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Second time this week that a Dutch word I didn't know the English translation for, when I looked it up didn't seem to have a translation. Seems we have exhausted the English language.

For the sport 'korfbal' we get no further than 'korfball', with 'korf' being the Dutch word for 'basket'. I guess 'basketball' was somehow already taken.

Then today I forgot to run cold water over my boiled egg, which supposedly makes them easier to peel. We call it 'schrikken', a homonym for the word meaning 'to scare' but with a different conjugation. Turns out the internet thinks none of the English speaking people made up a word for that? ('Shock' is the closest but apparently not really used in this context)

in reply to Gidi Kroon

A couple of years ago there was a news item about a new Dutch dictionary being presented, I think to some royal person. The dictionary was different in that it attempted to be almost, but not entirely, complete. It comprised several volumes over all the shelves of one or more bookcases. We have many words.

(We also cheat by combining words together to make new words in a way that English doesn't)

in reply to Gidi Kroon

"The meaning of Liff" is hilarious reading, for pointing at concepts that are very well defined but that no word exists for.