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Ok, so I'm trying to use some relays to help with 'discovery', since on a single user instance I basically only discover what I already know and sometimes only what I wrote myself. So far it is not that much of a success. Of the three relay types I tried, one worked (the rust one), one failed (the fedi-buzz one) and one said it worked but failed (the go one).

Great interview with Lindsay Armaou of B*Witched, talking an hour long about fame, becoming a pop band, image, the hectic schedules, breaking America, being dropped by the label and then starting up again and now decades later still going on. I have been and still am such a huge fan of hers, since before their first single was even scheduled for a release and I was afraid after that first time I saw them I would never hear from them again. Then their first four singles each entered the charts at number one and they became a record smashing (not literally) band.
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A thing she says in this interview that I didn't know is that they had already written the third album and were waiting for a call from the label to inform them about the release date of the first single. But when the label did call, it was to drop them.
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Always great to see Summer Glau suddenly appearing in a tv series, she's truly someone special.
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Stephanie Leonidas posted some photos of an upcoming film of hers on Twitter and Instagram. The posts don't say which film, but she captioned it "Donna", which according to imdb is her character in 5lbs of Pressure.
#StephanieLeonidas #5lbsOfPressure

...branding such allegations “a complete lie"

Ah I see the confirmation has come in.

"Sometimes the people who most need to reach out are the people least capable of it"
-- Adelle


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The point of this graph is to show that a human being on a bicycle is a more energy efficient way of getting around than the way (some/most) other animals do. I like that.

But a human by itself is quite energy efficient too, according to the graph. We evolved for walking and running long distances, so no surprise. But maybe not so nice that an airliner comes out pretty well too.

A #bicycle makes human transportation more energy-efficient than any animal.

Graph I think by

Painted some walls today. Overall it went well I think. But weird how paint so much wants to go onto things that aren't supposed to be painted, like me.
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A problem is that now the contents of the wardrobe, and parts of the wardrobe, are on my bed waiting for the paint to dry so I can move it back. This is not going to happen today, so I've got to find somewhere else to sleep tonight...

It has happened often enough that I fell asleep on the couch watching tv, only waking up in the morning, so I guess this unplanned thing is going to be planned this time.

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All done, everything back where it should. Now I still have to put back other things where they shouldn't, i.e. the storage space under the bed.


This was last year. This year is on track for becoming much worse.

From the BBC:
"Climate change: Thousands of penguins die in Antarctic ice breakup"

Happy Ukrainian Independence Day and hopefully we will soon have a new date for a Ukrainian Victory Day.

In the US they seem to have a bail-what-you-want system, like pay-what-you-want, where you negotiate your bail before you make an appointment to arrest yourself. Though this seems available only to a certain type of people.

I'm about the rectify an omission: I haven't seen Dollhouse yet, even though it stars Eliza Dushku. I'm going to watch it now. And yes, I'm going to put the disc in the player, I'm not just watching the pictures on the cover as on the photo.
#ElizaDushku #Dollhouse
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I like that Eliza Dushku is one of the producers of this show. It should be the norm for the lead actress to have more power on a show.

I only know popular science / scifi, but I like the tube idea. If you throw away one end of the tube really fast, like the speed of light, the tube will automatically get longer, probably allowing you to hold on to the other end comfortably. The examples in popular science usually involve ladders instead of tubes, but it may be transferable. Then, if you throw it even faster like over the speed of light (there are some people that say this is impossible, the trick is to ignore them), it will break the limit of causality and any messages you shout into one end should be encountered by you before you shouted them. Maybe with some weird Dopler effect. And maybe I'm wrong...

Hey Science, I need a tube in my kitchen so I can shout "butter, you dickhead" into it and I'll hear that two days ago when I'm standing in the middle of the supermarket thinking "what was I out of again?"

If someone says something like 'I thought it was normal but due to the commotion afterwards I now have to apologise', then that's not an apology.

Amazing! Things are so funny when they're true, as in this is exactly how fossil fuel enthusiasts think (as well as other addictions like smoking)

I was hoping that all the water delivered by the storm over Mexico and California and heading north, would help putting out the fires in Canada. But apparently with the storm disintegrated by then, expected to just miss the right areas and the ferocity of the fires going on, the expectation is that it's not going to help...
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So for those who believe in divine intervention, that's a miss and not a strike.

PeerTube tries to keep a view count on the videos, but the monitoring on the cdn shows that there are definitely more times the video files are accessed. Mostly by me, and maybe all the other requests are just bots, but PeerTube doesn't count them.

Checking my rss feeds to see whether the unread counts are still the same. If they increase, I have more to add to the 'read later' list.

Now rewatching AnnaSophia Robb in the film Bridge to Terabithia.

I really like this film. I keep changing what I would mention as my favourite film (I have a list) but a long time ago the subject of favourite film came up at work and a colleague of mine and me at the same time said Bridge to Terabithia. Which is such an odd thing to happen, as it's not even that that many people have even heard of this film...

I'd say this film isn't that much underrated, as just not rated because it is quite unknown.

Anyway, AnnaSophia Robb is brilliant.

#AnnaSophiaRobb #BridgeToTerabithia #NowWatching

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You'd expect Zooey to be credited in the music section of the film, and she is. She plays the music teacher after all. But AnnaSophia is too! The music video on the extras is even her song.
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Content warning: Bridge To Terabithia (2007) major spoiler

I should really change my profile picture. It was meant as a ridiculous form of a bathroom mirror selfie (hence the shower curtain), but it comes across as some pretentious photographer. Pretentious, moi? And also not a photographer, not more than everybody is.

