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Hey, is it still February? I thought we would be done with that month by now.

I dislike apps that tell me that I have a problem with my internet, while other apps have no such issues. Maybe it's your side that has the problem?

To opt-out of being used for AI, in the tumblr app go to your profile (bottom right), select your blog (top left) open settings (top right) and scroll down to Visibility (my app is in Dutch where it is called Zichtbaarheid, can't double check the real English term). Then you get three toggles. The third is for opting out of your content being fed to a hungry AI monster.

Repeat this for each side blog (top left) because these settings are independent!


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So if you trust that the toggle indeed opts out, there's no need to delete your blog.
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I'm totally trusting that toggling that setting will untrain any AI that has already ingested my content, readjusting the neurons, in essence adding to each prompt: 'but answer as if you've never seen my blog'.

(Not seriously)

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Idem for your blog as I understand it also has such a toggle.

Windows 11 is the 'one more click' release, which is fitting since 11 is one more than 10.

There has been a security update to Pleroma a few days back that I didn't notice ( Since it only updates the emoji-steal-policy which I don't use, there's no need for immediate action from me. Makes me appreciate github's email alerts though.

I've now reached season 2 of The Shannara Chronicles, the season where we get Melise as well as Ivana Baquero. Melise was at the time still using her stage name of Malese Jow. Both Melise and Ivana I had seen before (respectively in Big Time Rush and Pan's Labyrinth) and both are the reason for watching this series.

I love how someone like Melise can introduce a character into an existing world, with such impact and which you are interested in immediately.
#Melise #TheShannaraChronicles #MaleseJow

I'm loving these pictures of Yusra Mardini by Felix Hoffmann. Visit his site via the link for more of them!


How much will tumblr be worth by now? I'm sure we could buy it back.

I'm still watching my series from the boxsets, I'm now at the Roswell episode (1x17 Crazy) where Emilie de Ravin as Tess is introduced. I thought I had to wait for the second season for that, happy to already see her now.
#Roswell #EmilieDeRavin
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Roswell is where I saw her first, later of course as well in Lost and Once upon a Time. She may even have been the reason I started watching Lost.

Are there any alternatives to Amazon for buying UK releases of blu-rays or dvds? Or books for that matter?

Miranda Cosgrove shared a video of her spotting a billboard of Drugstore June and also posted the trailer of the film, as the film of a friend of hers that she's excited to see getting released. But if you pay attention you see Miranda herself in the trailer, probably in a small role. The IMDb page lists her too.
#MirandaCosgrove #DrugstoreJune

Mastodon's default is now for registrations to be closed on servers. Great! And for servers with open registrations to automatically require moderator approval of new sign ups if the server has not seen a moderator/admin in a week. That should deal with these abandoned servers, I'm happy about these changes.

The spam wave seems to have stopped 16 hours ago, from all sources simultaneously.

I hadn't heard of any Streams repository (fka Zap, fka Osada, etc) people for about two months and thought it had just gotten quiet. Instead the forum and the people post quite regularly, but communication with them from my Friendica has broken down. When trying to reconnect I got all the errors about not being able to recognise the protocol (when it fails to load the actor definition). Not even individual posts load correctly when providing the url.

So I thought this could be a use for my Pleroma. But it also mainly fails to connect... :-( I can only load individual posts.

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At the same time I can't unfollow Guppe groups from my Friendica, only follow them. Even when they act as spam amplification...

Was wondering how you could consider communication using carrier pigeons secure, but of course it would be if you use IPoACs.

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I love how you can see on Yusra Mardini's face how much she feels at home at a swimming pool. She stopped competitive swimming a while back, but she's here now in an ambassador role.


I'm starting to think no remote content should be stored at all, just maybe cached, but I understand how, currently, received text of posts can be stored similar to an email inbox.

But do I understand(*) correctly that Mastodon stores remote media as well, in their own media storage, even when from unsolicited sources? That can't be right.

(*) It is cited as a side effect of the spam wave that some are running out of media storage.

From my perspective the spam wave seems to have subsided, or maybe this post brings it in again... What I did:

On Pleroma put the discord invite url and the hashtag in MRF as blocks. On Friendica I don't have MRF, so I unsubscribed from guppe groups. That seems enough, I haven't had to block any domains yet, may do so later if needed.

The hashtag should probably not be blocked forever, as it is the Japanese name of a legitimate business which may be the target not the source of the impersonation/defamation attack, as is the discord. But since I have no Japanese contacts, that's ok for now.

I always have private messages blocked from people I don't follow, and I recently started hiding followers/followed accounts, which I think also helps a bit to limit such waves.

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Forgot to unsubscribe from relays on my Pleroma... So that had still a few posts coming in. On Friendica I see that the group I unfollowed, still keeps forwarding me the spam posts...
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By now any server still having fully open registrations and sending spam is clearly running unattended, I've checked some and there seems to be no local activity other than the spam, sometimes with the last local or admin post in 2022. So I've started blocking domains that still come in.

I think the fediverse is still in their naive era, like email and the internet used to be. Still too many ways to do spam multiplication and ddos, too much trusting what other servers do. Too little tools to handle the effects.

