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I'm giving the miniseries Keep Breathing on Netflix a chance, since it has Melissa Barrera in it as lead and I quite liked her yesterday on the cinema screen in Bed Rest.
#MelissaBarrera #KeepBreathing
Yet another case where the woman is strong in a crisis and the man is next to useless.
Interesting first episode, but I have no idea where the story can go from here. It feels more like it's the end... Will be interesting to see what else can happen.
I really liked Keep Breathing. Melissa Barrera is really good as basically the only character this series follows. She is Liv, a woman who survives a plane crash in the middle of nowhere, then has to keep surviving.

I like that each episode is a bit different. I also like that Liv is not portrayed as some sort of survival expert or that the risks and problems are played down. Liv is just a resourceful, determined woman but like any city person she doesn't know what she's doing out there.

What makes the series different from just that idea of survival, is that they keep tying it back to life before the accident and to her youth.
#MelissaBarrera #KeepBreathing

Content warning: Keep Breathing (miniseries) spoilers