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Google could do a 'Wrapped' of 'Your best friends of the past year', based on bluetooth and wifi proximity, similar website visits, bookmarks and searches, video viewing habits, whether you are in each others phone contacts, and all the other stuff they know about you.

Google/Instagram/Apple should do a 'Wrapped' of the subjects you most talked about with your friends and colleagues while your phone was near.

First impressions of Windows 11: what I like or can deal with is that much hasn't changed, what I dislike is the things that have changed.

Last day of our Gandi free mailboxes that came with our domains. Just over eight hours until they become one of the most expensive email providers without even allowing a custom domain.

Tip: tutanota(.com etc) allows three custom domains for around half their price, ideal for mailboxes that don't need imap.
#Gandi #TutaNota #Tuta #email

Google should understand that if I search something, sometimes I do not want to buy it. Maybe I already have it and want to find information about it.
@feld Thanks, I've bookmarked it. Though for being a 'search client' rather than 100% using their own index, the price is a bit high. I suspect they can lose access to the data any moment. Luckily their AI/LLM costs extra, so you can just not pay that to avoid that.
it's really really good though. They don't get the junk influenced results from any of their providers. Their AI stuff like the Summarizer is really good, you should try it even if you're skeptical 🤨

When actual directors start doing fantasy castings... Alert me when you've done the actual casting and leave my notifications alone until then.

Just found that the Disney+ app is broken on Chromecast and only old school casting to it works. I hope I still get it in 4k, since I wanted to rewatch the Doctor Who episode like that. Apparently it has been broken for weeks already, that's how often I use my subscription, or how small their library is.
I had tried many times during the day, including restarting the chromecast, before posting this. However, after complaining it now suddenly works again. Yay!

If like me you use an app like Series Guide to track the tv episodes you've watched and which you still have to catch, you may like to know that the people at tmdb, trakt, etc, unlike imdb, are listing the Doctor Who series that started today as a new show rather than series 14 of the 'original reboot': . So you have to add a new show to track, then find today's episode under specials (because they count next year's series 15 as number 1).

Content warning: Doctor Who

Today is the day of the new Doctor Who, this evening on BBC1.
And later this evening Doctor Who: Unleased will also be on BBC1, for those who are blocked from watching BBC3 where I believe it is first shown. This is the behind the scenes thing.

Don't normally share my Wordle result, but this one is quite something:

Wordle 887 2/6


Humanity first.

Instead of 'Own people first'. After all, all human beings are our own people.

There was some kind of 'five for the price of two' deal on shampoo. I'm only a single person with not a lot of hair, so when I next need to buy it we'll all be using cyber-shampoo or something.

New reading material arrived!

On paper, because who has ever heard of tools and devices with which one can read html.

Photo of two magazines on my table, both with Jenna Ortega on the cover. One is Elle, 'The Impact Issue', with tag line 'A star in bloom', the other is the UK version of Harper's Bazaar, 'The Awards Issue', with tag line 'Courage and conviction'.
#JennaOrtega #Elle #HarpersBazaar

Why are so many people in several countries nowadays voting for extreme right wing parties? Do people think it doesn't hurt to vote for parties that want to hurt people?
And when foreign media talk about one of the parties in my country as 'populist', you can just read that as right wing extremists.

No point watching, or even making, Scream 7, now that Jenna Ortega will not be in it due to scheduling conflicts.

Wednesday season one took eight months to film, she's doing season two soon, so there's just no time fitting in a seventh Scream. Apparently this was already being discussed before the strike began.
#JennaOrtega #Scream #Wednesday

I dislike that Gandi (the domain, email and web hosting provider) still hasn't responded to my support question, over a week after I sent it. I have already sent a follow up. Weren't they supposed to be one of the good ones?

If only their imposed hard deadline of 30 November wasn't looming, I wouldn't care that much.

no, they were bought out by private equity and stripped to the bones. I have paid $$$ to move all my domains away to DNSimple
@feld I heard. Considering my options now, though domains is not my immediate concern. Them going from free email to the most expensive, is...

1 February 2024 could see a large increase in IPv6 usage. From that date, Amazon (AWS) will charge for using IPv4 and it's going to be quite expensive. Until now it has been essentially free.

Each server you run typically needs one IPv4 address. The price for this one address will be comparable to the price of running the server itself, essentially doubling the cost of running a Friendica, Pleroma, etc server.

I think IPv6 will still be free.

The solutions like NAT and Elastic Load Balancer are expensive. The NAT service (for outgoing connections) only becomes cost effective over ten servers. ELB (as an Application Load Balancer for incoming connections) only over five servers; but in that case you still need a NAT as well, and you would need to allow Amazon to manage your SSL certificates.

Other solutions: set up a single reverse proxy (nginx) for all apps including an outgoing proxy, setting up an Instance Connect Endpoint for your private (ssh) needs, or just finally switch to IPv6.
#AWS #SelfHosting #IPv4 #IPv6

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Happy Birthday, Jodie Foster! She turns 61 today. To celebrate I'm watching Nyad, a new film with her which is available on Netflix.
#JodieFoster #Nyad #NowWatching

Also this... 😉

Watched Nyad. It should be illegal for Jody Foster to be that fit.

It's based on true events, which isn't a film genre I like, but it's worth a watch anyway I think.

Second time this week that a Dutch word I didn't know the English translation for, when I looked it up didn't seem to have a translation. Seems we have exhausted the English language.

For the sport 'korfbal' we get no further than 'korfball', with 'korf' being the Dutch word for 'basket'. I guess 'basketball' was somehow already taken.

