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I should really change my profile picture. It was meant as a ridiculous form of a bathroom mirror selfie (hence the shower curtain), but it comes across as some pretentious photographer. Pretentious, moi? And also not a photographer, not more than everybody is.

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A test post with a video. Sorry i have none that i made myself that's less than 8 MB. So here's #ChloëGraceMoretz answering a question i asked her. ifttt:TuPh

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I've been going through old posts and found out I've been on the fediverse for almost five years. I had no idea it was this long. Anyway, I've been doing an awful amount of test posts it seems...

This is the trailer for three Doctor Who episodes that will be released in or around November 2023. So frustrating that still no date is mentioned, I'm sure I'm going to totally miss it when it finally appears on tv and they announce the release date five seconds before.

NEW! Doctor Who 2023 - 60th Anniversary Specials Trailer | BBC
Destiny isn’t done with them just yet… Doctor Who returns with three special episodes ❤️❤️➕🔷 #DoctorWho coming soon to #iPlayer
#DoctorWho #BBC #DisneyPlus #OfficialTrailer #Television #Streaming

it’s either going to start on the 23rd November, or finish on it, or be shown around that weekend.

I’m sure the date will be announced in advance. Do you remember the “Save The Day” campaign for the 50th anniversary?

not sure if the 3 episodes will be shown on consecutive days or weeks, that’s the only mystery at the moment

Listening to The McCarricks, a husband and wife band consisting of one cello and one violin, making really cinematic music. I just noticed that they do have an EP on TIDAL and Spotify, but it's not the one I have and am listening to (which is self-titled).

I've seen them as support for Kristin Hersh and it was quite magical, their music with a video projection on a screen behind them. Bought the EP from them in person.

Ok, EPs are short so I moved on to the one on TIDAL.
"5 monthly listeners"... They are quite good though.

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[bug report] I saw a pretty cool beetle today with an interesting pattern on its back.
I saw a ladybug too, but fuck those minnie mouse looking mfers

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“unable to replicate, please send screenshots of bug”

Also if your mobile app's 2fa screen doesn't survive switching to the authenticator app.

On a related note, if you are responsible for building a 2FA confirmation screen, and you do not automatically focus the cursor in the field for the code when the page loads, I hope you get atomic mutant space syphilis

Jenna Ortega now also posted what is my favourite photo from her Dior campaign.

Jenna wearing the Dior earrings
#JennaOrtega #Dior

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Maybe Senator Menendez was amassing the gold bars to find the one with the chocolate ticket inside so he he could get a tour of the gold factory.

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Europe's Biggest Dance Show is happening again now, listening to it via Studio Brussel. The BBC set we had a little ago was quite good, Ukraine coming up too (they had a good show last year). Looking forward to Belgium too.

Eleven radio stations in ten countries over Europe broadcast a show together, to share the best dance music of the continent. Each country does a half hour set, of course mainly showcasing their own music.

Belgium (Studio Brussel) coming up next in a few minutes. Dance music is in the soul of the nation and if last year is anything to go by, it's going to be a great set.
In a few minutes Ukraine will close this Europe's Biggest Dance Show, a radio show broadcast live from ten countries and eleven radio stations all over Europe, with a half hour music set.
#EuropesBiggestDanceShow #Ukraine

It has been my belief that training a system on content to generate other content, is making a derivative of that content. With most free licenses this is not allowed without mentioning the source (all of them) and in case of normally copyrighted work it's just plainly forbidden.

I hope this case, and the others they mention, succeed.

BBC News - Game of Thrones author sues ChatGPT owner OpenAI

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Finally Mastodon will show incoming text formatting (with today's release) and the rest of us can stop wondering how garbled our posts are going to be on Mastodon and we can just post as we intended. Mastodon people still can't write rich text though. Baby steps.

