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I so love the sound of her voice, her singing comes out so much better in musicals.
More Dove Cameron, not just as in new episodes with Dove Cameron in it, but also more Dove Cameron per episode.

It looks like Schmigadoon! season 2 comes out 7 April. At least I see them mentioning "4.07" which I think is American for 7 April and not some room number. I got season 1 on Apple TV+ and I think it's like that worldwide.
#Schmigadoon #DoveCameron
I loved the first season and I'm glad it'll be back.
@ART // Cantankerous Tech // 🐀 It definitely was fun and I'll be watching this season too. It's going to be six episodes, one a week and the first two the first week. So something to look forward to for the Fridays.

New music by Dove Cameron will be coming out this Friday: the single Girl Like Me.

Dove Cameron has a new song out: Bad Idea. After Boyfriend and Breakfast she's still at the B's. What are the chances her album will be called something like B-side?
#DoveCameron #BadIdea #NewMusic

Dove Cameron's music video for her song Breakfast has an important message in the post-Roe world, not only the "Not The End" card.
#DoveCameron #Breakfast

#DoveCameron is eating me for #Breakfast (since it is already midnight here and we have early breakfast).

There will be a season two of the musical tv series Schmigadoon! (exclamation mark part of the title) and Dove Cameron and Ariana DeBose will be back.
#DoveCameron #Schmigadoon

The video for Dove Cameron's song Boyfriend is out now:
#DoveCameron #Boyfriend

Starting off #DoveWatch in honour of Dove Cameron's 26th birthday today with the film Cloud 9. It's one of the first films she ever made, maybe the first. I hadn't seen it yet, but it was recently broadcast on the Disney Channel.
#DoveCameron #BirthdayRewatch #Cloud9
Finally in #DoveWatch, it's getting late, one of the episodes of season five of Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that Dove Cameron starred in as unhinged assassin Ruby. I'm doing 5x15, but they're all great.
#DoveCameron #AgentsOfSHIELD #AOS
I also like the story of the young Hale. What these male Hydra leaders seem to think the highest honour a female student can get is.

Here's Wired's autocomplete interview with #DoveCameron on YouTube.

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Picking up Schmigadoon! again. I had fallen out of the weekly habit of watching these episodes on Apple TV+ due to my holiday and not being home. But I can't let Dove Cameron content be out there without watching it, can I? It's a very fun series too.

Dove Cameron in the musical comedy "Schmigadoon!", sitting in a red white dress looking deep into the lead male character's eyes

#DoveCameron #Schmigadoon

Now the final episode! Will they be able to leave the town of Schmigadoon? Will they find true love? And which 'they' are we talking about anyway...