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Dafne does an 'oops did i forget to mention this' when she appears in the trailer of the new Wolverine film.
#DafneKeen #DeadpoolAndWolverine

Good to hear that so much of the travel and healthcare industries are using security software.
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Not so impressed with them doing unattended updates.

Watching Jasmine Paolini fight her way back into this Wimbledon final, and a real fight it is.
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That was a valiant fight back that went down the wire in the final set, but it wasn't to be. Next year I'm sure.

Some photos I found of her, from earlier matches. Also this match we saw her focus, and her smile, and it's so great to see both in the same person...

Top-performing means most able to resist the use of AI, right? Right?

Sounds like in one go we throw out all environmental targets.

Please don't.

AI is becoming a game-changer for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

In fact, in 2023, 8% of EU companies have already adopted AI technologies, with top-performing countries being:

🇩🇰 15,2%
🇫🇮 15,1%
🇱🇺 14,4%.

What's most exciting is that we're going to give SMEs and startups access to AI factories in the #EU and dedicated AI supercomputers, so they can use AI and stay competitive on a global scale.

AI factories are expected to be deployed in 2025.

🔗 More:!HXyQtH

Not even a day's travel.

Sister ship Voyager 1 is 22h 38m 15s of light travel time from Earth (2024:194:120000:1L)

I'm hoping for the time to arrive soon where companies will realise that mentioning AI near their product will actually lose them sales.

Thanks nature for putting my rain pipe repairs through an extensive test run.

I found I have an ancient pc speaker set that I used on a previous pc at least 25 years ago. In trying to see whether it could be connected to modern pc's, I discovered it also has a digital(!) input. I never knew...

Still tricky though, no USB...

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image your failing windows laptop and run the image on a vm on your linux laptop

I don't consider paying for a service to be an anti-pattern. Expecting everything to be free is maybe the anti-pattern.

Why do companies like Adobe think advertising that their products contain AI is a good thing? It's all over their website. While I would consider it a positive feature if the software doesn't contain AI.

Having big train stations like Utrecht Central Station seems to give rise to indoor pigeons.

That's nice, the week after next the trains won't be going in my city because they figure it's holiday, nobody is going to miss them, time to do some repairs. Also that week, the fair will be in my city, which traditionally is one of the really popular ones in this region, where a lot of people come from all over to participate in the fun.

It's one of those 'why didn't I think of it' things. I was wondering how people trying to use a tripod to take a self portrait would focus the camera properly. I was considering all kinds of convoluted solutions involving tall things like maybe a broomstick to stand in for me while focusing. Then on the internet it says: take your camera off the tripod, go stand where you want to be and focus on the tripod... Yeah, that is indeed simpler...

I am reminded of the time when a volleyball coach substituted his whole team in one go when they performed abysmally. There are six substitutions allowed per set and six players in a team. The set continued with essentially the b-team without the coach watching on, because he took the main players to the side and used that time to tell them what's what.

I think people can guess what match I'm watching if I say that that was a really great goal. Well aimed, hard, precise, unstoppable for the goal keeper. Shame it was in our own goal.
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Maybe the referee should yellow card the fourth official for wasting time.
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It seems no advertisers have withdrawn their adverts. Weird.

I'd wish for football commentators to stop referring to players falling to the ground as 'smart'.

"No no no no no! No no no! What are you doing? Who's going to cook the curry?"
-- Harriet


I hope people are enjoying seeing Hotel Cocaine, because when I just checked it is not out yet. I sort of suspected that, that it would be one of those US only things, but the good news is that JustWatch actually has a card for the series saying that it is not available on any streaming service, rather than just denying its existence as normal, so that usually means it's upcoming.

Corina Bradley was at the premiere of her new series Hotel Cocaine, out tomorrow on MGM+. This was a photo she posted on her Instagram.

Also shared is her interview in the press junket for the series. I'll see where I can upload that.

#CorinaBradley #HotelCocaine

My understanding of WordPress must be missing something.

There's this default theme 'twenty twenty four'. When you activate it, it inserts various hardcoded texts into your site. Things like "my book Money Studies is out now" and "I'm Leia Acosta, a passionate photographer". You have to use the site editor to find these and remove them. There are about four.

You have to do this on your live site, you can't customise a theme and preview it before activating, like you used to be able to. If you don't find them all, or ever did "Remove Customisations", you're site will say stuff like "A commitment to innovation and sustainability", without you knowing it.

So what if you're not called "Leia Acosta"? Or you don't have a book out called "Money Studies"? How did they think this was going to work?

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@Jos Velasco Thanks for looking into it. I think the answer for me is that for my totally unimportant personal site I'm just going to brave it: check on a test site which edits need to be made and what they look like then quickly do them on the real site. Likely nobody will see it in the meantime. For anything even slightly more important organisations are going to need staging sites anyway and mechanisms to deploy changes atomically. Also with Block Visibility I think you're going to have to find the added blocks first to flag them as invisible, which you can only do after switching to the theme.

