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Turns out the new Doctor Who companion Varada Sethu will not replace the 'current' one but be in addition to her in the 2025 series. And I say 'current' in quotes because that 2024 series also still has to start for real (in May).

They say she played previously in Hard Sun, which I saw six years ago, so now I've got to try to remember what character that was.

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Her showreel is good though. Also helped me remember who she was in Hard Sun. I liked her, I quoted her character back when I was still doing that on Tumblr (now on @randomlinesfromtvandfilm ):

She was also in Doctor Foster in a small role, but I remember liking that one.

Get yourself an actress who can do both...

The new series of Beyond Paradise has a new actress (Melina Sinadinou) that I didn't know before. As you can see in the first photo (from her Instagram) she seems totally my type. Weird is very ok for me... But maybe for others the second photo (her professional headshot from Spotlight by Harry Livingstone) is more conventionally convincing?

They're advertising the series to start on BBC First this Monday 21h00. But it already runs on BBC One and I caught a glimpse. Her character seems interesting and she's worth watching for the acting too.

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Content warning: Extreme close-up of an eye

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Apologies to people on Mastodon that are using software that doesn't hide images in posts that clearly have a content warning set. I did try.

The Wednesday blu-ray doesn't have the "[barely restrained seething]" subtitle... That's a Netflix-only feature... The disc has the much less inspired "[breath trembling]". It's not all advantages to owning the disc...

I loved how that subtitle captured Jenna's Wednesday.
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I can't wait for season two! But I'll have to...

It's a shame Emma didn't get to use her werewolf training this season, maybe next? Wednesday got knocked unconscious a disconcerting amount of times, it's a good thing she has Goody now, might help with the healing.

It's weird how they seemed to have special events every single day, Harvest Festival, Outreach Day, Poe Cup, Raven Dance, Parents Day, etc. Hardly any actual lessons seemed to be happening. Still, instead of more school, I'm hoping for the next season to be set outside the school. And have more Goody Addams, I like a powerful witch.

They managed to make geoblocking of films even more irritating: I get a specific mail from Amazon Prime Video, telling me that Finestkind with Jenna Ortega is now available for rent. That's great, because I still want to see it, since Paramount+/SkyShowtime is not carrying that film in my country.

I go to their page, only to be met with the popup that this film is not available in my location.

Then why send me that email?!

Anyway, dear Americans, Finestkind is available for rent in your country!
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"We value your privacy" they always say. It's just never followed by an offer indicating just how much they value it.

Look, does anyone want to just buy all of my data? Rather than going through all this rigmarole, spending billions on AI, looking for ways to catch me out or circumvent Data Protection laws. It's probably all out there anyway. Just shut down all of your expensive projects, slip me a couple of million pounds and I'll tell you anything you want to know. It'll save you a fortune. Straight from the source. Locally sourced, organic and artisanal data. Fairtrade data.

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"we value your privacy" is followed by "this is how we are going to violate your privacy"

Saw Miller's Girl again in the cinema (who knows when I'll see it again) and again of course impressed by Jenna Ortega. Wrote about it with major spoilers in the next post (copied from letterboxd).
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Content warning: Major spoilers for Miller's Girl (2024). Don't read if you haven't seen it.

This is why public transport is not taking off in my country. And these two cities even both have a train station. By car: 26 minutes. By public transport: 1 hour and 41 minutes.

Corina Bradley's series Hotel Cocaine will be on MGM+ in just over two months.

Miranda Cosgrove's film Mother of the Bride is on Netflix 9 May.

Katie Douglas's film Lazareth is out 10 May.
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MGM got bought by Amazon (killing the new Stargate series in the process), so maybe it's just a section of Prime video that you pay extra for?
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That is exactly what it is, thank you. I couldn't find it in the list of channels Amazon was trying to sell me, but it turns out that was (surprise surprise) because I'm already subscribed to it! It used to be called differently, StarzPlay I think, and got renamed.

Now if they only had Paramount+ too in my country like they do in most places...

When the cc's accumulate.

Outlook: warning, this email will be sent to 34 recipients.
Me: you're right, I'm missing some people.

The blu-ray for Wednesday arrived today! On Wednesday. Starting my umpteenth watch-through.

With recently the great experience of watching Miller's Girl on the big screen and now eight episodes of brilliance to see, these are really Jenna days...

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We're getting the full opening credits in episode one. I think on Netflix we only got them on two episodes and not the first one. Or do I misremember?

Edit: I do misremember. Episode two has the shortened opening credits.

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We all know the level of detail Jenna puts in her performances, for Wednesday she got formal fencing and cello training, but on her Instagram posts of that time you can see she also had a mechanical typewriter in her apartment back in Romania. In this opening episode Wednesday is very comfortable typing her novel on the old typewriter, but doesn't really know how to work the keyboard of Enid's laptop.

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