Reading a question on some forum where someone asks 'what is this insect and what do I do about it' and some expert answers what kind of insect it could be and advices her to catch one and send it to some institute for better identification. I'm not sure that's the kind of 'do about it' that she had in mind.

The film Kick-Ass with Chloë Grace Moretz will be on BBC One tonight, for those who want to catch a recording without subtitles. 23:40 BST, 00:40 CEST.
#ChloëGraceMoretz #KickAss

They're drinking coffee on tv and now I'm making one for myself. Clearly this storyline was bought by big coffee.
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An eye-opening thing was when back in university our club had a talk by someone from a gambling company. Without thinking it was in any way weird (that was the chilling thing) he was listing the characters they had bought in various tv shows. So yeah, even the smallest thing that's happening in your soap or series may only be there because someone lobby group payed for it. I think back to that each time some character has a sudden but unknown disease: awareness campaign.

I think these magic eye pictures may be some kind of conspiracy, 'The Emperor's New Clothes'-style, where a few people only pretend to 'see it'. Though if you're following WelshPixie you already know what it's going to say...

Cross your eyes they say... What if your eyes are already crossed? Instructions on such pictures say to 'start with your nose touching the image where the picture should be blurry', so I guess my nose is too long or my nearsightedness too strong...

Content warning for those without stereo vision: we can't see this so don't waste your time.


('magic eye' image / eye strain)

((If you're having trouble seeing it, try opening the image in a new tab so that you can see it full size.))

This may be relevant to the strike as the article points out. I think if Netflix were to create a film by replacing writers and actors with AI, we would be legally allowed to copy it.

“Artificial Intelligence Lawsuit: AI-Generated Art Not Copyrightable – The Hollywood Reporter”

This was exceedingly unlikely to go any other way as US law is pretty settled on this.

Nowadays they already call it AI if a computer calculates 1+1=2. It's only proper AI if it calculates 1+1=3. And I is if it knows the difference.

Just had a very quick look at cohost and these are my very initial impressions:

+ the vibe is very tumblr, in lots of ways
- things are even more difficult to find than here, and/or it is even emptier

It looks like especially 'artists-from-tumblr' should be able to find their place there.

Of the two things I was supposed to do this morning, I've done one finally this evening (the one I was actually planning to do two weeks ago) and did another one I had decided not to do yet.


Seemingly strike related, Variety reports that The Peripheral season two is not going ahead after all.
#ChloëGraceMoretz #ThePeripheral

Who cancels The Peripheral in the middle of The Jackpot?

Side-channels are such a fun thing of Friendica/Tumblr/PeerTube/WordPress...

(Called 'managed accounts'/'side-blog'/'channel'/'multi-site' respectively)

I like the story better than the biopic...

Also interesting how part of the biopic touches upon misusing the name of famous people by publishers, then the film has Maisie Williams in a tiny role so they can use her fame.

It's one of those things that annoy me about reading an open source project describe themselves: you can be four paragraphs in and still don't know what it does.

Of course the license and stuff are also important, but why does it need to be your opening sentence?

Things that are not «features» of an app:
- The license
- The technologies it uses
- The fact that it’s simple
- The application it’s an alternative to
Your app should be compelling on its own. What makes it worth using? How can it help people? Highlight those things instead!

Removable and replaceable portable batteries in consumer electronics by 2027

Hopefully this will force the smartphone companies to make their batteries replaceable again and reduce some e-waste this way.

🔋 From electric mobility to energy storage, we must ensure batteries are fit for our green future.

As of today, the #EU Batteries Regulation will make them safer, circular and sustainable throughout their lifecycle, including:

- A restriction on harmful substances
- Mandatory minimum levels of recycled content from 2025
- Removable and replaceable portable batteries in consumer electronics by 2027
- Recovery targets for raw materials, such as nickel and lithium

More ➡!bRHxqc

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I spent so long trying to get these photos downloaded from my camera. It insisted on first downloading the 600 earlier ones and ran out of battery twice.

I didn't even know we had squirrels in the trees. This one came close by without a care in the world.

The difference between being pessimistic and optimistic about science: 'the Americans still use imperial units' vs 'at least they use seconds'.
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Let's not talk about our time units actually still being Babylonian.

"I didn't have time to look. Five hundred years goes by so rapidly."
-- The Doctor


Do we have any astronomy people here that can confirm this 3D model is wrong? And maybe explain how NASA of all organisations keeps showing it on their site? Or is there really a gigantic canyon running as a band over mercury, like someone tried to separate two halves, which somehow shows up in no other pictures I can find?
#Astronomy #Mercury #NASA

This NASA site botched texture mapping Mercury pretty badly, and I was so so confused for a very brief amount of time. "Surely," I thought for a second or two, "someone would have noticed and written about this several hundred mile wide saggital canyon that completely encircles the planet. But what if.... aliens?"

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You're welcome!

Full disclosure though: I wasn't involved with creating that image and didn't speak to anybody who was. My answer was an educated guess. I'm pretty confident about it being a mosaic (the stepped edges are a dead giveaway), which is why I spoke to definitively, but I might be wrong on the details of WHY the individual squares look different.

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