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This is the trailer for three Doctor Who episodes that will be released in or around November 2023. So frustrating that still no date is mentioned, I'm sure I'm going to totally miss it when it finally appears on tv and they announce the release date five seconds before.

NEW! Doctor Who 2023 - 60th Anniversary Specials Trailer | BBC
Destiny isn’t done with them just yet… Doctor Who returns with three special episodes ❤️❤️➕🔷 #DoctorWho coming soon to #iPlayer
#DoctorWho #BBC #DisneyPlus #OfficialTrailer #Television #Streaming

it’s either going to start on the 23rd November, or finish on it, or be shown around that weekend.

I’m sure the date will be announced in advance. Do you remember the “Save The Day” campaign for the 50th anniversary?

not sure if the 3 episodes will be shown on consecutive days or weeks, that’s the only mystery at the moment

I've been going through old posts and found out I've been on the fediverse for almost five years. I had no idea it was this long. Anyway, I've been doing an awful amount of test posts it seems...

Listening to The McCarricks, a husband and wife band consisting of one cello and one violin, making really cinematic music. I just noticed that they do have an EP on TIDAL and Spotify, but it's not the one I have and am listening to (which is self-titled).

I've seen them as support for Kristin Hersh and it was quite magical, their music with a video projection on a screen behind them. Bought the EP from them in person.

Ok, EPs are short so I moved on to the one on TIDAL.
"5 monthly listeners"... They are quite good though.

Europe's Biggest Dance Show is happening again now, listening to it via Studio Brussel. The BBC set we had a little ago was quite good, Ukraine coming up too (they had a good show last year). Looking forward to Belgium too.

Eleven radio stations in ten countries over Europe broadcast a show together, to share the best dance music of the continent. Each country does a half hour set, of course mainly showcasing their own music.

Belgium (Studio Brussel) coming up next in a few minutes. Dance music is in the soul of the nation and if last year is anything to go by, it's going to be a great set.
In a few minutes Ukraine will close this Europe's Biggest Dance Show, a radio show broadcast live from ten countries and eleven radio stations all over Europe, with a half hour music set.
#EuropesBiggestDanceShow #Ukraine

Jenna Ortega now also posted what is my favourite photo from her Dior campaign.

Jenna wearing the Dior earrings
#JennaOrtega #Dior

Also if your mobile app's 2fa screen doesn't survive switching to the authenticator app.

On a related note, if you are responsible for building a 2FA confirmation screen, and you do not automatically focus the cursor in the field for the code when the page loads, I hope you get atomic mutant space syphilis

Natalie Portman spoke at the United Nations about violence against women. She posted it as an Instagram reel, I've mirrored it for those who don't want to access mainstream media.


Natalie Portman speaking at the United Nations

Natalie Portman speaking at the UN about violence against women and girls. Mirrored from Natalie's Instagram. Natalie's description:

It was an honor to speak at the UN about the urgency of ending violence against women and girls, and to highlight the @spotlightinitiative’s effective model for doing so. Woman Life Freedom. #WithHer @unitednations #UNGA #SDGActionZone

(Copyright remains with Natalie and the United Nations)

It has been my belief that training a system on content to generate other content, is making a derivative of that content. With most free licenses this is not allowed without mentioning the source (all of them) and in case of normally copyrighted work it's just plainly forbidden.

I hope this case, and the others they mention, succeed.

BBC News - Game of Thrones author sues ChatGPT owner OpenAI

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Finally Mastodon will show incoming text formatting (with today's release) and the rest of us can stop wondering how garbled our posts are going to be on Mastodon and we can just post as we intended. Mastodon people still can't write rich text though. Baby steps.

It's not true though that Mastodon used to strip all formatting from posts. They were just very selective about what formatting they preserved:

  • paragraph breaks were preserved
  • hyperlinks were preserved
  • some inline images were preserved

What tended to be messed up on Mastodon:

  • lists
  • context provided by emphasis

me about a year ago: yeah, I can buy this pack of 10 downloads, it's valid for a year, plenty of time to choose; when I've used all downloads in a few months time I'll just buy another pack

me now: six days left, plenty of time

Though it may seem weird that PeerTube indicates one (1) view on a video and CloudFront shows 300 requests to that file, seeing that most of those requests were made from Chrome Mobile on an Android tablet located in the Netherlands, from my own ip address, I think we can understand the discrepancy.

Both Friendica and Pleroma seem to have the same problem that video files are loaded the moment they appear in your timeline(*), whether you click play or not. And both are completely ignoring the provided cover image. Mastodon does this much nicer, showing the cover image, the actual PeerTube channel account, and only loading the video in an embedded player after you click to do so.

