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Going to be interesting to see if Trump-endorsed Speaker #MikeJohnson is saved by the House Democrats’ motion to table Taylor Green’s motion to oust Johnson. Gift access to reporting on the situation:
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Taylor Green’s motion was indeed tabled. While it is overall good for her to be marginalized and the House to keep operating on normal business, especially funding the government, it is gross to have Johnson, an election denier, normalized.
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Yeah, I get the dem support in a way, but giving support to an insurrectionist who just days ago said he'd use Congress to kill Fatputin's legal problems is a pretty hard pill to swallow.
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This isn't about normalizing Johnson; it's about not normalizing throwing out the Speaker anytime he pisses off a handful of extremists in his own party.
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I'm still trying to understand why she even tried this when it was obvious to everyone that it couldn't possibly succeed. What's her strategy with this exercise in futility? Seemed to hurt her standing in her party more than help it.
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@drustevenson maybe she thinks the party is going to fracture and she is building cred with the wing of it to which she will belong
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I was confused for a bit:

"In parliamentary procedure, the verb to table has the opposite meaning in the United States from that of the rest of the world:

In the United States, to "table" usually means to postpone or suspend consideration of a pending motion. Generally, to avoid spending time on debate and consideration.
In the rest of the English-speaking world, to "table" means to begin consideration (or reconsideration) of a proposal."