It's not true though that Mastodon used to strip all formatting from posts. They were just very selective about what formatting they preserved:

  • paragraph breaks were preserved
  • hyperlinks were preserved
  • some inline images were preserved

What tended to be messed up on Mastodon:

  • lists
  • context provided by emphasis

me about a year ago: yeah, I can buy this pack of 10 downloads, it's valid for a year, plenty of time to choose; when I've used all downloads in a few months time I'll just buy another pack

me now: six days left, plenty of time

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✨ Easily tailor your Bonfire theme and user experience to match your vibe and needs. From minimalist to vibrant, we've got you covered - and If you don't find what you're looking for, you can even create your own theme! #JourneyToBonfireV1
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Though it may seem weird that PeerTube indicates one (1) view on a video and CloudFront shows 300 requests to that file, seeing that most of those requests were made from Chrome Mobile on an Android tablet located in the Netherlands, from my own ip address, I think we can understand the discrepancy.

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You know about phishing, and maybe you even know about vishing, but are you aware of fishing!

Fishing is a technique where an attacker uses a layer 1 device with a worm payload to hook a remote fish that they can then retrieve using a reel.

Remember to never chomp down on worms you find in the water! Worms actually don't like water, so if you see one flopping around there's a good chance it's actually a fishing attack!

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Both Friendica and Pleroma seem to have the same problem that video files are loaded the moment they appear in your timeline(*), whether you click play or not. And both are completely ignoring the provided cover image. Mastodon does this much nicer, showing the cover image, the actual PeerTube channel account, and only loading the video in an embedded player after you click to do so.

(*) I know, because when I'm browsing on cellular data I'm almost immediately out of my data bundle if a PeerTube video post appears in my Friendica timeline.

Natalie Portman spoke at the United Nations about violence against women. She posted it as an Instagram reel, I've mirrored it for those who don't want to access mainstream media.


Natalie Portman speaking at the United Nations

Natalie Portman speaking at the UN about violence against women and girls. Mirrored from Natalie's Instagram. Natalie's description:

It was an honor to speak at the UN about the urgency of ending violence against women and girls, and to highlight the @spotlightinitiative’s effective model for doing so. Woman Life Freedom. #WithHer @unitednations #UNGA #SDGActionZone

(Copyright remains with Natalie and the United Nations)

Actors and writers strike going strong. The studios should pay them properly and give them adequate protection against AI. Photo: Ivana Baquero picketing, on her insta.

Ivana picketing in front of a studio gate, looking up to her SAG-AFTRA strike sign

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When did you most recently watch a film in a theatre?

(Boosts appreciated.)

#polls #films #theatres #movies

  • Past week (7%, 50 votes)
  • Past month (20%, 130 votes)
  • Past year (25%, 167 votes)
  • Past decade (37%, 240 votes)
  • More than 10 years ago (9%, 58 votes)
645 voters. Poll end: 4 days ago

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Most recent film-theatre date survey results

Usual caveats on selection and all that, but given my presumption was that relatively few people are regular movie-goers, results seem to bear this out.

54% report seeing a film in a theatre within the past year. That leaves 46% at more than a year ago.

I'd like to see what the impact of Covid-19 has been based on more robust methodology. Though I suspect there's been something of a long-term secular trend, based on costs, repetitive and childish plots, improved television and streaming options (despite not watching broadcast/cable television, I'll allow that there've been some excellent series out, and have caught a few of those on video release).

maybe there's an interesting sub group, eg horror fans. I feel like horror is the only genre that is still making original and interesting movies, and everything else is superheroes.
even before the 'rona I rarely went to the theater. It cost too much and I always had to wear earplugs because the sound system is usually up too high, and besides that other theatergoers can have atrocious manners.

Pre-pandemic I was a regular. There's an old theater out here (first theater in the state!) and a couple theaters in a nearby college town that show old favorites and art-house fair. I'd get out probably once a month to a movie.

I do miss it when I drive by and see the billboards with the new films on them listed. It does make me feel sad to see them go as an institution. I've even considered going to see a film with an N95 if something I really wanted to see came out between surges.

But it's just not something I think is worth risking a permanent disability over.

@lordbowlich My brain took a moment to parse N95 as something other than a new film rating along the lines of NC-17. And was having difficulty rationalising the film-rating interpretation.

Though on second thought, rating film screenings as N95 might make some sense in our New Endemic Age.

I would have gone several more times than I have if my wife would go with me!!!

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Everyone's favourite childhood game!
A 'where's wally' picture, a very busy beach filled with loads of people, booths, boats out at sea, sun umbrellas and wind breakers, and somewhere amongst it an f-35 hiding. Over the image is the text 'where's the f-35?'

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