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Don't like how these radio stations here in my country are pushed to play dutch rap, or as I call it, drap.

"I can watch an entire show of just this"

Same here!

I'm three episodes in and it's so so good! Jenna is amazing, striking exactly the right tone to let a character like Wednesday Addams lead the story and draw you in.
#Wednesday #JennaOrtega
It was totally amazing. I want a season two. It's showing such great judgement by Jenna Ortega of presenting exactly the right kind and amount of internal torment to hook you on the character and the story, while also being true to the version we know who had her emotionless one-liners as a support character but which wouldn't work for leading eight episodes. This works. But we know, and many people say it, Jenna always delivers.
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday

Got reminded of doing a training a few years back where the trainer, from South Africa, was presenting slides, made in the US, while she would dramatically stop and apologise profusely for the spelling mistakes whenever American spelling appeared in the slides.

I've been informed my electricity bill will rise from 53c to 40c and I guess I'm misunderstanding the full picture.
Ah, it had risen from 8c to 17c then 22c and is now 53c, would rise to 83c next year but will be capped at 40c. Yet, I apparently use such a small amount of electricity, that in the most recent yearly bill I got money back. Also, the specification of past year shows that of the electricity they delivered to me, 100% was wind energy, so yay!

Wednesday is out. Thank you to everyone involved/everyone who was supportive throughout the process. I hope the show is an easy, entertaining watch if you’re up for it. Enjoy the holiday. If you do watch, argue with people about it. You all are going to be arguing tomorrow anyway

Long, interesting interview in The Face magazine with Jenna Ortega by Olivia Rodrigo. A very different photo shoot, with many interesting photos.
#JennaOrtega #TheFace

Took me so long to see what Netflix's "Tudum" refers to...

Preview! Watch the first 10 minutes of Wednesday on the Netflix site:

Jenna Ortega is even more amazing than I was expecting!
#JennaOrtega #WednesdayNetflix #Wednesday

(Edited to use the article url instead of the direct video)

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Two more days to Wednesday and Jenna's face gets everywhere. I don't know what trays these are, it's not the Netflix canteen, is it? From an Instagram story by one of the show's creators.
#JennaOrtega #WednesdayNetflix #Wednesday

The Wednesday poster with Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams on a stack of trays on a trolley. The text says "No sharp objects? What a shame."
Not the Netflix canteen, but trays at an airport apparently.

Jenna Ortega and her Wednesday cast mates speak to NME interview, with interesting tidbits about the show.
#JennaOrtega #WednesdayNetflix #Wednesday
Jenna and Emma, Jenna wearing a white top with black tie while Emma is all black
Jenna wearing a grey and white tie and a grey and white top over a white shirt
Jenna and her boy cast mates

Tv interview with Jenna Ortega on Good Morning America, with clips from the show, her mentioning all the training she did for it, and where she shows her reset face and Kubrick stare.
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday #WednesdayNetflix #GMA

Jenna smiling at the camera, <br>wearing a white shirt and a striped suit front

Interview with Jenna Ortega on ET Canada about Wednesday. Out tomorrow!
#JennaOrtega #WednesdayNetflix #Wednesday #ETCanada

Great interview and great photo shoot with the great Jenna Ortega in People en Español (it's in English when I open it) about Wednesday, diversity, representation for Latinos and Latinas, using your platform, etc.
#JennaOrtega #WednesdayNetflix #Wednesday…

Great interview and great photo shoot with the great Jenna Ortega in People en Español (it's in English at least when I open it) about Wednesday, diversity, representation for Latinos and Latinas, using your platform, etc.
#JennaOrtega #WednesdayNetflix #Wednesday

This is a podcast interview with Rosie Day, about acting, being a child actress (she started at 4yo!) and growing up with "the good girl complex". She also tells about developing her play Instructions for a Teenage Armageddon and the book she wrote with the same title. She really is a formidable person. I like these people that you hear being interviewed but you only want to talk with them more about what they are saying?
#RosieDay #TwoShotPodcast

House of the Dragon: it's 25 days later, we can't possibly have these characters played by the same actresses.
I liked one reviewer who concluded that Daemon must be a vampire.

I finally succeeded in putting the Wordpress media files on S3 and served by cdn, on a test site. This should not have stumped me this much, there's a plugin for it to help and I managed to configure it on Pleroma and PeerTube without the help of a plugin. Maybe these have better instructions...