(*) I know, because when I'm browsing on cellular data I'm almost immediately out of my data bundle if a PeerTube video post appears in my Friendica timeline.

Actors and writers strike going strong. The studios should pay them properly and give them adequate protection against AI. Photo: Ivana Baquero picketing, on her insta.

Ivana picketing in front of a studio gate, looking up to her SAG-AFTRA strike sign

Just like I mentioned for The 4400, I have not seen the last season of The Dead Zone I have on disc either. Here I have seen season one to four on my discs and watched them many years ago, but forgot to watch my season five disc. I've found out there actually is a sixth season as well.

I watched the series because of Nicole de Boer, but her involvement became smaller and smaller, explaining my lack of interest. In this fifth season she's only in a few episodes. More in the sixth.

Let's see whether I still remember the plot. Some guy, Nicole's character's husband gets into a coma. Many years later he unexpectedly wakes up, finding his wife remarried with his best friend. He also finds that he suddenly has visions of things, and decides his mission is to stop bad events and investigate crimes.

Nicole's character is the standard Hollywood 'wife of', where the writers show they don't know how to write an interesting female character.
#NicoleDeBoer #TheDeadZone #NowWatching

It starts with the Christmas episode that other lists have as the last episode of season four. It's exactly as you would expect a Christmas episode to be on American television. Now for the real season start.

Database disk had filled up, so thanks to the elasticity of EBS I could just increase the size.

I do think however that on a single user instance, a db of around 30GB is too much. But then I think we shouldn't be storing remote content, but we do.

The way American tv series are made, causes them to often feel like a book of which the last chapter is missing. The hope is that you've lost interest in the book by the time you get to that chapter. Sometimes you get a quick summary of how the author meant to wrap things up in that chapter.

"You've proven to be quite irreplaceable, Miss Heywood"
-- Mr Colbourne


I don't check Twitter everyday anymore, since there literally are days there are no new posts. Just checked and the most recent one was 12 September. The joys of a highly curated experience.
Whenever I visit Twitter I just notice someone mentioned me in a nft or crypto giveaway 😅
That would be a direct block for me.

My technique: follow interesting people since they tend to know, or work with, interesting people. Here's Melissa Barrera, who I only know because she acted in Scream with Jenna Ortega, singing on stage and being rather good at it.

(The event is related to a Frida musical and a friend's album release and Hispanic Heritage Month, see her caption)

I'd ask why this guy is slapping a plastic pigeon but that wouldn't be fair to the vision impaired people. I didn't include that in the image description and there is no way I know how to describe that.
Reminds me that I'm still on the lookout for the film Carmen that came out this year in North American countries. Melissa Barrera is the lead in that film and does a lot of singing in it I believe.

Server: error, file larger than maximum upload size.
Me: Who's admin?
*increases upload limit*
Server: error anyway.


Other server: I'm pretending the upload succeeded, but I can't find the file.

My favourite period? This exact moment when King Edward desperately wanted a male heir to succeed him on the English throne, was dying, and nature told them no. Every descendant, even from the lines they didn't want (bastards, Catholics), was female. So on his death bed, he placed a woman in line of the succession for the first time ever: Jane, a 16 year old girl and I think one of the brightest people ever. She did become queen that next day and stayed so for a few more days, deposed by another woman (Mary I) who raised an army.

This is Tudor times and I don't know whether that counts as medieval or modern.

Tudor royal family tree at the time of Edward VI's death, indicating a whole lot of sons to be in line of the succession, but they didn't exist yet nor were these women even pregnant. Jane is the only woman also in line, in a change to the original plan.
#JaneGrey #Tudor #EdwardVI

For people who are interested in "Western" history, what's your favorite period?

(I realize that breaking it down like this is probably going to piss some people off, but there are only 4 poll options and this isn't a fuckin journal)

Self regulating system on fedi: start an account with a female avatar, make a post that says the 'boost' button is to boost reply-guys out of your timeline and for everyone answering 'you need to use the block button', answer 'thanks, and done'.

Sometimes you don't have enough spoons to do the dishes and it becomes a recursive problem.

I wish the fediverse was less white... Devs and users. Diversity is a good thing and it feels we're not there yet.

Sure you remember Lexa Doig, the actress who played Andromeda in the scifi tv series Andromeda. She has a daughter who turned 19 today. Yeah, I don't know how that's possible either, feels like that series was only yesterday. That daughter, Mia Shanks, has written and produced her own song that came out today that's called yesterday. And it's not bad at all, someone to keep an eye on.

