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Ginny & Georgia season 2 is out today on Netflix. The trailer had a glimpse of Katie Douglas, so she's in it. But probably again with little screen time like the previous season. But knowing Katie she's going to make it count, again like previous season.

The series itself is totally worth watching, don't let my Katie focus suggest otherwise.
#GinnyAndGeorgia #KatieDouglas

I was wondering what episodes of Mary Kills People to watch for the #KatieDouglas birthday rewatch. Luckily a Google search turned up a tumblr post by some guy called Gidi Kroon that helped with that.

Let's see what more Katie Douglas projects I have access to, for the Birthweek Rewatch. Annoyed I can no longer watch Mary Kills People, her performance in that was amazing, though smallish. But there's always Defiance. I'm rewatching the minisodes that came between S1 and 2, because I think that was mainly her as young Irisa. And if not, it's always worth it to watch Defiance.
#KatieDouglas #BirthweekRewatch #Defiance #Irisa
And finally there's Creeped Out, where Katie plays in the season 1 finale double episode Side Show. It's the only remaining thing I can think of that I have access to. If you don't mind watching kids tv, and I don't since some of the greatest tv is kids tv and adults do themselves a disservice excluding it from their entertainment intake, you can see a performance of Katie that is perfect for the reveal at the end. So you'll have to watch it at least twice to appreciate it fully.
#KatieDouglas #BirthweekRewatch #CreepedOut
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It opens with the circus ringmaster introducing the show and I'm fully expecting someone in the audience to shout out "where's the elephant!". No, I don't make references that can be understood except by a very select few.

Continuing the Katie Douglas Birthweek Rewatch: Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey. This film is based on real events.
#KatieDouglas #BirthweekRewatch
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Continued with episode 1x03 of Ginny & Georgia, which has a substory with Katie's character Abby, something even her closest friends know nothing about.
#KatieDouglas #GinnyAndGeorgia #BirthweekRewatch
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Katie Douglas #BirthdayRewatch: Level 16. Such a great film.

Today Katie Douglas turns 23! Happy Birthday!

Katie is an extremely talented actress. If you don't know her, she's the lead in Level 16, a great film with a great performance, or see her make a supporting role memorable in the tv series Defiance, Mary Kills People and Ginny & Georgia.

I found some photos of her in various roles and publicity shots.

Katie Douglas

Katie in Level 16



#KatieDouglas #Level16

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Apparently a Google search for photos of her turns up my own tumblr blog. Yeah, I may have mentioned her before...

(The above photos are not my screenshots. I'll repost these one day from the originals, not the tumblr resized ones)
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