One of the issues was that the instructions of W3 Total Cache said to give minimal S3 access permissions to the access key but doesn't say what that is, so I did GetObject, PutObject and DeleteObject but that doesn't work. Blog posts acknowledge this and say to just give full permissions. Fortunately AWS had a list and it also needs ListBucket, GetObjectAcl and PutObjectAcl. Even if Acl's are disabled. Just ignore that the test upload doesn't work. Also ignore people who say that the S3 bucket needs to be open to the public.
#Wordpress #W3TotalCache

To prepare for series three of His Dark Materials on 5 December, there's this recap of series one and two on Instagram, with quotes from the cast, including Dafne Keen. (I see what she meant about the dirt...)
#DafneKeen #HisDarkMaterials

Quick black-carpet interview by ET with Jenna Ortega about Wednesday. She really did months of cello and fencing before and during shooting. It's going to be so amazing.
#JennaOrtega #WednesdayNetflix #Wednesday

A video interview in TeenVogue with Jenna Ortega with a detailed explanation of what goes into making Wednesday Addams. Experiments with voice inflection, how the no blinking happened. Transcript on the site.
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday…

A video interview in TeenVogue with Jenna Ortega with a very detailed explanation of all that goes into making Wednesday Addams. Experiments with voice inflection, how the no blinking happened. Transcript on the site.
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday

I know Rosie Day is a great actress, but by all accounts she's a great director and producer as well. I still have to see the films she's directed, they're not very available. Her stage play she wrote got rave reviews as well. I do know she's a formidable person, I'm definitely looking out for anything she does.

The photo she posted a while back on Instagram shows what it looks like if you write a stage play just as a dare, then turn out to be really good at it. All five stars.
Poster for the play "Instructions for a Teenage Armageddon", listing six five-star reviews, singling out her writing

Rosie Day is involved in this film-short as the title character Billie. The film-short still needs to be made and needs crowdfunding. The test trailer has just been posted on Instagram by director Safi Tobi and looks great. The funding page is at Indiegogo. Their synopsis there:

"Billie is trying to process her past, then she meets Sophie and everything falls into place."

Subjects cover LGBTQ+ women and mental health.

#RosieDay #Billie #FilmShort #CrowdFunding #MentalHealth

"I had an extra hand"


Three days to go until we can marvel in the brilliance of Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in Wednesday on Netflix. Here a clip on their Instagram.
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday #WednesdayNetflix

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We'll get season three of His Dark Materials on 5 December, so the interviews start coming. Dafne Keen is interviewed in Marie Claire about finding the character, how the word 'need' was key in season one and the dirt in this season, and about playing the more grown up Lyra this time. Great photo shoot too.
#DafneKeen #HisDarkMaterials
This is a short interview during the Marie Claire photo shoot (on their Instagram):
#DafneKeen #MarieClaire #HisDarkMaterials

It's grating, whether it's in real life or as now fictional, when some organisation congratulates itselves on its diversity and it's all white guys and one woman.

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I like that in this extremely old tv series they sometimes write a story where they're trying to find 'the big bad' leader of a crime organisation, passing the secretary many times while investigating their office, ignoring her because she's a woman, then only to find she's the criminal mastermind after all.

Imagine shouting in the void on another field where no one hears you, then the Glastonbury festival moves in there too with all its noise and still no one can hear you.

literally cannot describe what it's like being one of these people who were on mastodon before nov 2022. Imagine if you were chilling in a field with like 20 other people and then suddenly the glastonbury festival swarms in

I hope COP27 will reach some actual results, rather than an excuse to wait until the next one. They're currently in overtime, but seem to have an agreement on a damages fund. Great, but proper action to limit fossil fuels are needed.
I feel the COP27 has been a failure. We need to stop using fossil fuels, yet this agreement almost seems to do the opposite. The damages fund is a good thing though, even if it is low on detail.
#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #COP27

BBC News - Climate change: Five key takeaways from COP27

I had no idea Anjli Mohindra was also in The Peripheral! Did I forget she announced it, did she not announce it? Probably the former... There's so much news to remember. Anyway, I'm already watching it because Chloë Grace Moretz is the lead and it & she are great.
#ThePeripheral #AnjliMohindra #ChloëGraceMoretz

I don't have experience running a Mastodon server, but I notice they are under heavy load at the moment and have much delays. I have experience running a Pleroma and a Friendica server for myself. Based on that, I think if you are going to run a small server for a group of friends or family, please use Pleroma instead. For more users, especially those you don't know personally, you may need the extra moderation tools Mastodon has, but else Pleroma is much lighter. You can also consider Friendica, especially if it's only a personal server.

For costs it should be under €10 per month, maybe €3, depending how you set it up. I have in the past run Pleroma on a €3,50/month node while connected to a busy relay.

The Wired interview with Jenna Ortega, the one where they do the autocomplete questions. About upcoming projects, her first film and learning to play the cello.
#JennaOrtega #Wired