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Starting off #DoveWatch in honour of Dove Cameron's 26th birthday today with the film Cloud 9. It's one of the first films she ever made, maybe the first. I hadn't seen it yet, but it was recently broadcast on the Disney Channel.
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In the first few minutes I've seen already, the sound sounds more unrealistic than the stunt double for the snow boarding is. Probably just an issue in the broadcast, maybe it'll clear up, maybe I'll just get over it.
#DoveWatch #Cloud9
The dog kennel scene is really funny.

Her father saying 'oh no, you're not bad, you're just... not great' is not helpful to her mood... We're in that part of the film where the spoilt little rich girl finds out she's a spoilt little rich girl.
#DoveWatch #Cloud9
I think I heard Dove herself singing on the soundtrack. Great!
#DoveWatch #Cloud9
The difference between snowboarding and skiing, I found, is that when you mess up while snowboarding it still looks cool, but when you do even the slightest thing wrong while skiing, it looks very silly. As you can imagine, I've never snowboarded.
Interesting that the film also discussed issues like how parents support their kids (or not) and overall a nice watch. I disliked the suggested importance of boyfriends and female rivalry in a girl's life.
#DoveWatch #Cloud9
Next up on #DoveWatch: Schmigadoon!, a really fun musical comedy series on Apple+. Rewatching episode 2 "Lovers' Spat" & 3 "Cross That Bridge" is going to give me some Dove Cameron content.
#Schmigadoon #DoveCameron
Those opening credits have such an old style Hollywood feel to it.
#DoveWatch #Schmigadoon
Watching my Descendants 3 dvd for #DoveWatch.
Descendants was a really great franchise, showing Dove Cameron's musical and acting talents. 1 was one of the best coming of age stories, but 2 and 3 allowed Dove to dig deep in emotional consequences.
#DoveWatch #Descendants #DoveCameron
I like the implicit role reversal where Mal, as queen to be, considers herself to be the one in charge of protecting the realm, instead of the this role falling to the King or some male general.
#DoveWatch #Descendants
I know I'm watching it for Dove Cameron, but it's of course also a starring performance by Sarah Jeffery as Audrey, the Queen of Mean.
#DoveWatch #Descendants
Finally in #DoveWatch, it's getting late, one of the episodes of season five of Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that Dove Cameron starred in as unhinged assassin Ruby. I'm doing 5x15, but they're all great.
#DoveCameron #AgentsOfSHIELD #AOS
I also like the story of the young Hale. What these male Hydra leaders seem to think the highest honour a female student can get is.