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Listening to one of my CDs: Throwing Muses with "house tornado" / "the fat skier". Really music from my youth, I love how they don't try to make it accessible, my type of stuff. Why does it have two titles, I can't remember that. And why is only the first title on Tidal? I have six more songs under the second title...
There's a thing about being able to hold the CD in your hand, seeing the art of the liner notes, reading the info, wondering where you're going to find the shelf space. Knowing you don't depend on the catalogue of a streaming service.
These 4AD catalogue numbers are so low, and I have so many of those CDs, I must own a not-insignificant section of their music. Other labels have CD numbers like 4799436548743, while this is number 802.

Is 4AD for music what A24 is for films? I don't know about these things. But strikes me that they both release things that are generally considered good and that nobody has ever heard of.
The lowest number I have is 6, but that's actually a later CD.