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So Scream (2022) will be in Dutch cinemas 20 January. Though I guess it will be pushed back further due to covid. This is the Scream with Jenna Ortega. Time to watch Scream (1996) to get ready for the event. It's on Ziggo now.
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I saw at least one of the Scream films, but I can't remember which one. Too long ago. It's odd, since I saw a lot of Neve Campbell like The Craft, Three To Tango, Wild Things, 54, but never considered finishing all of Scream to be necessary viewing within her oeuvre.
Living very remote and yet the schoolbus drops her off right at her home. Do schoolbusses exist in real life btw, or is it just an American film thing?
Like lockers, canteens, proms and kids dating.
When I watch a film I like to have an emotional attachment to the characters and the story. But when the point of the film is that people are dropping dead like flies and the film itself makes fun of its own story, that's not really happening. At the moment (halfway) I find myself not caring who the killer is.
This was indeed not the one in the franchise I had seen before. Neve has more room in this film to make her character than I had expected assuming it was just going to be girl running from killer, so I probably should not have ignored this one. But I don't understand how people consider this film so iconic, since it really isn't that great. Republica on the soundtrack though, that was nice.
Watching another Neve Campbell film now: Lost Junction, which was still in my queue.
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Ah, the 'helpless' act. "But who's gonna drive me home" she says while sitting in her very own car with her very own 'Missy' license plates on it.
Missy is a properly intriguing character, played very well by Neve Campbell. I like this kind of film. Normally when a woman character in a film is the victim of things, she's portrayed all through the film as having a victim-like personality. Missy is not portrayed like that at all (most men in the film are scared of her), so you catch yourself as viewer questioning things and then questioning your preconceptions as a film should.
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