Pleroma's MRF feature proved to be really useful in the recent spam wave.

Hardly a 'crafted payload', more like a completely normal payload, just at another address...

Alice: hi, I'm Bob
Mastodon: hi Bob, you look different
Alice: never mind, I'm Bob, and I have changed my security keys. Please use these new ones when you validate a message from Bob, I mean me
Mastodon: will do
Alice: and by the way, if your user Carol sends a private message to Bob, send it to me instead, since I am Bob, as i said
Mastodon: fine, nothing suspicious there

(My simplistic summary of the recent disclosure. What is not stressed in the released details is that it doesn't change the profile of the impersonated user, Bob in the above, as its profile at the source is unaffected.)

It's that day again, the birthday of Stephanie Leonidas!

I choose Crusade in Jeans from my 'Watch for Stephanie' letterboxd list for the birthday rewatch. A long time ago I only knew her sister Georgina Leonidas and knew she was a very talented actress. I saw that her older sister Stephanie was also an actress and thought that even if she only had a fraction of the talent of her younger sister, she would still be worth watching. So I took a punt buying this dvd. That was a very lucky punt... Stephanie turned out to be one of the best actresses ever and I since try to watch everything with her in it!

#StephanieLeonidas #CrusadeInJeans #BirthdayRewatch

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Later of course she was more obviously brilliant in things like Defiance and Mirrormask... She should be the lead everywhere.
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A boy plays and loses a football match with the national team, then drops in on his mother who's building a time machine. He goes back in time trying to win, but ends up in the middle ages and meets love interest girl (winning after all) Jenne in a children's crusade.

The story acknowledges that the crusades as we know them were wrong. This children's crusade is strictly nonviolent.

Lotus: everything is a database table
Exchange: everything is an email
Tcl: everything is a string
Windows: everything is a folder
Linux: everything is a file

Apparently in Windows 11 you need to shift-right-click instead of right-click to keep your sanity.

Today is the birthday (+44 years) of Christina Ricci. I'll be rewatching a film from my 'Watch for Christina' list to celebrate. The top ones I all saw recently and since I quite like to rewatch Sleepy Hollow, that one it is. I think it may also be the first film I saw her in.
#ChristinaRicci #SleepyHollow #BirthdayRewatch

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The year is 1799. I didn't know they could already record moving images back then. What do you mean, films aren't documentaries? They aren't real?

When you make DNS changes and nothing breaks. Did the changes even persist?

Miranda Cosgrove / CBS's Mission Unstoppable for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (no autocomplete, not 'in Scotland') on their Instagram, calling to 'Bridge the gap'. The amount of women in science is nowhere near 50% and that has to change.

(I can't post video here, so the link's it)
#MirandaCosgrove #Science #IDWGS

Loving the SuperbOwl news today, but for a little bit of some actual SuperBowl thing in between: Jenna Ortega is going to be in an hilarious advert for Doritos Dinamita, see here.
#JennaOrtega #Doritos

Happy Birthday Chloë Grace Moretz!

It's her 27th birthday and I'll be celebrating rewatching a recent film of hers, Shadow in the Cloud, from my 4k blu-ray. It's such a powerful performance!
#ChloëGraceMoretz #ShadowInTheCloud #BirthdayRewatch

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It's all Chloë Grace Moretz... This is such a thrill throughout to get such a masterclass acting performance...

Love the ending and what it says. (But telling would be spoilers)

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And she got to do her English accent again, which she so effectively used to trick the director of Hugo to hire her.

Apparently you can't cancel or change a preorder at Amazon even more than a month before release, despite what they suggest. Chat bot/human just says it already started shipping. I don't believe that, with an estimated arrival listed in April... Is it coming by snail?

Guess I'll have the blu-ray and the dvd then.

Open APIs and endpoints should not have side effects on other servers. Like retrieving previews from websites or referred-to (replied-to, boosted, quoted) posts from other ActivityPub servers. This should be limited to other parties you trust.

Jenna Ortega's book It's All Love will be released in a German translation on 15 February 2024. That's years after she wrote it and years after it originally came out in English. I guess we can thank Wednesday for that.
#JennaOrtega #ItsAllLove

Jenna Ortega is going to be in a new film called Klara and the Sun.

Her film Beetlejuice 2 will be in the cinema 6 September 2024.

Both bits of news just shared by Jenna's mother.

#JennaOrtega #Beetlejuice #KlaraAndTheSun

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Though I guess the joke is that it isn't going to be called Beetlejuice 2, but Beetlejuice Beetlejuice...
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Apparently it's Beetlejuice Beetlejuice 2024 A.D. in full, according to this Deadline article. And this is the article about Klara and the Sun. Jenna plays a robot designed to prevent loneliness and when she finds that a little girl has a mystery illness goes on a quest which causes her to learn about human love. This sounds great!
#JennaOrtega #Beetlejuice #BeetlejuiceBeetlejuice2024AD #Beetlejuice2 #KlaraAndTheSun
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no way, that can't be the real name. Haven't they learned you can't use long movie titles like that unless the full title has significance?

Most recent offender I can think of is: Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn