big recommendation from me.
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I'm looking forward to seeing it, but unfortunately it's not released Chinese mainland, but I'll keep following it on the internet
@Monoavi I'm sorry you can't see it yet, hopefully you'll get to see it soon. I was surprised we in the Netherlands got it before the US, usually we are months later.

I've been watching the Scream films to get ready for the release of Scream VI this week. Now I'm rewatching the fifth film, Scream, the one with Jenna Ortega, from my 4k disc. Last year I saw this film in the cinema and it was my first experience seeing Jenna on the big screen, which is even more impressive.

Of course I'm going to see Scream VI in the cinema too! The US release is this Friday, the Dutch release is one day earlier but our prerelease is this Wednesday already.
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Jenna Ortega proves that a horror slasher can also have spot on acting, not just in the attack scenes but also in some heartfelt dialogue.

Jenna Ortega never loses her cool while eating increasingly hot spicy wings and while being interviewed. She talks about Wednesday, Tim Burton, Scream, horror in general, writing essays, teen stereotypes in scripts, etc.
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The Scream VI trailer is out! It looks great. Nice detail is that unlike the previous one where they suggested Tara (Jenna Ortega's character) was the opening kill, here we see her in multiple outfits, so she is in the film for a while. Not so nice is that there is a clip of Tara in trouble that she maybe doesn't survive...

In cinemas in March!
#JennaOrtega #ScreamVI #Scream

Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega are so believable as sisters.

Jenna Ortega talks to a guy named Jake on "Jake's takes" about Wednesday. They discuss how she choreographed the dance and that if Wednesday were to watch Scream, she'd criticise Ghostface for being clumsy.
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Jenna only won at the MTV Movie Awards 'Best Frightened Performance' for Scream! That was an amazing performance indeed, well deserved!
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Jenna pretend eating the golden popcorn she'd just won

Today Scream opens in Dutch cinemas and also today it was announced that another installment, the sixth already, will be made!
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Seeing the amazing acting talent of Jenna Ortega on the big screen in Scream is a phenomenal experience. I recommend it to everyone, also non-horror fans. If she's already this good in a slasher, what is The Fallout going to be like?
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Wow that was a buzz.

Also years since I've been in a cinema. Lots of distance between people, even more than required.

I really liked the film itself as well. I can't really mention it, but there are some things in films that should be 'do it, don't just say it' and this film does that right. Jenna mentioned that it was an intelligent script and I see what she means.
I remember seeing Chloë Grace Moretz on the big screen for the first time (in The Miseducation of Cameron Post) after seeing her a lot on my tv. That was an incredible experience as well.

The release of Scream (the new one with Jenna Ortega) is still scheduled for 3 February in Dutch cinemas, but some cinemas have a prerelease this weekend. Check their schedules!
#ScreamMovie #Scream #JennaOrtega

The trailer for #X comes out tomorrow. The trailer for #Studio666 comes out today. Both are films with #JennaOrtega. Also, #Scream (2022) comes out in the US this Friday and #TheFallout on HBO Max on 27 January.

Busy busy...
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Yep, pushed back to 3 Feb (Dutch cinemas). Also no sign here of The Fallout, which will be released everywhere on 27 Jan (hbomax + cinemas), with everywhere probably meaning everywhere but here.
#JennaOrtega #ScreamMovie #TheFallout

So Scream (2022) will be in Dutch cinemas 20 January. Though I guess it will be pushed back further due to covid. This is the Scream with Jenna Ortega. Time to watch Scream (1996) to get ready for the event. It's on Ziggo now.
#JennaOrtega #Scream #ScreamMovie

So Scream (2022) will be in Dutch cinemas 20 January. Though I guess it will be pushed back further due to covid. This is the Scream with Jenna Ortega. Time to watch Scream (1996) to get ready for the event. It's on Ziggo now.
#JennaOrtega #Scream #ScreamMovie
Ah, the 'helpless' act. "But who's gonna drive me home" she says while sitting in her very own car with her very own 'Missy' license plates on it.
Missy is a properly intriguing character, played very well by Neve Campbell. I like this kind of film. Normally when a woman character in a film is the victim of things, she's portrayed all through the film as having a victim-like personality. Missy is not portrayed like that at all (most men in the film are scared of her), so you catch yourself as viewer questioning things and then questioning your preconceptions as a film should.
#LostJunction #NeveCampbell

The cinema release for Scream (the fifth installment starring Jenna Ortega) is now listed in Dutch cinemas as 20 January. Earlier it had said 13, which would have been weird since it's 14 in the US and our Covid measures run to at least 14 Jan.

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