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This Tuesday #JennaOrtega has her 20th birthday and I'll be celebrating by (re)watching her films all week. To start #JennaBirthweekRewatch, the 4k collector's edition of X. #XMovie
Photo of Jenna in the book of the collector's edition 4k, which is the one with her holding the microphone boom

X is out on blu-ray in Europe! I saw this film in the cinema and it was amazing.

It's getting to be quite a collection...
#XMovie #JennaOrtega
Stack of disks of Jenna Ortega films, with X on top
The same stack seen from the side, with X, Scream, You S2, Saving Flora (twice) and The Little Rascals Save The Day
I'd have more if these streaming companies didn't tend to block dvd / blu-ray releases. I'd definitely have The Fallout, The Babysitter: Killer Queen and Yes Day if they would be released on disc. Now I'm paying HBO Max and Netflix monthly for access to these films.
Let's rewatch it now, before it gets too late and dark and I don't dare to see this scary movie anymore...

X (2022)

My technique for finding good films is to find a good actress and then see which films are smart enough to hire her, and which films she considers worthy of her time. I'm so happy to have found Jenna Ortega...

Jenna Ortega's film X is out on blu-ray 20 June (24 May for those in the US) and can be preordered now. I loved this so much when I saw it in the cinema! No 4k-disc, sadly. Her film Scream is already out on 4k.
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Today Studio 666 is released in Dutch cinemas. This means that currently *three* films with Jenna Ortega are playing in the same cinema each day, as Scream and X are also running!
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