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It's after midnight so we should/could have Dove Cameron's first single from her first album. Unless they count US midnight. Starting up the pc now to check.
#DoveCameron #Alchemical
Yes, it's there already! Ahead of the US. The single is called Lethal Woman and we get the previously released songs Breakfast and Boyfriend as well as part of the preorder of Alchemical: Vol. 1.
#DoveCameron #Alchemical
We get 8 songs on this volume 1, with three already unlocked and the album 'expected 1 December'.

You need to listen to Dove Cameron's Lethal Woman on better head/earphones. So much is lost on the cheap ones I had attached to the pc, I assume the same is true when playing it as background music (I guess if you're a streamer you're going to need to use TIDAL instead of Spotify for the sound quality). Now done my standard copying to phone, tablet and nas, and listening to it on my tablet.

She already said this song is quite different from what the other songs on the album will be. And indeed, it sounds somewhat chaotic in a way that I like and doesn't seem to have an obvious hook that her popular songs had (again, I like that).
#DoveCameron #Alchemical #LethalWoman