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I have read the first two books, seen the first film based on the second book, but haven't seen the third film based on the fourth book yet. It has Felicity Jones in it, so let's go.
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Depicting the WHO as an efficient tracking and tracing organisation. Rather dates this film.
Stuff to discuss, which I won't because of spoilers, but let's just say that 'evil organisation' has some logic flaws in their propaganda which are easy to point out but which this film doesn't. Which makes the film feel like just some light viewing.

I was ready to watch #Donkeyhead (by and with #AgamDarshi) on #Netflix which I thought I remembered came out today. The film, not Netflix. But I guess I'm wrong, or maybe it's in the US only.

So it's #TheLastLetterFromYourLover with #FelicityJones instead.
Did I already mention today that I hate these geographic restrictions in the entertainment industry? Stuff is advertised worldwide, but then only a selected subset of people are deemed worthy to see it.

Rewatching On the Basis of Sex with #FelicityJones.

It contains the great line (paraphrased): we already hired a woman last month, what would we do with another one?
Each time I say 'watching film X with actress Y' I am fantasising watching it with that actress...