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Going to see Emilia Clarke. Not in person, she will be on a big screen. The Pod Generation is finally arrived in my country (NL). Release this Thursday, but prereleases all over the country this week.

Looked great in the trailer and it's always great to see Emilia.
#EmiliaClarke #ThePodGeneration

in reply to Gidi Kroon

in reply to Gidi Kroon

So many people in reviews annoyed that the film raises questions but doesn't provide answers and I'm annoyed at those reviews. Firstly, films don't have to provide answers, you can think for yourself, after the film explored the concepts. Secondly, I think this film does provide the answers, just not in an obviously hammered home way where the plot literally gives the answer, but the conclusions the film makers draw are clear from how it affects the characters. I didn't know film watchers had gotten so lazy.

Also there's a mid-credits scene about the big tech aspect, so don't go running to the toilet just yet.