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So when I went from 2GB of RAM for postgresql to 1GB and at that same time Pleroma search went from responding fine to not functioning at all, this was not a coincidence? I'm in that majority...

But still, why is loading a remote user to follow even implemented as a search action. Mastodon anti-pattern...

Also vast majority of admins not having enough RAM to store the search index, and not knowing they need it because they've never dealt with actual database load before.

My head is bottle-weary.

Thank you Bridgerton for that new expression!

"Arriving today by 20:00". It is 19:20. It has not dispatched yet.
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I was checking because I received a package containing 1 of the quantity 2 I ordered; I was not expecting the quantity of 2 to come in separate packages and assumed something had gone wrong.

Just back from walking around in Venlo and taking some photos, just because I hadn't been there before. The city centre is nice enough and there are some historic buildings to see, but it's very small and since there was no guide online or available locally, you can only find the major sites.

The city seems ideal for shopping and drinking at an outdoor cafe, but is not really suited for someone walking around alone like me. The only place you can have a sit down for a bit is next to the river, which is a nice enough spot.

I don't know how street photographers do it, but in my experience people become hyper aware when they see a photo camera, so nice shots of what streets full of people look like are difficult. Buildings it is then.

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Decreased the resolution enough to protect people's privacy, I think.
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The general impression of the city: shoppers, cafe's, historic buildings.


Testing my new ultra wide angle lens. This is at 10mm (field of view equivalent to 16mm), the view is so much wider than by eye.

I wasn't paying much attention to the exposure, was also getting a bit late in the evening since I had to cycle around the forest to get to another entrance.

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I notice that as long as there aren't many shapes for which your brain has much reference (like rectangular buildings) an ultra wide angle lens can compose nice pictures, else the distortion can be obvious and sometimes distracting. Something to keep in mind.

Found my excuse why I haven't been running lately: the forest is flooded! This is the path where I normally run, many others were completely blocked too.
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Can confirm that this much standing water breeds a lot of mosquitos.

Content warning: Today's Doctor Who, spoiler-ish quote

Review for Jenna Ortega's Winter Spring Summer or Fall, now at the Tribeca film festival. I hope I get to see it one day...
#JennaOrtega #WinterSpringSummerOrFall
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She's so many projects ahead of me... They still haven't even released Finestkind in my country...

The Not-So-Intelligence of autocomplete seems to think a shoe-stealing performance is more likely.

Absolutely great to see Hayley Squires in this week's Inside No. 9 "Curse of the Ninth". She was brilliant and stealing the show as always as Devonshire.

#HayleySquires #InsideNo9

I was checking out photo camera lenses since Canon has extended their range of RF lenses. I thought it would be interesting to get a macro lens, which was followed by me looking up 'what actually is a macro lens', which seems to include a minimum focusing distance of under 30cm. Turns out the two lenses I do have, which are not marked as macro lenses, are as good or better at macro than lenses especially marked as macro (30cm for the 50mm one, 17cm 12cm for the 18-150mm RF-S one). So I'm getting an ultra wide angle instead (10-18mm RF-S), because that is something I'm missing with buildings and stuff being too big or the streets next to them too narrow. A lens which btw will also out-macro the macros, focusing at 12cm I think 8cm in MF.

The film X with Jenna Ortega is going to be in cinemas again for one day only in a nationwide fan event on the 18th of June. They don't specify which nation, but I can guess. See their insta post. You're also going to get a sneak peak at the third film in the trilogy, MaXXXine.
#JennaOrtega #X

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Jenna was not in the second film Pearl and is extremely unlikely to be in MaXXXine, I hope I'm not suggesting she is.

We can see Dafne Keen in Star Wars The Acolyte from today.

(That's what all the online information and social campaigns said, but when I just checked Disney+ it's not there but will be tomorrow.)
#DafneKeen #TheAcolyte #Disney+

Someone I follow started using a picture of Rachael Leigh Cook as profile picture and though confusing, I do approve.

Kiran Sonia Sawar is an actress who let's you feel the emotion of the character and the situation so deeply. She's been underrated for so long, it's good to see her in TrueLove doing a major character for a change. Just saw the final episode.
#KiranSoniaSawar #TrueLove

Now watching another Dot, in Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Still also have a Bubble waiting to be watched on my set top box.

Today's Doctor Who episode Dot and Bubble was actually quite powerful.

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Dafne was on The One Show (BBC) promoting The Acolyte. I caught only the last minutes of it (and the on demand viewing is geoblocked), but the show posted these pictures to prove it. I did learn that Dafne got an especially small light saber because she's short and kept hitting the ground with the normal sized one.
#DafneKeen #TheAcolyte

Saw Everything Everywhere All At Once and sorry, I couldn't get into it. But it's a ride. Spoilers in the link.

I thought I had recorded the 1990 version of The Witches, but it turned out to be the newer 2020 one. Having watched it, I'd still much rather would have watched the older one...

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She posted the short caption "Instagram", so I repost similarly... Apparently she had a day off from filming and posted some scenic shots of Ireland. Link above.

Dove Cameron will star in the new series Obsession, which is apparently an erotic and psychological crime thriller.
#DoveCameron #Obsession

having a vehicle’s headlights pulse to inform passers-by that they may be being recorded

Not sure all passers-by are fluent in Morse code.

