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The top seven news stories in the BBC news app are all about the same event, about some man who used to be president of the US, who I thought we wouldn't need to hear about anymore. Can we stop pretending he's important?

Adding Easter to my calendar, it asks to invite required attendees. Tempted to put jesus christ and see whether he'll come back from the dead.

Just rewatched Léon and it's an amazing experience to see Natalie Portman put in such a great performance at 12 years old.
#NataliePortman #Léon
It's weird but a lot of great actresses had really great films around that age already:

  • As mentioned Natalie Portman was 12 during filming Léon
  • Jodie Foster was 12 in Taxi Driver and got an Oscar nomination; the lesser known but maybe even better performance in The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane was in the same year
  • Chloë Grace Moretz was also 12 in Let Me In where she did a very complicated character very touchingly
  • Ivana Baquero carried Pan's Labyrinth at 11
  • Dafne Keen was 11 when she drove everybody in Logan to up their game
  • Alexa Nisenson was 11 when she put in a multilayered performance in Fear The Walking Dead. That's a tv series, but her performance is on a par with the above

Obviously they've done (or will do) great stuff later too and some like Chloë and Jodie did even earlier, but these are all goosebump performances.

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oh yes, V for Vendetta for example.
Omg how can I forget Dakota Fanning. Maybe because it's actually too obvious. By that age she already had a whole film catalogue with very worthy performances and a SAG award nomination (at 8). As standout example I choose Uptown Girls, where she's the equal to top talent Brittany Murphy and she played a kid who acted like she's a grown up. She was 9. They had probably the best chemistry ever in film. I love that film.

I have this memory, maybe an incorrect memory, that for at least two Natalie Portman films after Léon, her character was still carrying around that plant until they finally ceremoniously planted it in a garden.
#NataliePortman #Léon

Just watched The Limehouse Golem because it has Olivia Cooke in it. The film takes a little to get going, after which it delves more into the background of the actress that Olivia plays in this film. I liked it. There's some commentary about the plight of women and how they are often ignored, as well as a Victorian depiction of how as a celebrity actress she isn't treated as other people.
#OliviaCooke #TheLimehouseGolem

Watching yet another British whodunit series and wondering whether these police inspectors ever get to drink the tea that invariably gets made for them.
ever wonder if there's an episode where neighborhood sweet granny poisons the tea of an unexpecting police inspector?
@Matti Järvinen There must be, but I can't remember one...

There's an episode where the person investigating pretended to get poisoned to out the killer, but that wasn't tea.

I felt I underutilized Dove in season 1--she was amazing, but deserved more. So we gave her a much bigger part in season 2--more songs, a much meatier character, and she delivered IN SPADES. I cannot wait for you to see her chair-ography in "Kaput"! @DoveCameron #Schmigadoon

I keep finding out that a usb-c plug fits rather well into a usb-a slot. It doesn't connect in any way, but it fits. Enough to fool me into thinking I've plugged it into the correct slot.
if it fits it sits 😜

The package says I need to finish the liquorice before August 2024. I think I'll manage that.

Another random KY-TV line from the archives of my memory: they did a pretend bit of a commercial tv station where the 'still to come' bit was its own thing, resulting in the announcer saying 'Still to come, still to come. But first, still to come.'

Decades later I'm still laughing about that one.

It was a fictitious new commercial tv station, owned by Sir Kenneth Yellowhammer. They said they tried to call the station SKY-TV, but that turned out to be already taken.

Jenna Ortega's Saturday Night Live episode is now available unlocked (but still geoblocked) on the NBC website. The sketches are so good.
#JennaOrtega #SaturdayNightLive #SNL
All the sketches are online on their YouTube channel, the full episode has only the outro as extra bit and two or three times that she announces the music guest. These are just one line but surprisingly she has a different outfit for each. I don't know whether that's common on SNL, or whether it's a Jenna thing.
You can see that I've never watched an SNL episode. I don't know how the format works. I don't know which of the sketches are live and which are recorded. To do even some of them live seems a herculean task.

Jenna Ortega never loses her cool while eating increasingly hot spicy wings and while being interviewed. She talks about Wednesday, Tim Burton, Scream, horror in general, writing essays, teen stereotypes in scripts, etc.
#JennaOrtega #HotOnes #Wednesday #WednesdayNetflix #Scream #ScreamMovie #ScreamVI #Scream6

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People: these algorithms analyse you and are so smart
Instagram: have a look at popular reels from your country
Me: have I ever, in my decade of life on your app, looked for local content?

Watching Jessie Buckley in Men. I don't see many films in the cinema, most only when they come out on streaming, but by that time the buzz and the marketing has gone and you're not reminded of it. So that's why I only see this one from last year now.

I've seen Jessie earlier in the tv (mini) series Taboo, War and Peace, The Woman in White and The Last Post, where she always impresses. Especially maybe Taboo.