Then today I forgot to run cold water over my boiled egg, which supposedly makes them easier to peel. We call it 'schrikken', a homonym for the word meaning 'to scare' but with a different conjugation. Turns out the internet thinks none of the English speaking people made up a word for that? ('Shock' is the closest but apparently not really used in this context)

A couple of years ago there was a news item about a new Dutch dictionary being presented, I think to some royal person. The dictionary was different in that it attempted to be almost, but not entirely, complete. It comprised several volumes over all the shelves of one or more bookcases. We have many words.

(We also cheat by combining words together to make new words in a way that English doesn't)

"The meaning of Liff" is hilarious reading, for pointing at concepts that are very well defined but that no word exists for.

Visited Glow in Eindhoven yesterday evening. This is the annual public event with art installations based around the theme of light (as Eindhoven is essentially built on light bulbs). I liked that the route was more compact this year, so it became more of an experience than separate installations with quite some walking between them as in other years. I disliked that the route was badly indicated (or maybe signs had been changed) so I got lost many times and in the end was only at around three quarters after 2.5 hours walking when at 23:00 the installations started to switch off. Rushed passed the final ones...

When looking up searching for signs on lampposts, I didn't see a low wall and fell over it down the more than a meter depth on the other side, full cartoon style. Didn't break anything, miraculously, just some bruises and a bit shaken. I even had my camera in my hand which also wasn't damaged. I should apply for a stunt person job in films...
#Glow #GlowEindhoven #Glow2023

Season 2 of Wednesday may start filming in April, according to Deadline. Jenna first has Beetlejuice 2 to finish; Death of a Unicorn has already finished.
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday

It's really great that BBC 2 are repeating Red Dwarf. They're doing series 2, or Red Dwarf II in official parlance, and yesterday we had the episode Queeg.

I still have my boxset of series I to VIII to watch. Instead of starting at the beginning, I'll start with where Red Dwarf started for me: the sixth series. That's the one with them flying the "Starbug".
#RedDwarf #NowWatching

I've reached the episode of Red Dwarf series VII where Chloë Annett enters the show as the new Kochanski. I loved seeing her so much and apparently I still do. Also the new angle on the character is great. And no, I have no problem liking both actresses who played the same role.

I also loved her in Crime Traveller, I may have watched that because of her...
#RedDwarf #ChloëAnnett

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Whoa, another actress I admire also plays Kochanski! Holly Earl, though here unrecognisably young, about 5, as part of a joke where Kochanski for a few seconds is turned to child form. I had no idea it was her, only spotted it in the credits...
#HollyEarl #RedDwarf

12/11: US-Europe Day of Confusion.
13/11: US Day of Bewilderment.

Anyway, still rewatching that tv show that had its series VIII in 1999...

Occasionally Friendica has old posts in the timeline, e.g. when it refreshes pinned posts from a profile. But ever since yesterday there've been a lot more like:

5 years ago (Received 6 minutes ago)
15 years ago (Received 35 minutes ago)

From many different accounts. Seems like all of a sudden several people have gotten nostalgic and are resharing their old posts. Don't know what it is, maybe something in the weather, maybe escapism from today's world...

Ok, testing a mail service using their free tier and because it allows sending end-to-end encrypted mails (i.e. there's an encrypted mailbox on their website with a pre-shared password) and it immediately goes wrong. It says my browser is unknown and unsupported. It's only Google Chrome.
And their welcome mail has a link to their Mastodon account, or so you'd think. It's actually their private invite link to the server.

I had been looking into alternative mailbox services where you can use your own domain. Gandi went from free with your domain to costing about €60 yearly and is now about the most expensive I can find. Proton Mail is around €50, Tuta around €40. The latter is for three domains, the others cost that amount per domain. Several others seem to be between those numbers, and then there is disroot's not very confidence inducing "12 coffees".

Anyone know a mailbox service (imap or app, own domain) that beats Tuta's pricing of €3/month?

(Some prices rounded up to nearest round number so I can remember them)

Gandi wants €60,- to keep your email address, for a domain you have already paid for.

(Technically you also keep your email address if you don't pay, but you can't use it to send mail, which I think is rather essential)

Life is getting expensive, after yesterday's insistence by Instagram that we cough up €144,- yearly to use it without targeted adverts.

Got the European Instagram popup just now that demands me to pay them 12 euros or they will steal my data.
It's some kind of holdup.
Also interesting that Instagram think their monthly value to you is about the same as a Netflix subscription, which I highly doubt. At least Netflix has real content that they make or buy.

For some people writing comes easier than reading and they feel more comfortable speaking than listening. Or so it seems. If only we were all like that, there would be no problem.

Apparently the actors union SAG-AFTRA and the studios have reached a tentative deal, which means the strike is over. No details yet, but hopefully it properly rewards and protects those who we see and admire on screen even when we're streaming.

Jenna Ortega won the Breakthrough Award at the Women of the Year Awards by Harper's Bazaar! She received the award from Tim Burton. Here she is in that night's portrait studio in a photo by Rachel Louise Brown, published here by the magazine. See the announcement on their Instagram.

Jenna standing, delicately holding a red rose. She's wearing a stylish dress with a long overcoat.
#JennaOrtega #HarpersBazaar

Ok, five seconds ago this wasn't hanging on my wall yet, put it up to take the photo, but I think I'm going to leave it there for a while.

New promo photo of Jenna Ortega for the upcoming film Finestkind, posted by their Instagram account.

Jenna as her character in Finestkind, in blue jeans and a blue pullover. She is sitting, looking away. Large text over the photo shows a quote from CinemaBlend: "A real standout".

Yeah, Jenna is a real standout even when she's sitting...
#JennaOrtega #Finestkind

Switched off my PeerTube until I have time to look at why it keeps restarting. That moment is not now...
Ok, I'm having one go at fixing something, which is based on taking offence with the word 'properly' in "Properly configure default heap limits". Let's see whether overriding it does some good.
Not crashed yet, so this must indeed have been it.