AI in search engines is like having April Fool's Day all year round.

The Beetlejuice Beetlejuice trailer is here. Can't wait to see Jenna Ortega in the cinema again.
#JennaOrtega #Beetlejuice #BeetlejuiceBeetlejuice

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I know it's only been a few weeks since I saw her in the cinema in Miller's Girl, but the withdrawal is hard.

But anyway, we need more things with Stephanie Leonidas in a leading role. She's way too good an actress for all that supporting role, guest role stuff. And then they need to actually release the films to all countries instead of keeping it in the UK/US.

The film 5lbs of Pressure with Stephanie Leonidas is now streaming in the UK (and was already available in the US). I'm hoping it gets to my place soon too.
#StephanieLeonidas #5lbsOfPressure

Stephanie Leonidas posted some photos of an upcoming film of hers on Twitter and Instagram. The posts don't say which film, but she captioned it "Donna", which according to imdb is her character in 5lbs of Pressure.
#StephanieLeonidas #5lbsOfPressure

I didn't have this on my bingo card, but Christina Ricci is releasing a tarot deck.

On 24 September and preorder is open in her insta bio. Just passing on the info, not into tarot myself.
#ChristinaRicci #CatFullOfSpiders

Ok, got a message from Instagram that they are going to put my data into AI (presumably to decrease the I). There's a link somewhere in the message that you have the 'right to object'. Obviously the link is a dead link.
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The form now works. That is, the link to the form works. You need to enter (required) how being ingested into AI affects you, so I wrote some stuff. Then you also need to enter your country and email. They send a code to the email, which you need to enter. Then they tell you your country doesn't exist.

After many tries I found the trick: don't pick the name of your country from the auto complete. Fill in the abbreviation like NL. It does accept that. Full force dark patterns...
#Meta #Instagram

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And it's approved. My right to object is approved. Thanks Meta for approving my right.

I don't believe at all that they actually read what you write in the reason.

A surprise to some CEOs maybe, but when they reduce the headcount in their organisation, they are also left with less bodies to do the work.
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Just make the ones who are left do more work, duh. /s

I was trying to look into a minor issue with my mother's wifi router, but not remembering the password I attempted to log in a bit too much. When it stopped connecting to the internet at all I had apparently broken it completely and I tried to fix it for quite a while. Two resets and reconfiguring later we had finally internet back. Then we read on that internet that there had been a big outage with several service providers where their routes to Google had been broken, many people reporting problems.

So the conclusion is clear: Google's routes run through my mother's wifi router.

The Masque of Red Death is one of my favourite films.

"Over almost half a century, he took over the B-movie market, which had largely disappeared in the wake of television, and kept it alive almost single-handedly. Well into his nineties, he was producing Bs for $5 million and under and rolling them out for video and television release."

Each time this website asks me for the MF code, I think "language!".
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They say MFA, but I'm not up to date with current slang.

Doctor Who series 1 (yeah, I don't know either, second reboot I guess) starts tonight at 18:20 UK time, 19:20 CEST, on BBC One, with two episodes.
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Episodes 1 and 2, series 1, cohort 3, at your service.

Great interview with Miranda Cosgrove in Bustle magazine, with great photos by Kat Slootsky. She talks about her life and fame and how her life as a celebrity has been somewhat different than others. Miranda's film Mother of the Bride is out now on Netflix.

#MirandaCosgrove #Bustle #MotherOfTheBride

Apparently I still have an account at Dell, because of ordering a pc several decades ago, so I received their notification of a breach. I'm sorry to say to the hackers that accessed this customer information, that none of it is actual anymore.

using your laptop in your lap may prevent proper circulation

You had one job.

Dafne Keen will executive produce and star in a new film called Night Comes. The film's description looks very interesting, being a horror thriller that is both action and character based, set in a world without rules and gender roles. It is further produced by the people behind Get Out.

The two actresses playing sisters trying to survive the horror also rather look like they could be sisters. This explains Dafne's Instagram story of yesterday, where she posted an extreme closeup of her with another young woman, but they looked so alike and it was so closeup, that you couldn't tell who's who. Dafne must have known the announcement was coming today and wanted to skirt around the edges of what the embargo would allow...
#DafneKeen #NightComes

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Dafne's Instagram stories the day before and on the day of the announcement of the film where she and Samantha Lorraine will be sisters.

#DafneKeen #SamanthaLorraine #NightComes

Wow. I've had this personal clevo laptop for four years, it's great, the only disappointment is that it doesn't have a display signal over its USB-C connector, meaning I need a separate mini-Displayport cable to my monitor, where all other work laptops can just use the USB-C cable. It not supporting a video signal over USB-C is confirmed both in practice by my monitor, as well as by rereading the specs on the website which I didn't do properly before buying it.

Turns out, four years later, that I just need to turn on this feature in the BIOS? It could do this all along?

The setting is called "DDI to Thunderbolt" which was set to "DDI to mDP". This disables the mini-Displayport (you can't have it both ways) but sends the 'digital display interface' over the Thunderbolt/USB-C connector. This should also allow me to use my MHL cable to watch Netflix on my mother's tv (USB-C to HDMI), which previously involved a more complicated screen mirroring setup with my tablet.

I have arisen. Oh sorry, that's Easter. Anyway, today it's the day to ascend the database version.