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I should really change my profile picture. It was meant as a ridiculous form of a bathroom mirror selfie (hence the shower curtain), but it comes across as some pretentious photographer. Pretentious, moi? And also not a photographer, not more than everybody is.

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Now watching series four of The Worst Witch, aka series one (and only) of Weirdsister College, aka the one where Felicity Jones is back. They're now at college, Mildred and Ethel have to room together and go head to head. I remember this series to be more intense and deeper than the previous ones. I'm playing this from my own (German) discs.
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One of the episodes on this dvd has the wrong audio track, of another episode. So I had to watch it with the German dub instead.

The German DVD for The Worst Witch series 1, with the main character flying on a broom stick. Neither Felicity nor Jessica are pictured on the cover. The German title is 'Eine lausige Hexe'.
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Episode 6 Jessica Fox comes in as Enid Nightshade. Instantly quite a character.

It has been my theory (without knowing the books) that originally the idea was to have Mildred go up against Ethel as the standard good vs evil battle. But because Mildred is 'the worst witch', and Ethel some sort of perfect witch with lots of talent, these stories were not going to work very well if magic was to be used in the battles. In comes Enid, also without morals, also very good at spells, but she takes an instant dislike to Ethel so she joins Mildred just to upset her.
Teaching the kids puffication without also teaching them repuffication is quite irresponsible.

#NowWatching Felicity Jones in A Monster Calls. It looks like the film is mainly about a little boy and the monster, with Felicity playing a supporting role of the boy's mother. So often, for actresses, once they no longer play the teenager in an coming-of-age story they become the mother and somehow that's hardly ever the main role in a film; for male actors this rule doesn't seem to apply.
#FelicityJones #AMonsterCalls
Photo of the blu-ray of the film with a small boy looking up at a big tree-like monster
A young boy has to deal with a bully at school, his mother being ill, a strict grandmother and the annoyance of a monster telling allegories, all the while learning some life lessons.

I didn't really feel this film, maybe because the monster was not very convincing as either a monster or a storyteller. Felicity was as feared not in it enough for my liking.

I have read the first two books, seen the first film based on the second book, but haven't seen the third film based on the fourth book yet. It has Felicity Jones in it, so let's go.
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Depicting the WHO as an efficient tracking and tracing organisation. Rather dates this film.
Stuff to discuss, which I won't because of spoilers, but let's just say that 'evil organisation' has some logic flaws in their propaganda which are easy to point out but which this film doesn't. Which makes the film feel like just some light viewing.

I was ready to watch #Donkeyhead (by and with #AgamDarshi) on #Netflix which I thought I remembered came out today. The film, not Netflix. But I guess I'm wrong, or maybe it's in the US only.

So it's #TheLastLetterFromYourLover with #FelicityJones instead.
Did I already mention today that I hate these geographic restrictions in the entertainment industry? Stuff is advertised worldwide, but then only a selected subset of people are deemed worthy to see it.

Rewatching On the Basis of Sex with #FelicityJones.

It contains the great line (paraphrased): we already hired a woman last month, what would we do with another one?

Each time I say 'watching film X with actress Y' I am fantasising watching it with that actress...