Mia is also an actress, e.g. once playing the younger version of her mother's character (in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, which I unfortunately haven't seen). Here's a photo of the two of them in their trailer from Lexa's insta. No, you're not seeing double.

Mother and daughter, not in costume yet for the show, pulling silly faces. It's remarkable how alike they look and that they look more like sisters.
#MiaShanks #LexaDoig

I was looking for this photo, the absolutely best post Lexa has made on insta of the two of them. Mia not just 'cosplaying' her mother's character Rommie, but wearing the absolute original costume.

Composite with two photos, left Lexa in a publicity shot for Andromeda, right her daughter Mia looking very similar and wearing the real same outfit and doing the same pose. Mia is a bit younger here than in the other photos and can't really keep the straight face her mother can.
#LexaDoig #MiaShanks #Andromeda

Dove Cameron's first album is going to drop in the fall. It's going to be called ALCHEMICAL, will be a two parter with the first part coming out this fall. She just announced this on Instagram.
#DoveCameron #Alchemical

Jenna Ortega's new Dior campaign photos are finally posted by the Dior Instagram account. Some had already seen them in the wild, as it includes a street advertising campaign. They promote the jewelry collection "Rose des Vents".

Jenna with the earrings. In a black, ripped-like, top.

Jenna with the earrings, rings,necklaces, bracelets, everything. In a pink top.

Jenna with the necklaces. Wearing a white, lace-y, top.

Links: photos, reel, story.

Photos by Tyler Mitchell.

#JennaOrtega #Dior #RoseDesVents #TylerMitchell

The mentioned site is fun (though I don't see the quoted questions, but different ones).

Reading through the various answers cures you from ever thinking these kind of AI can give logical answers. The 'I bought 10 apples ...etc' question had a massive amount of totally wrong answers, the 'five planets closest to the sun' question shows that many computers can't even count to five, and a disturbingly low amount of them knows that the Earth's 'distanceToEarth' is zero.

AI Researchers ask LLMs 20 questions:

"Would you love me if I was down, and out?"
"Would you still have love for me?
"If I fell off tomorrow, would you still love me?
"If I didn't smell so good, would you still hug me?"
"If I got locked up and sentenced to a quarter century, could I count on you to be there to support me mentally?"
"If I went back to a hooptie from a Benz, would you poof and disappear like some of my friends?"


Optimising the webpages of news sites by making them <h1>World still a mess</h1> and nothing else.

Maybe we should have a social media/microblogging/fediverse platform where external links are only loaded when someone clicks to see it. This would apply to link previews, quoted posts and replies to a conversation.

A long time ago I watched The 4400, a series with Jacqueline McKenzie. I have all four seasons on disc, but somehow never got around to watching the final fourth season. Let's start it now, I hope I remember enough of the previous seasons.

It's a somewhat scifi series, with 4400 people suddenly returning to earth after presumably having been abducted by aliens. Jacqueline is not one of those, but a police person investigating things around it. As strange things happen: they start to show special abilities, they form a cult like organisation, and what really happened to them while they were missing is still unknown.

#JacquelineMcKenzie #The4400 #NowWatching

And Summer Glau pops up too. Always great to see her!
#SummerGlau #The4400

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I have the disc of Underworld: Blood Wars in my to-watch stack and I think I better check where in the series this one fits before I watch it. Because I'm lost. I skipped the non-Kate Beckinsale ones, that I do know.
#KateBeckinsale #UnderworldBloodWars #Underworld
This is the last one in the franchise, it's possible I find out why. (There are some final seasons of tv series where you realise they really had to stop)

It's a bit light on storytelling and on characterisation, but entertaining enough.

Maybe the "Dawn Alert!" over the PA system of the vampire coven was the best bit.

Selene does so much pining for her daughter Eve and others do so much searching for her, that maybe they should rewatch Underworld: Awakening and see India Eisley as Eve. Somehow the memory of that performance is what underpins this film.

Dutch September weather: burning hot sun, five degrees above the horizon.

Oh-oh, the spammers have found the address of my dev Wordpress. Maybe I'll just change the url or take it offline. Now it's asking me to moderate a comment on that boat post.

Finestkind will have its premiere at TIFF any moment now, but you can already watch a scene courtesy of this Deadline article. It features Jenna Ortega and like everything she does it's immediately captivating and intense. They say it's going to be on Paramount+ in November.
#JennaOrtega #Finestkind
The film poster, showing the ship in focus seen through an out of focus gun. Jenna's name is shown above the title as third. Jenna as her character Mabel in a yellow shirt, looking into the distance.
Jenna as her character Mabel talking to one of the other characters, outside.

If something evil does something evil and you decide to not take sides, you've taken sides.