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PeerTube tries to keep a view count on the videos, but the monitoring on the cdn shows that there are definitely more times the video files are accessed. Mostly by me, and maybe all the other requests are just bots, but PeerTube doesn't count them.

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PeerTube is one of the few platforms that have a 'license' field on each post/video. I would prefer that any post/video with an unknown (or non-free) license would never appear publicly (to unauthenticated guests) on other servers in some 'federated'/'Recently Added' timeline. I think Mastodon/Friendica/Pleroma are wrong in appearing to host items of which it doesn't know the license, which for these platforms is all items. One of the reasons I switched off public viewing of 'global community'.

So basically: unknown license? => always unlisted

#PeerTube has a neat opt-in mechanism in place to alleviate the fediverse ddos problem of popular videos: it's what they call redundancy. Servers that opt-in can share the load on new, trending or popular videos. Your browser, when playing a video, will fragment by fragment decide which server to get the content from, giving a smooth stream no matter what the load. The only extra requirement is that the original server is still online.

BTW, offloading storage and serving via cdn are also really easy in PeerTube, so you can go that route as well.

Wait until all these new people find out there's also a whole alternative to YouTube. And that because the whole of the fediverse is connected, you're already connected to that!
#PeerTube #YouTube #fediverse
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@Hyproviola I'm totally not taking credit for the term fediverse... It's based on the fact that there are all these different platforms 'federating' with each other, like Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, Misskey, Pixelfed, PeerTube, Zap, etc.
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Yeah I understood that, I meant that I've been seeing that term around #Mastodon. It seems really cool, and with the whole #Twitter thing, it might actually become mainstream.

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Another thing #Activitypub gets blamed for unjustly: text formatting! Activitypub suggests HTML for the post contents and HTML has bullet lists (and other rich text). This post above has bullet lists. If you're not seeing lists, Mastodon has stripped the formatting from the post for no clear reason. That's not the spec...