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That's the title of this Roswell episode.

The episode has a theme of temptation and giving in to desire and this opening scene with Shiri Appleby captures it so well in the non-obvious way.

That box is tempting...

But why resist?
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Photos from my tv, so quality and framing are not original. Also Mastodon people are not going to get it, not having images within the post.

A long time ago I saw the tv series Roswell and loved it. I started watching it for Shiri Appleby, who I knew from Xena, but would probably have watched it anyway. Shiri is nowadays besides a great actress also a great director. She was amazing in Unreal and the episodes she directed were the best.

Starting a rewatch of Roswell now from my boxset.
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I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. After that, things got really weird.

Love story openings like that.

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It's nice to see what a really great lead actress brings to a series. She not only plays her role very well, but she also captures the audience and sets the tone. I think she makes Roswell the warm and interesting show it is.

That her role would be the lead wasn't that obvious. The series is about aliens hiding in Roswell and she is just a human. But I think it works out well, to have human Liz as point of view.
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Binged the final (fourth) season of UnREAL this weekend, the series with Shiri Appleby. It was a worthy closing of this amazing show, getting to quite some climax. Two episodes this season directed by Shiri, so that's great too.
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