An A24 film, available on Amazon Prime.
#JessieBuckley #Men

Content warning: Men (2022)

Content warning: Men (2022)

Watching Jessie Buckley in Men. I don't see many films in the cinema, most only when they come out on streaming, but by that time the buzz and the marketing has gone and you're not reminded of it. So that's why I only see this one from last year now.

I've seen Jessie earlier in the tv (mini) series Taboo, War and Peace, The Woman in White and The Last Post, where she always impresses. Especially maybe Taboo.

A swing from very right wing would normally make me happy, but when it swings to ultra right wing, it doesn't.

Saw a still of a Disney princess and now I have to see the series she's from.

Content warning: Willow (episode 1x01) spoilers

Content warning: Willow (episode 1x01) spoilers

Content warning: Willow (episode 1x01) spoilers

Content warning: Willow (episode 1x05) spoilers

I really liked this series, also how the episodes are different enough to keep you surprised. Ruby Cruz as Princess Kit is worth watching, the relationship between Kit and Jade is great, as is how other connections develop.
#Willow #RubyCruz
The half real, half fake, behind-the-scenes is also quite funny.

Some clips of Jenna Ortega's hosting of Saturday Night Live are now available on the NBC site. (Geoblocked)
#JennaOrtega #SNL #SaturdayNightLive
Jenna with a peacock's head in front of one of her eyes, presumably a play on NBC's logo.
Hard to choose a favourite, they're all funny and different. I like how Jenna goes all out with the acting. I love 'Zena Neutreno'.
#JennaOrtega #SNL #SaturdayNightLive
Jenna as an X-Men-like character (hair like Storm) called Zena Neutreno in a School-vs-School quiz-show sketch. A bold Professor Zavier sits next to her. She wears a brown leather jacket over a yellow lycra suit

It's useful to have the competitor application installed next to the application you normally use. If this usual application is extremely slow in starting up, you can hover the mouse over the shortcut to the competitor application in a threatening manner. This will invariably cause the application you're waiting for to suddenly start responding.

So reordering pinned posts is not possible. Also, on my host and my host only @-mentions in one pinned post are completely messed up (as in I type my address and it links my now-defunct isurf address), as is the cw for that post. Also, on mobile in portrait mode the pinned icon doesn't work. I instead tend to check whether something is someone's pinned post by its age.

US people: Jenna Ortega is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight!

In trying to find out whether I could see it in Europe (answer: no), I found that Jenna's appearance on Fallon (The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon) is repeated today and tomorrow on CNBC Europe (one of her two visits). So set your recorders! (Yes, I'm old. Yes, I have a recorder and have set it.)

I also found that old seasons of SNL eventually end up on HBO Max, so I've already set my alert on Jenna's episode.
#JennaOrtega #SNL #JimmyFallon

What I do like about the BBC though, is that you can go to the BBC news site and get a fair overview of the incredible mess the BBC is in at the moment and how they are mishandling things.

I think the problems started a few years ago, when the policy was introduced that BBC employees were not allowed to voice their own opinions on their own social media. Some incidents have happened since that didn't get the attention it gets now. But I guess the major presenter of a major show (and a white man) being fired for running foul of the policy finally has everybody up in arms. I'm glad to see other presenters pulling out of their respective shows in solidarity.

The opinion in this case was as I understand that the government's asylum policy is cruel. Which it is.
Apparently many BBC programmes were dropped today, because many presenters and guests refused to participate. Instead they broadcast prerecorded programmes, classical concerts, etc. It's like a strike without it being a strike.
Similarly I'm reading NOS News about what's wrong within NOS Sports (cases of inappropriate behaviour) (NOS can be said to be the Dutch BBC). It's good to see that journalists can keep their impartiality.

Just back from Scream VI:


This is by far, by far, the best film of the franchise. Jenna Ortega is amazing. The whole cast play their characters amazingly. The script includes proper characters unlike some horror films. Even if you're not into horror or slashers, this is still a big recommendation from me.
#JennaOrtega #ScreamVI #ScreamMovie #Scream

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I'm looking forward to seeing it, but unfortunately it's not released Chinese mainland, but I'll keep following it on the internet
@Monoavi I'm sorry you can't see it yet, hopefully you'll get to see it soon. I was surprised we in the Netherlands got it before the US, usually we are months later.

Part two of the fourth season of You is now available on Netflix. Also, I have no volleyball to go to this evening. These two events nicely combine.

Amy-Leigh Hickman was already great in part one, I have high expectations for part two...
#AmyLeighHickman #YouNetflix #You
Definitely watch part two of You season four for Amy-Leigh Hickman. She's so good in it. This part two is also better than part one, maybe they should have released it together. Can't say anything more about it because of spoilers.
#YouNetflix #AmyLeighHickman #You

Content warning: You season five idea/hope based on season four part two

I've been watching the Scream films to get ready for the release of Scream VI this week. Now I'm rewatching the fifth film, Scream, the one with Jenna Ortega, from my 4k disc. Last year I saw this film in the cinema and it was my first experience seeing Jenna on the big screen, which is even more impressive.

Of course I'm going to see Scream VI in the cinema too! The US release is this Friday, the Dutch release is one day earlier but our prerelease is this Wednesday already.
#JennaOrtega #Scream #ScreamVI #ScreamMovie

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Jenna Ortega proves that a horror slasher can also have spot on acting, not just in the attack scenes but also in some heartfelt dialogue.

My reaction after just having seen Scream VI in the cinema: wow!
#ScreamVI #ScreamMovie #JennaOrtega…

Just back from Scream VI:


This is by far, by far, the best film of the franchise. Jenna Ortega is amazing. The whole cast play their characters amazingly. The script includes proper characters unlike some horror films. Even if you're not into horror or slashers, this is still a big recommendation from me.
#JennaOrtega #ScreamVI #ScreamMovie #Scream

Doing the final one Wednesday per Wednesday, episode 8 of my fourth run-through. Getting ready for the pre-premiere of Scream VI later this evening. It's a Jenna Ortega day...

Scream VI is released in Dutch cinemas tomorrow, Thursday 9 March. In the US it is released Friday.
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday #WednesdayNetflix #ScreamVI #ScreamMovie
So interesting how she has this 'does not compute' reaction when she turns out to be wrong about something. And she is wrong about things surprisingly often for someone coming across as so confident.
#WednesdayNetflix #Wednesday
She also passes out / is knocked out disturbingly often.

These companies: "Oh, do we have to support women the whole year? Not just this one day?"

Proposal: no-one (and no company) is allowed to send cheery “Happy International Womens Day” messages if they have, in the past year, belittled women, ignored them, done nothing about their gender pay gap, mansplained anything or put women on a pedestal. We see you and we see your hypocrisy. Stop it. #IWD #women


Nor should this single click/tap be just one pixel away from the add to queue button.

music player software should understand that never, under any circumstances, do I ever want to replace my current play queue with a single click

I'm giving the miniseries Keep Breathing on Netflix a chance, since it has Melissa Barrera in it as lead and I quite liked her yesterday on the cinema screen in Bed Rest.
#MelissaBarrera #KeepBreathing
I really liked Keep Breathing. Melissa Barrera is really good as basically the only character this series follows. She is Liv, a woman who survives a plane crash in the middle of nowhere, then has to keep surviving.

I like that each episode is a bit different. I also like that Liv is not portrayed as some sort of survival expert or that the risks and problems are played down. Liv is just a resourceful, determined woman but like any city person she doesn't know what she's doing out there.

What makes the series different from just that idea of survival, is that they keep tying it back to life before the accident and to her youth.
#MelissaBarrera #KeepBreathing

Content warning: Keep Breathing (miniseries) spoilers

Still don't understand why the noncommercial public tv channels in the Netherlands have advertisements, quite a lot of them, with the commercial channels just having even more of those.

From a little ago, but several people shared this today, a blog at the FTC (US government thing to regulate businesses and in this case advertising claims), reiterating that just claiming a product has AI is not allowed without making sure of some things. I especially appreciate the risk/responsibility thing: AI tends to be vague and poorly understood, but as a business you are responsible for your product so you better understand how it works, how it gets to its output and how you can test it.

The You Netflix account posting these two Ellie and Nadia videos side by side... I love both actresses, and characters, and had already noticed their similarities in the makeup of the show (the wise young person that fascinates Joe, who he wants to protect, but who is fundamentally a reflection of the real world rather than Joe's strange business). Further parallels: both Jenna and Amy-Leigh became famous from a tv series with a lot of kids living in a house where there were two adults, but the stories were about the kids (Stuck in the Middle and Tracy Beaker Returns/The Dumping Ground).
#You #YouNetflix #JennaOrtega #AmyLeighHickman
You see that Joe is getting older because in season four he needs to take notes to remember it all.

Just back from watching Bed Rest in the cinema. Maybe I shouldn't have seen this at midnight, it's seriously scary. Melissa Barrera is really good as the lead, a pregnant woman who has to stay in bed and finds it a mental challenge. Melissa also produces the film.

A comparison with Rosemary's Baby is unavoidable with such a synopsis, but I like the psychology of the woman better in this one. She's highly capable, strong, independent, and reasons for her state of mind go further than being pregnant. It's just the character of the man I didn't like.

That first scene, where she quickly sorted out the renovation her husband was stressing about, immediately set the tone. His non-acknowledgment of that, too.

Next week, it's Melissa again, but together with Jenna Ortega, as Sam and Tara respectively in Scream VI.
#MelissaBarrera #BedRest

There will be a Thundermans film, it has just been announced. Kira Kosarin is executive producing and it will be on Paramount+.
#KiraKosarin #TheThundermans