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Content warning: Pinned post, about following from multiple addresses

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Content warning: pinned opinion about nude scenes in films

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Content warning: crossposting policy

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#feditip Don't just track down all kinds of Google Docs links with accounts for a subject of your interest, also have a look at #trunk where you find lots of subjects together. (Opt-in of course)

#feditip To open a thread, click the date or time of the post. Depending on the platform you're on (true for most, including Mastodon) click the date or time again to open the thread on the original server. Only then you get a proper view of the posts in the thread.

Do this before replying. Someone else may have responded already!

#FediTip for those used to mainstream sites and are now trying open source platforms (social, blogging, etc): if you upload photos from your phone, you're used to the site compressing it and stripping the metadata out of it so you don't end up exposing your location etc. Not all open source platforms do that or not by default. A lot do, but keep in mind that taking a photo at home and uploading it may expose your home address. Or taking a screenshot of a site exposes the url with potentially account information in it.

I believe Mastodon is safe in this regard, or at least is. Wordpress is not. Others depend on the admin.

There's an Android app on f-droid called #ImagePipe that can strip metadata from photos before sharing.

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# # There's more to the fediverse than #. E.g. I post this from #, which allows longer posts with text formatting and pictures. It all connects anyway. (It also has editing, forums, side-channels, connectors with various mainstream services)

You also don't need to 'find a community that suits you', despite what many are saying, if you're not into that type of thing. You can, with some tech knowhow, self host a server like I do and have your very own place to post from. No-one setting quota, no-one setting rules you don't agree with. Or you can just join a big general server and post from there, if you want.

Finding posts about your interests is tricky however, since hashtags don't really work as you'd think. One way is to find people in the list of the trunk project or in the directories provided by your Mastodon or Friendica server.

Oh, and have fun!

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