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Sure you remember Lexa Doig, the actress who played Andromeda in the scifi tv series Andromeda. She has a daughter who turned 19 today. Yeah, I don't know how that's possible either, feels like that series was only yesterday. That daughter, Mia Shanks, has written and produced her own song that came out today that's called yesterday. And it's not bad at all, someone to keep an eye on.

Mia is also an actress, e.g. once playing the younger version of her mother's character (in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, which I unfortunately haven't seen). Here's a photo of the two of them in their trailer from Lexa's insta. No, you're not seeing double.

Mother and daughter, not in costume yet for the show, pulling silly faces. It's remarkable how alike they look and that they look more like sisters.
#MiaShanks #LexaDoig

I was looking for this photo, the absolutely best post Lexa has made on insta of the two of them. Mia not just 'cosplaying' her mother's character Rommie, but wearing the absolute original costume.

Composite with two photos, left Lexa in a publicity shot for Andromeda, right her daughter Mia looking very similar and wearing the real same outfit and doing the same pose. Mia is a bit younger here than in the other photos and can't really keep the straight face her mother can.
#LexaDoig #MiaShanks #Andromeda