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I have of course seen all of Orphan Black already when it came out on Netflix, but I am still behind on seeing Tatiana Maslany's on my own discs. Season three now.
#TatianaMaslany #OrphanBlack #NowWatching
Photo of the blu-ray disc, showing the many characters Tatiana plays as if in shards of glass. The tagline is "I am not your property".
Helena's "Where are these mangoes?" is such a classic line and so Helena. She follows it up in the same scene with telling an identical clone: "I met your brother. He's ugly.".

I love shows that are so character-based, especially when writers and actresses get it exactly right.
Tatiana Maslany's performance is exceptional. Everybody keeps saying that you keep forgetting she plays all those different characters, because it is true, you forget. All clone characters are so different, but also such completely formed individuals, that each could be the central character of their own tv show. Anyway, on to series four.
#TatianaMaslany #OrphanBlack
Photo of the series four blu-ray showing the faces of four of the clones
@feld It is. I was really due for a rewatch and am fully enjoying it.
Tatiana as [a clone] as [another clone]. It never ceases to amaze. It isn't just mixing some mannerisms. It is doing exactly how this one character would have pretended to be that other character, within their ability. E.g. Sarah is much better at it than Alison (and Helena doesn't even try).
#TatianaMaslany #OrphanBlack
Found myself doing it again: I'm watching a making of extra and there's Tatiana Maslany explaining how horrible it was handling some gory, rotten, head, and I'm thinking 'that wasn't Sarah cutting up that head, that was Cosima'.
#TatianaMaslany #OrphanBlack
But then, Cosima is real, so...
A very interesting thing they mentioned in the behind the scenes interviews is that MK's scars on her face are only shown once and hidden in all other scenes behind hair, shadows, etc. But Tatiana Maslany insisted on having the makeup put on for every MK scene anyway, because she just wanted to have the feel of it being there.
#TatianaMaslany #OrphanBlack