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Content warning: Pinned post, about following from multiple addresses

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Content warning: pinned opinion about nude scenes in films

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Content warning: crossposting policy

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Upgraded to the new Friendica 2023.05 that just came out, since I wasn't expecting it. And releases that come out when you're not expecting them are best not missed.

Also upgraded this Friendica, to version 2022.12. It went smooth, though the database update took a bit longer than normal. Normally I don't notice any downtime, now it was busy for a few minutes.

I also enabled the new 'fancybox' add-on, which is very neat!
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I understand that content warnings don't work in Friendica for your own posts, while they do work for other people's posts. The argument seems to be that you don't need to be warned for content you wrote yourself.

But by that same argument, should your own posts appear in the network timeline at all?

Using the # frontend ( on top of # works quite nicely. Shows me some aspects of the timeline I was missing (like replies people post as a flat timeline) but I'm missing some aspects I'm used to seeing (like an indication that something is a reply, or who reshared it, or link previews). I'll be switching between the two for a bit.

# # There's more to the fediverse than #. E.g. I post this from #, which allows longer posts with text formatting and pictures. It all connects anyway. (It also has editing, forums, side-channels, connectors with various mainstream services)

You also don't need to 'find a community that suits you', despite what many are saying, if you're not into that type of thing. You can, with some tech knowhow, self host a server like I do and have your very own place to post from. No-one setting quota, no-one setting rules you don't agree with. Or you can just join a big general server and post from there, if you want.

Finding posts about your interests is tricky however, since hashtags don't really work as you'd think. One way is to find people in the list of the trunk project or in the directories provided by your Mastodon or Friendica server.

Oh, and have fun!

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Oh wow. The test whether having rss feeds set as external self accounts on a #Friendica forum, would result in that forum automatically distributing feed items to members, succeeded. Ideal for a news based forum!

(and thanks to a certain actress having lots of news today on the various entertainment sites)

A #Friendica tip, at least something I didn't know yet and just found out, is that when you're on the network timeline and you open the left side menu where the forums you're subscribed to are listed, like in this screenshot:

you can click on either the name or the icon of the forum. When you click the name, your network timeline gets filtered to show only the posts from that forum. This is similar to when you click groups or protocols in that same menu.

When you click the icon however, you get directed to the page of that forum itself, on the remote server. This could be useful if some posts have since expired on your own server.

I noticed this when clicking the icon of a non-Friendica group ( or zap), where the redirect was not possible and an ugly php error was the result. Anyway, it's a neat function.

I like how in #Friendica you can switch accounts without logging in and out. Like side-blogs.

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This was not obvious to me, but you can add descriptive text to images in a #Friendica post. When you click the "image" button and select or upload an image, the bbcode for the image is inserted into your post editor. This has a [url] tag for the link to the full image and a [img] tag for the preview image.

It turns out that anything you type between these opening and closing [img] and [/img] tags will be rendered as descriptive text on the image. Adding an alt= or title= attribute doesn't seem to work however.


[url=][img=]This will be the descriptive text of the image[/img][/url]
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This post is really weird when viewed on Mastodon or Pleroma. Instead of, or in addition to, the example code, it also shows the image that the url in the example code points to. Which is quite out of context here...