Or maybe I should just let go of the idea that you can easily switch themes...

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I agree; checking a test site sounds good! I think every website is important in a way. I love that you care about your visitors; it’s rare nowadays.

Looks like the Wordpress Activitypub plugin doesn't handle video cover images in media attachments. Also, I had forgotten that it is not compatible with page caching in W3 Total Cache (another plugin) so I had turned that on. (Either it doesn't send the Vary header or W3TC doesn't respect it)

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No complaint regarding either plugin, I wouldn't be using them if I was unhappy about them...

Can't you tell mobile Chrome not to reload a tab. E.g. if you are busy filling a form, or some long running process is running. That's the third time I restarted the media sync on WordPress.
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I don't think so, no. I used to have that problem a lot but not since switching to firefox so it might just specifically be that particular browser, maybe try others?

Corina Bradley was at the premiere of her new series Hotel Cocaine, out tomorrow on MGM+. This was a photo she posted on her Instagram.

Also shared is her interview in the press junket for the series. I'll see where I can upload that.

#CorinaBradley #HotelCocaine

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This is the press junket interview about Hotel Cocaine with Corina Bradley. She says her character Valeria doesn't put up with lies, and from what I've seen in the trailer, Valeria is going to have an interesting time with that...
(Uploaded to WordPress because Friendica doesn't do video)
#CorinaBradley #HotelCocaine

Was testing a new lens, the wide angle Canon RF 28mm f/2.8 STM. I like it. It's very flat. And I'm starting to learn that if you pay attention there doesn't need to be (much) distortion even for a wide angle lens. I.e. look at and not ignore the level meter on the display...

Photos below are unprocessed, except crop and downscale on my phone for posting. Taken on a Canon EOS R10, so there's a 1.6 crop factor (28mm has the equivalent field of view of 45mm).

Taken at the WW2 memorial at Kruispark in Best.

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Eloise may have the best lines in Bridgerton as always, but I love this one said to her by her brother.

"Love is not finite, Eloise"
-- Benedict


Two 'Whoa!'s: first that I apparently forgot to mention here that Siena Agudong will lead the upcoming film for tubi called Sidelined: The QB and me, playing Dallas (the cheerleader, not the city).

Second 'Whoa!' today is that Mia Shanks is joining her in that film as Emily. Mia is a singer and actress who may be known as the daughter of Lexa Doig (Andromeda in Andromeda) but she is now making her own mark.
#SienaAgudong #MiaShanks #SidelinedTheQBAndMe #TheQBBadBoyAndMe

So when I went from 2GB of RAM for postgresql to 1GB and at that same time Pleroma search went from responding fine to not functioning at all, this was not a coincidence? I'm in that majority...

But still, why is loading a remote user to follow even implemented as a search action. Mastodon anti-pattern...

Also vast majority of admins not having enough RAM to store the search index, and not knowing they need it because they've never dealt with actual database load before.

My head is bottle-weary.

Thank you Bridgerton for that new expression!

"Arriving today by 20:00". It is 19:20. It has not dispatched yet.
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I was checking because I received a package containing 1 of the quantity 2 I ordered; I was not expecting the quantity of 2 to come in separate packages and assumed something had gone wrong.

Just back from walking around in Venlo and taking some photos, just because I hadn't been there before. The city centre is nice enough and there are some historic buildings to see, but it's very small and since there was no guide online or available locally, you can only find the major sites.

The city seems ideal for shopping and drinking at an outdoor cafe, but is not really suited for someone walking around alone like me. The only place you can have a sit down for a bit is next to the river, which is a nice enough spot.

I don't know how street photographers do it, but in my experience people become hyper aware when they see a photo camera, so nice shots of what streets full of people look like are difficult. Buildings it is then.

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Decreased the resolution enough to protect people's privacy, I think.
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The general impression of the city: shoppers, cafe's, historic buildings.


Testing my new ultra wide angle lens. This is at 10mm (field of view equivalent to 16mm), the view is so much wider than by eye.

I wasn't paying much attention to the exposure, was also getting a bit late in the evening since I had to cycle around the forest to get to another entrance.

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I notice that as long as there aren't many shapes for which your brain has much reference (like rectangular buildings) an ultra wide angle lens can compose nice pictures, else the distortion can be obvious and sometimes distracting. Something to keep in mind.

Found my excuse why I haven't been running lately: the forest is flooded! This is the path where I normally run, many others were completely blocked too.
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Can confirm that this much standing water breeds a lot of mosquitos.

Content warning: Today's Doctor Who, spoiler-ish quote

Review for Jenna Ortega's Winter Spring Summer or Fall, now at the Tribeca film festival. I hope I get to see it one day...
#JennaOrtega #WinterSpringSummerOrFall
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She's so many projects ahead of me... They still haven't even released Finestkind in my country...

The Not-So-Intelligence of autocomplete seems to think a shoe-stealing performance is more likely.